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FATA is kept Backward and also in Status Quo because of certain Power Players who want to keep it Backward and also Keep the People of FATA without Education and Without Democratic Rights and they want to Keep the tribal as slaves , Even After the British left in 1947 and Pakistan was Made an independent country FATA , was left as a status Quo till now 2015 .

Lord Curzon and the British Empire and East India company is still Alive it seems for these poor Tribals of FATA , and its Power is still maintained by the Loyal Followers of Lord Curzon in this Day of 21,st Century , the Black Sahib is still Alive and in command when the Gora Sahib left and left their affairs to the Kala sahibs of Pakistan.

Kala Sahibs  Bureaucracy in Service of Lord Curzon  : 

British had while Governing since 1857 , to 1947 had been doing Government with certain class of People from Sub continent which they hand Picked and choose from , Poor and Slum Dogs with no Noble backgrounds and  rewarded them with Money and properties to Serve their Purposes , now they are Powerful families and they are found every where in Pakhtunkhwa and FATA  and Now are Power full Political families .

These People were mainly  Mullahs , Maliks and  Military People , British recognized  that they cannot win the Pashtuns and in order to win they need to use Islam and Prominent families to control the Pashtuns and especially FATA into Subjugation. In Order to influence the Pashtun they readily Bought the Mullahs and Religious People and Heavily used Islam to control the Pashtuns , they also used them  to Deceive the Pashtun in many Ways .

The Creation of pakistan and Muslim League Creation was also done via the same Loyal Servants, as two Nation theory did not work here as there were no Non-Muslims here and same Families Paved the Way for British and also making of FATA as Direct Rule Entity via these Same Maliks and Servants Loyal to british . Malik’s would be Awarded , Monthly Money and awards known as ”’Spinah Jamah”’/ White Clothes or ””’Lungi / Turban  ”””or honor etc . which basically meant Money Dished out to maliks and Mullahs .

Apart from Mullahs they also used local People and Servants of East Indian company who were Awarded by Titles , Like ”””’Sir”””””’ ( Highest  Loyalist to Queen of England )  , ””””’ Sahibzada,s””””” ( Reported to Governor and Lords ) and Khan Bahudur,s ( Reported to Governors and Sirs etc  )  , ”””Arbabs””’ ( Lower Degree Tax Collectors Patwaris and Munshi,s of Land Revenue Department reporting to commissioners etc )  ,

These People were rewarded with Money and Lands and rewarded.They Got high Profile Power full Jobs in Royal Bureaucracy of British under Lord Curzon although they were sons and children of Mullahs. The Current Situation is not much Different now under Punjabi establishment .

Examples of British Loyalists are :

1. Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan family from Topi Swabi , he was the one to Make the Durand Line and also Dividing the Pashtuns into Afghans on the West of Durand Line and Also Pashtuns in East of Durand Line .  Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan was also the chief Negotiator of the Lord Curzon British in Durand line commission in on 11 Nov 1883.  His family and he was rewarded with Jobs and big Positions and No wonder that the Pakhtunkhwa Bureaucracy is situated and the Secretariat housing the Bureaucratic offices  is situated on road Named after him in Peshawar called the Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan Road. His Kith and Kin Enjoys top Positions in  currently in Bureaucracy and also the FATA secretariat. This explains a lot what the Current Bureaucracy which controls FATA and Pakhtunkhwa thinks like as it is controlled by the People who,s Fathers and Grandfathers were very Loyal to the East Indian company which the Pashtun always fought and resisted some People from the Pashtuns were serving them Loyally and they were instrumental in dividing the Pashtuns . This family also found the highest title with British as Loyalists but they never worked for Pashtuns or FATA rather they wanted it to remain Backwards .

2. Khan Bahadur Ghulam Haider khan Sherpao , who was Grandfather of Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao the Politicians who was CM of Pakhtunkhwa for three Times and he did nothing for FATA and he maintained the Status Quo of FATA , and did not make it Settled area , in fact the 1973 Constitution under his Brother Hayat Khan Sherpao was also instrumental in Keeping the Status Quo when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Promulgated the 1973 First Pakistani Constitution, Hayat Sherpao Did not do a single Iota for the Tribals and he remained true to his family spirit of Keeping the Pashtuns Divided and Week as FATA , Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan separate  , as did Khan Bahudur Ghulam Haider Khan Sherpao, who was British Ally and Agent who  would use his Influence with the Mullahs and Distribute Money among them for Serving the British and also change their enemies from British occupiers to Bolshevik Russian who were no Where on Soil of Indian and Afghanistan . The Sherpao were Anti – Pashtun Nationalists and it is so Weird that they have formed as party claiming to be Pashtun Nationalists , they are Geared for Deceiving the Pashtuns a Bit more in their Third Generation .  This is reason that they were in Favor with British and currently they are in Favor with Punjabi Establishment who rewarded Mr Sherpao with the Interior Ministry under Military Dictator General Musharraf who got under him all the Military Bases Lended to USA and also Kill Two Time PM Benazir Bhutto and CM and Governor Baluchistan Bugti ,  a thorn in designs of their Masters . The Khan bahadur title was awarded to this family by the British for their loyalties to British . Muslim league was found as place of these British loyalists although later Aftab ahmad sherpao was offered place in PPP Pakistan people’s party and was CM Pakhtunkhwa 3 times and he never ever looked at plight of Pashtuns or FATA with any kindness .

3, The Khan Bahudur Ali Qulis of Bannu and Karak who were Agents of British from the start as they made alliances with British and was one of the first ones to be loyal to col Mackeson First  commissioner of Peshawar living in 1 The Mall Peshawar Cantonment of where they used to live in servant Quarter and they started their love affair with British and were rewarded with This Bungalow house after the British left in 1947 for this outstanding service to British and being Traitors to Pashtuns cause , they Got prominent position in Muslim league with Their sons and daughters always loyal to British establishment and later to Punjabi establishment, the cause of Pashtuns or offering democracy to Pashtuns were not their priority at All , and FATA to remain as backward was their mission and Ali Quli Khan remained as One of political agents of Waziristan and also his loyalty was legendary to British . His sons and daughter are famous Begum Kalsoom and also Saifullahs of fame of Muslim league and PPP , Pakistan people’s party and they being CM or governors Pakhtunkhwa never ever looked into cause of FATA never ever . And their role of making Pashtun backward under FCR by their fathers The political agent Ali Quli Khan who sons also reminded as Generals as Habib ullah khattak and also later General Quli Khan who was about to replace General Musharraf as Army chief .  The Ali Qulis were awarded Khan bahadur title by the British for third Loyalties and they also found their place in Jinnah’s Muslim league as well .

4,  The Jhagra Khan Bahadur’s of Peshawar , were also Loyal to British and their Fathers served as Loyal captains and Lt in British Army and their son , who also happened to get power in Muslim League under Jinnah and also the Sahibzadas and Khan Bahadur’s were all Amalgamated in Muslim League by the British and they ensured starting from Jinnah and later in Many government with or without the Army generals Support till today , who also followed the Policy of subjugation and dividing and Ruling the Pashtuns , Muslim leaguers were the original sinners and they were under Jinnah maintained the slave nature of FATA and made Tribals backwards by denying them Education and also democracy and right of self determination which they promised to Pakistan after they were promising freeform and Independence . What they were Promising for the rest of Pakistan they were not offering to FATA and PATA and also FR areas where the Pashtuns were living and Baluchistan where the Pashtun live was also part of this as It still has not been at par with  rest of Pakistan and most of Pashtun areas are still under FCR even today . The Baluchistan where majority Pashtun live was Separated from Pakhtunkhwa and also. Named as Baluchistan in 1971 before that it was Kalat state and merged in Pakhtunkhwa under Punjabi establishment after one unit dissolution . In this scam Muslim leaguers were partners of Military establishment and had given their full support and currently their leaders are the. Biggest Hurdle of Reforms of FATA after it is being headed by Punjabi chauvinist Mr Nawaz Sharif of Amritsar jati umra a land of Sikhs and Golden temple and he has named his home in Lahore donated by Military establishment in Raiwind . His governor a Punjabi Sardar Jee Mehtab Abbasi is a Non Pashtun and non Resident of FATA and extremely prejudiced man against the Pashtuns . How can one expect any Good from these people for the resident of FATA. Who’s interest is to Keep FATA and Pashtuns backward . Khan bahadur title was awarded to these khans for their localities to British and they also found place in jinnah Muslim league as well .

5. Fazlu Rahman father was Mufti Mehmood and they were part of JUI , a Deobandi organization that helped the British in Subjugating the Pashtuns on Basis of Islam and religion , although they claim counter wise , Grandfather of Fazlur Rehman was a Subedar in British Army and he was a Loyalist of british .  true to the Same opportunism they Exhibited with the British and they were the ones to get money from British for Paying the mullah under their control in JUI ( Jamaat ulema India ) , money they used to tell the Mullah that British are ””’Ahle Kitab ”””’, people of the book and the germans and russian are kafir ( which was not true as russian Are orthodox christians and so are the germans and italians Axis in world war 1 and 2  for , being more Christian then the Protestant British ) . it is curious these Same JUI and JI collectively known as MMA ( Mullah Militry Alliances ) are still being used like the british by the Punjabis now for keeping the Status Quo of FATA . they were also used in East Pakistan as ””’Al-Shamas ”” and ””’Al-Badar ””” to control the Majority Pakistani known as Bengalis and Impose the power of Punjabistan as Pakistani Establishment is called .  which Back Fired and caused the Separation of East Pakistan into Bangladesh , Yet the Punjabi Establishment Wants to use them still in Baluchistan , FATA and Even FANA to control the local Population who are Increasingly wanting to ask for their Rights .  The behaviour of JUI and JI ( Jamaat Islami ) , another sister  deobandi organisation is also  Punjabi Establishment Secret Arm and will try its Best to keep FATA Backward and would overtly say otherwise as It has been Saying , FATA as a Separate Province yet it does not want it to join it with Pakhtunkhwa and make it part of it , basically MMA types want the Pashtun to be divided and also it wants the FATA Status Quo and week under Direct rule of Political Agents so that it can used for ””’Jihadi Activities”” and terrorism against Afghanistan India , Iran and even China . Basically Money Making Schemes for Punjab via War on Neighbours.

6. Imran Khan is also a New Establishment Created Power house as PTI from the Mullahs of JI and JUI who are part of PTI as members although most of leader are not Distinguishable from their Past which is MMA Party , and yet it Professes to be a Modern party by Making fool of People with its Socialist Themed flags and Dances on stage and Music parities  it is nothing but ””’MMA  in Jeans”” , and that is best Description for it and it wants to do what is true for MMA , it does the same and is involved in paying Government and official tax payer money to terrorists Mullahs and madrissahs openly and also it was Status Quo for FATA , and it serves the Punjabi Establishment and FATA is launching Pad for Wars on Neighbour countries . PTI  is very Clear it wants partnership with MMA mullahs and terrorists and not with Real Political Powers like PPP and even ANP but it wants to Serve the Punjabi Establishment which will in Turn reward it with Seats in Pakhtunkhwa and maybe baluchistan and Sind , but the Punjabi establishment is clear in not giving it base in Punjab ( the Same Policy it did with MMA ) .

These People should be Recognised and they would continue to make Slaves of  Pashtuns and would continue to implement FCR ( Frontier Crimes Regulations ) to the their last Breath and they and their grandsons are like Snakes in  the grass and would never give ””Azadi”” , Democracy and Freedom to the FATA tribals and would never allow them to Join””’ Pakhtunkhwa ”” ,as the only way forward as Pakhtunkhwa has the Human resource and people to Take FATA forward and share common language , culture and also common History with FATA tribals and they can help them the Most. The Common interests of FATA and Pakhtunkhwa and Increases votes would make the FATA strong and also make more representation in National Assembly and also have more say in  Developmental projects and have more power vis -vis Punjabis and this is not Acceptable to Punjabi establishment .


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Sir William Hay Mc Naughten

Sir William Hay Mc Naughten

Sir William Hay MacNaghten (1793-1841) went to Madras as a cadet in 1809, but in 1816 joined the Bengal Civil Service. In 1830 he was appointed political secretary to Lord William Bentinck, Governor General of India. He remained in this post when Bentinck’s successor, Lord Auckland, was appointed in 1836. MacNaghten was also made the Governor General of India’s envoy to Afghanistan. Convinced that Russian intentions on Afghanistan and India were dangerously real, he believed it necessary to place Afghanistan under British tutelage.

MacNaghten was created a baronet in 1840, but as the political and military situation in Afghanistan deteriorated he failed to heed the warnings given by Sir Abraham Roberts and others. Sir William made things worse by offending many Afghan leaders and cutting traditional payments to the hill tribes who controlled access through the passes to India. He was shot and murdered on 23 December 1841 by Akbar Khan the son of the former Amir Dost Mohammed. The envoy’s body was then hacked to pieces by fanatical Ghazis. The British garrison in Kabul was forced to surrender soon after.

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1984-1994: CIA Funds Militant Jihadi Textbooks for Afghanistan and Pakistan : 

The US, and CIA through USAID and the University of Nebraska, and through Thomas Gouttierre,( Father of Taliban and thier Jihadi literature ),  spends millions of dollars developing and printing textbooks for Afghan schoolchildren. The textbooks are “filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings, part of covert attempts to spur resistance to the Soviet occupation.” For instance, children are “taught to count with illustrations showing tanks, missiles, and land mines.” Lacking any alternative, millions of these textbooks are used long after 1994; the Taliban will still be using them in 2001.

Dr Thomas Gouttierre with His Wife and Son in Afghanistan while in Peace Corps 1964-74.

Dr Thomas Gouttierre with His Wife and Son in Afghanistan while Peace Corps 1964-74.

Thomas Gouttierre went to Afghanistan in 1964 as a Peace Corps volunteer. He returned to the United States in 1967 and earned a master’s degree in Islamic Studies at Indiana University. In 1969 he went back to Afghanistan as a Fulbright Scholar. He stayed on to work for the Fulbright Foundation’s Afghan-American Education Commission after the conclusion of his two-year fellowship. In 1974 Gouttierre became director of the Center of Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

Dr Thomas Gouttierre Served in Afghanistan in 1964-69 in Peace Corps and Had Links with Taliban since then .

Dr Thomas Gouttierre Served in Afghanistan in 1964-69 in Peace Corps and Had Links with Taliban since then .

In 2002, the US will start producing less violent versions of the same books, which President Bush says will have “respect for human dignity, instead of indoctrinating students with fanaticism and bigotry.” (He will fail to mention who created those earlier books.) (Stephens and Ottaway 3/23/2002; Off 5/6/2002) A University of Nebraska academic named Thomas Gouttierre leads the textbook program. Journalist Robert Dreyfuss will later reveal that although funding for Gouttierre’s work went through USAID, it was actually paid for by the CIA.

Af-Pak Jihadi Text Book Printed in  Pakistan ISI  via Afghan Lyceum and Supplied to Afghan refugees to Develop Jihad for Great Game

Af-Pak Jihadi Text Books About 13 Million in last 30 Years Printed in Pakistan via ISI and Afghan Lyceum and Supplied to Afghan refugees to Develop Jihad for Great Game

These Book were distributed in Afghan refugees camps in peshawar and FATA and Pakhtunkhwa area from a office in Peshawar run by Mujahideen and Al-qaeda Memeber under ISI and CIA , Project known as Afghan Lyceum and it was still running now in Islamabad even today .

Enron Gives Taliban Millions in Bribes in Effort to Get Afghan Pipeline Built .

Unocal will pay Gouttierre to work with the Taliban (see December 1997) and he will host visits of Taliban leaders to the US, including trips in 1997 and 1999 (see December 4, 1997 and July-August 1999). (Dreyfuss 2005, pp. 328) 1996-September 11, 2001:

The Associated Press will later report that the Enron corporation bribes Taliban officials as part of a “no-holds-barred bid to strike a deal for an energy pipeline in Afghanistan.” Atul Davda, a senior director for Enron’s International Division, will later claim, “Enron had intimate contact with Taliban officials.

” Presumably this effort began around 1996, when a power plant Enron was building in India ran into trouble and Enron began an attempt to supply it with natural gas via a planned pipeline through Afghanistan (see 1995-November 2001 and June 24, 1996). In 1997, Enron executives privately meet with Taliban officials in Texas (see December 4, 1997). They are “given the red-carpet treatment and promised a fortune if the deal [goes] through.” It is alleged Enron secretly employs CIA agents to carry out its dealings overseas.

Dr Thomas Gouttierre of University of Nebraska USA .

Dr Thomas Gouttierre of University of Nebraska USA .

According to a CIA source, “Enron proposed to pay the Taliban large sums of money in a ‘tax’ on every cubic foot of gas and oil shipped through a pipeline they planned to build.” This source claims Enron paid more than $400 million for a feasibility study on the pipeline and “a large portion of that cost was pay-offs to the Taliban.” Enron continues to encourage the Taliban about the pipeline even after Unocal officially gives up on the pipeline in the wake of the African embassy bombings (see December 5, 1998).

An investigation after Enron’s collapse in 2001 (see December 2, 2001) will determine that some of this pay-off money ended up funding al-Qaeda. (Barrett 3/7/2002)

June 24, 1996: Uzbekistan Cuts a Deal with Enron :

Uzbekistan signs a deal with Enron “that could lead to joint development of the Central Asian nation’s potentially rich natural gas fields.” [Houston Chronicle, 6/25/1996] The $1.3 billion venture teams Enron with the state companies of Russia and Uzbekistan. [Houston Chronicle, 6/30/1996] On July 8, 1996, the US government agrees to give $400 million to help Enron and an Uzbek state company develop these natural gas fields. [Oil & Gas Journal, 7/8/1996]

Unocal Establishes Pipeline Training Facility Near Bin Laden’s Compound: 

Thomas Gouttierre. [Source: University of Nebraska] Unocal pays University of Nebraska $900,000 to set up a training facility near Osama bin Laden’s Kandahar compound, to train 400 Afghan teachers, electricians, carpenters and pipe fitters in anticipation of using them for their pipeline in Afghanistan.

Dr Thomas Gouttierre of University of Nebraka Omaha who Wrote these Jihadi Books for Mujhaideen and Taliban

Dr Thomas Gouttierre of University of Nebraka Omaha who Wrote these Jihadi Books for Mujhaideen and Taliban

One hundred and fifty students are already attending classes in southern Afghanistan. Unocal is playing University of Nebraska professor Thomas Gouttierre to develop the training program. Gouttierre travels to Afghanistan and meets with Taliban leaders, and also arranges for some Taliban leaders to visit the US around this time (see December 4, 1997). (Lees 12/14/1997; Coll 2004, pp. 364)

December 4, 1997: Taliban Representatives Visit Unocal in Texas Taliban representatives in Texas, 1997: 

It will later be revealed that the CIA paid Gouttierre to head a program at the University of Nebraska that created textbooks for Afghanistan promoting violence and jihad (see 1984-1994).Gouttierre will continue to work with the Taliban after Unocal officially cuts off ties with them. For instance, he will host some Taliban leaders visiting the US in 1999 (see July-August 1999).

[Source: Lions Gate Films] Representatives of the Taliban are invited guests to the Texas headquarters of Unocal to negotiate their support for the pipeline. Future President George W. Bush is Governor of Texas at the time. The Taliban appear to agree to a $2 billion pipeline deal, but will do the deal only if the US officially recognizes the Taliban regime.

The Taliban meet with US officials. According to the Daily Telegraph, “the US government, which in the past has branded the Taliban’s policies against women and children ‘despicable,’ appears anxious to please the fundamentalists to clinch the lucrative pipeline contract.” A BBC regional correspondent says that “the proposal to build a pipeline across Afghanistan is part of an international scramble to profit from developing the rich energy resources of the Caspian Sea.” (BBC 12/4/1997; Lees 12/14/1997)

It has been claimed that the Taliban meet with Enron officials while in Texas (see 1996-September 11, 2001). Enron, headquartered in Texas, has an large financial interest in the pipeline at the time (see June 24, 1996).

The Taliban also visited  Thomas Gouttierre,( Father of Taliban and thier Jihadi literature )  an academic at the University of Nebraska, who is a consultant for Unocal and also has been paid by the CIA for his work in Afghanistan (see 1984-1994 and December 1997). Gouttierre takes them on a visit to Mt. Rushmore. (Dreyfuss 2005, pp. 328-329) July-August 1999: Taliban Leaders Visit US About a dozen Afghan leaders visit the US. They are militia commanders, mostly Taliban, and some with ties to al-Qaeda. A few are opponents of the Taliban. Their exact names and titles remain classified. For five weeks, they visit numerous locales in the US, including Mt. Rushmore.

All their expenses are paid by the US government and the University of Nebraska. Thomas Gouttierre, an academic heading an Afghanistan program at the University of Nebraska, hosts their visit.

Gouttierre is working as a consultant to Unocal at the time, and some Taliban visits to the US are paid for by Unocal, such as a visit two years earlier (see December 4, 1997). However, it is unknown if Unocal plays a role in this particular trip. Gouttierre had previously been paid by the CIA to create Afghan textbooks promoting violence and jihad (see 1984-1994).  (Berens 10/21/2001)

July-August 1999: Taliban Leaders Visit US

About a dozen Afghan Taliban Leaders visit the US. They are militia commanders, mostly Taliban, and some with ties to al-Qaeda.

A few are opponents of the Taliban. Their exact names and titles remain classified. For five weeks, they visit numerous locales in the US, including Mt. Rushmore. All their expenses are paid by the US government and the University of Nebraska.Thomas Gouttierre, an academic heading an Afghanistan program at the University of Nebraska, hosts their visit.

Taliban in Texas as Guest of George Bush Governor Texas and Unicol

Taliban in Texas as Guest of George Bush Governor Texas and Unicol

Gouttierre is working as a consultant to Unocal at the time, and some Taliban visits to the US are paid for by Unocal, such as a visit two years earlier (see December 4, 1997).

However, it is unknown if Unocal plays a role in this particular trip. Gouttierre had previously been paid by the CIA to create Afghan textbooks promoting violence and jihad (see 1984-1994). It is unknown if any of these visitors meet with US officials during their trip. [Chicago Tribune, 10/21/2001]

source:  http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=a84textbooks&printerfriendly=true

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British Titled and most loyal to them , Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum (1863 – 3 December 1937)‚ hailing from Topi‚ Swabi District‚  the home of Qadianis of Pakhtunkhwa , was a distinguished Bureaucrat and Civil Servant in good Books of British and having Access to British Raj Governor of NWFP directly and Had Special friendship with Sir George Roosekeeple Fist Commissioner and Political Agent to FATA .

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan who started as Tehsildar and then a Political Agent of Khyber Agency and Also Torghur Tribal Area in Hazara District and Amb District ( Now made Settled Area in 2012 ) .


He is perhaps best known for Negotiating the Durand Line Agreement representing the British Viceroy in 1893 at a Durand Line Border Committee Meeting with Representative from Afghanistan The Qadiani Sahibzada Abdul Latif  also Known as Raes I Kabul and , who was representation King of Afghanistan Amir Abdul Rehman Khan as Court Prominent Ulema representing him.

In the year 1893 during rule of King Amir Abdur Rahman Khan of Afghanistan a Royal Commission for setting up of Boundary the Durand line between Afghanistan and the British governed India was set up to negotiate terms with the British and the two parties camped at Parachinar. It was Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan of Topi Swabi a famous Qadiani Who Put the Stone that Divided the Pashtun Nation into now Afghans and Pakistani Pashtuns .

This Laying of Stone was in Exact Middle of Pashtun Belt and was Basis of Weakening of Pashtun Majority in Both Afghanistan and Pakistan , Pashtuns are now Relegated to a Minority in Current Status on both sides of Durrand line.

This Border committee Meeting took Place on 12 Nov 1893 at Parachinar Khyber Agency as Parachinar was part of Khyber Agency at that time and Kurrum and Khyber Agency Along with Orakzai Agency was one Entity at that time.

This Durand line was Demarcated by these Two Qadiani / Ahmadi Sahibzada,s one representing the British was him as  Loyal Subject Sir Sahibzada Qayyum Khan of Topi Swabi  Serving as Tehsildar of Khyber Agency ( Later Poltical Agent) and a Qadiani and other Qadiani Sahibzada as Mullah or Alim ( Learned Man ) of Royal Afghan  court from Afghanistan was Sahibzada Abdul Latif  Hailing from Said Gai Village of Khost  and Also Known  as Raes I Kabul as his Wealth Acquired from Un- known sources .

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi Swabi (1863 - 3 December 1937)

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi Swabi (1863 – 3 December 1937)

Both Sahibzada were very close friends as Sahibzada Abdul Latif and Sahibzda Abdul Qayum Friendship went before the Durrand line , and in fact younger Brother of Sahibzada Abdul Qayum had the same name as Sahibzada Abdul Latif.

Although the Sahibzada Abdul Latif from Afghanistan has his Head chopped off for Being a Qadiani and his role in Dividing the Pashtuns and for His Treachery,  was Assassinated by the same Afghan King Amir Abdul Rehman Khan when he found that his Representative to Durand line was a Qadiani and Follower of Qadiani Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1902.  Many Qadianis/ Ahmadi,s  were Persecuted by Afghan King after that and Many Flee Afghanistan to FATA and Bunnu and DI Khan  Area of Pakistan after that .

AF-PAK map Before Durrand line 1893.

AF-PAK map Before Durrand line 1893.

This line was demarcated in right in the Middle of Pashtun Areas , Dividing them into such Arrangement that they became a Minority in both sides of Durand line and they lost their Majority Status  in Both in Afghanistan and Indian areas , now in Pakistan Pashtuns are further subdivided so that officially they are only counted as 10% of Pakistan although they are according to some Un-official Estimates more then 50% of Pakistan .

Royal Mullah Shahibzada  Abdul Lateef  Ahmadi / Qadiani

Royal Mullah Shahibzada Abdul Lateef Ahmadi / Qadiani Original Picture 1898.

This ceremony of Stone placing was done by these Two Sahibzada and it was done in 1893, and this status quo was kept until 1902, as it was verbal Arrangement  and it was agreed upon by the Durrani Kings and British Viceroy as well . Initially Proposed as Spheres of Influence and not a boundary it was forcefully enforced as a Border by British and now Pakistan State .

The Incredulity of this Agreement is this that Actual Agreement was Written by Political secretary Mr. Durand in 1902, which is the official Date of  Durand line .

Mortimer Durand

Mortimer Durand

But Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum khan ,the representative from British was Well rewarded and promoted and had many Lucrative Posts with British Raj and East India Company and even when he died before Creation of Pakistan , many roads are named after him in Pakistan each and Every major city like Peshawar , Lahore , Islamabad and Karachi etc .


Qadianis also known as Ahmadis and Lahori  Jamaat in Pakistan Celebrate the Durand line as a big Success and they have given special Status to Sahibzada Abdul Latif a Ahmadi / Qadiani of Afghanistan and Chief Architect of Durrand line and Best Friend of Sahabizada Abdul Qayyum Khan who Together Places the Stone that was First Indicator of Durrand line which Divides the Pashtun race and has Awarded the Two Separate Identities to Pashtuns as Afghans and Pashtuns .

Ahmadis / Qadiani /Lahori Jamaat Hail this as their Best known Service to Queen of England and Feel Particularly Proud about this and Mentioned in many of their Publications , Their Leader  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed he was Messiah and Last Prophet ( Impostor )  and his follower whom he Termed as First Martyr of Afghan Ahmadi, s / Qadiani,s , as Sahibzada Abdul Latif ( Who Represented the King of Afghanistan and Cheated him on Boundaries as it was not recognized as Boundary but as Sphere of Influence but King was Deceived in Maters comparable to “Lost in Translation” , as King never knew to Read and Write English so he had to depend on Sahibzada Abdul Latif for English Translation ) .

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Pioneer and Head of Qadiani / Ahmadi Jamaat wrote two Book in Honor of Sahibzada Abdul Latif as well as Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan is Widely Celebrated for this huge success and Durand line still exist as a Border and a Disputed line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan  also is Great Hero for Qadianis/Ahmadi,s for his contribution to Ahmadi /Qadiani Sects and His Friendship he Developed with Sahabzada Abdul Latif when he was serving as Tehsildar Assistant to Political Agent of Khyber Agency Major Rooskeeple later General and Governor of Pakhtunkwa ( Name of Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum is still on Boards of Khyber Agency as First Tehsildar  which was United at that time as one Agency comprising of Khyber and Kurrum Agency )

Sir George Roos-Keppel First Political Agent to FATA Later Governor Pakhtunkhwa

Sir George Roos-Keppel First Political Agent to FATA Later Governor Pakhtunkhwa

Sahabizada Abdul Qayyum  is well known for his Persoanl Friend Ship with Governor and General Roos Keeple ( Some claim it was more then Friendship)  , who was First Representative Political Agent to FATA along with Tehsildar Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as one of First Tehsildar,s with him where he performed the Role as Agent of British Raj in Famous ” Durrand commission ” , Held in Kurrum Agency on 12 Nov 1893 at Khyber Agency at Parachinar


Rooskeeple was Later Made Governor of Pakhtunkhwa, and this was Beginning of his role in Implementing Many Objectives of British that is Universities and Schools in Pakhtunkhwa/ NWFP  area like the Islamia College Peshawar , as the British wanted to Influence the education and Islam of Pashtuns . Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum khan had many Personal Relationships with Lord Cunningham the first Governor of NWFP/Pakhtunkwa and with later ones like Rooskeple.

This was what Lord Maculay  Wanted and he wanted it through his representative in NWFP/ Pakhtunkwa that  were Governor Rooskeeple and Previous Governors that is Lord Cunningham and thier Big Boss Lord Curzon.

British Raj Head of East India Company , Lord Maculy Address Outlining his Plan to enslave Pashtuns and Indians as Strategy to British Parliament in 1835.

British Raj Head of East India Company , Lord Maculy Address Outlining his Plan to enslave Pashtuns and Indians as Strategy to British Parliament in 1835.

His Second Well known Deed is as educationists while being a Best friend and Pal of British Governor Rooskeeple  of NWFP , with his Partner the man from Charsada Near Peshawar Khan Bahudur  Ghulam Haider  ( Grand Father of Aftab Ahmad Sherpao ) in establishing Islamia College‚ Peshawar‚ the first education institution in Peshawar Pakistan‚ on the mold of Lord Macaulay Policies and that of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s of educating Pashtun on British Pattern away from their Culture and Tradition of Ancient Bukhara and Samarkand  Madrisa,s  and this was Strategy of British Primarily who Wanted to change the Old system of Afghan Education Madrisas  System of India as they had Ruled India for Last 5,000 years .

Consequently, on April 12, 1911, Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum  arranged a meeting of like minded people in Peshawar at the residence of Abdul Karim, contractor at Peshawar city,

Which was attended by Arbab Khan Bahudur (British title) Ghulam Haider Khan ( Grandfather of Aftab Sherpao Ex Interior Minister Pakistan ) of Tehkal, Habibullah Khan, Khushal Khan, Karim Bakhsh Sethi , Khan Bahadur ( British Title ) Mian Rahim Shah Kaka Khel and Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Qadiani of Topi Swabi ( Ex Tehsildar and Political Agent Khyber Agency , Maker of Durrand Line with Sahibzada Abdul Latif ) and others.

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Qadiani of Topi Swabi moved the motion for collection of contributions, which was instantly responded to by cash donations by all present and Khan Bahadur ( British Title ) Mian Rahim Shah Kaka Khel of Nowshera, donated heavily at the meeting and promised to make a hostel for the students apart from the donation,which he did and still it stands in the campus as “Rahim Shah Ward”.

In addition to his instant cash donations, the Nawab of Dir promised further cash besides four hundred trees. The Nawab of Amb Hazara Mr.Nawab Muhammad Khan Zaman Khan  ( Swabi-Hazara Area Near Bella Village Now Under Turbella Dam Water Reservior ) of Amb also made huge cash contributions of Rs. 10,000,000 on request of Syed Abdul Jabbar Shah.

Subscriptions were also given by the Afridi Chiefs and leading religious elders. An example was set by Bibigul, widow of Khairullah Khans of Prang ( Sherpao Political family Belongs of Parang family), who gave her ornaments on Jun 6, 1911 as her subscription towards the college fund.

Subsequently, a large plot of land was purchased for the college building from the Khalils Mommands (Arbabs) of Tehkal. Rs. 1,50,000/- from Nizam of Hyderabad was sent by Syed Abdul Jabbar Shah to Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as donation for the college.

1917 Darband AMB Rt to Lt Nawab Khan Zaman Khan,Rooskeeple, last Sahibzada Qayum Khan

1917 Darband AMB Rt to Lt Nawab Khan Zaman Khan 2ndLT,Rooskeeple Middle , and 1st Rt Sir Sahibzada Qayum Khan sitting Middle

Hence Islamia College Peshawar was made , Islamia College (Urdu: اسلامیہ کالج ‎) is a renowned educational institution located in the city of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province ofPakistan. It was founded in October 1913 by regional leader Nawab Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum and then Chief Commissioner of the province Sir George Roos-Keppel,  Presently it is a Islamia College a Full Fledged University in Peshawar, since 2008.


In World War -2 The British lost the naval Power and they had not Enough resources to contain Frontier region under their control and they were suffering losses here.

The Mardan Punjab Regimental center and bombings from Raisalpur Air force base was also not enough to contain Pashtuns , They were short of finances and Money to contain the war effort in Indian subcontinent and especially in their Frontier region of Pakhtunkhwa / NWFP .

As whole Province was under FCR ( Frontier Crime Regulations which he and Rooskeeple had implemented after Durrand line demarcation ) , Draconian Laws that meant cruel and Inhuman laws that could crush any Resistance from Pashtuns and example of such Inhuman laws is not found anywhere in the world except Pashtuns areas of Pakhtunkwa , FATA and Baluchistan ( These Laws still Exits in Pakistan under a legal cover of Article 247 of Pakistan 1973 Constitution in FATA, FR Areas , Baluchistan and PATA)  and still resisted to change under Punjabi Establishment.

Such Laws meant Burning and Destroying House of any one who was threat Power of  British Raj , Not Granting that person any legal right to Documents of Identity , or Land or Property or Civic and Basic Human Rights that is supposed to be Entitled to any Human Being .  Sahibzada had Helped formulate these laws on FATA and Pakhtunkwa and Baluchistan ( Which was Part of Pakthunkhwa till 1971) .

Wars were constantly being Fought in Dir , Swat , Mardan and Charsada Areas as well as Tirah Khyber Agency , Waziristan North and South under resistance from Freedom Fighters and it was difficult to contain Pashtuns but there was Healthy Democratic movement which was Khudai Khidmatgar Movement a resistance Force of Bacha Khan of ANP against British .

So they decided to Give some Democratic Freedom to Pakhtunkwha in Round Table conference of 1935 Just before the world War Started and British Became Weak because of War with Hitler.

Although it has Big Holes in form of FR Areas , and PATA still under FCR which exists to date were left in Pakhtunkhwa as Tribal Areas where FCR still Exists .

Round Table Conference of 1935 in London with representatives from India .

Round Table Conference of 1935 in London with representatives from India .

Sahibzada Abdul Qayum,s  loyalty was greatly appreciated by British and was rewarded Well in full by them .


Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan  started his career as a civil servant under the British , but he eventually he is Remembered as  educationalists and His role as civil servant and under the British, and his Being a Loyal Title Holder as Sir and Sahibzada ( British Title of People Honored to have direct Access to British Governor of NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa  and his Blue eyed Protégé as a Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as a Title Holder ( Rewarded with Lands and Money ) and His Most Loyal to him and also to the Queen of England as Title holder as a Sir  ,is brushed under the carpet as he was Entrusted to Make Muslim League to Divide Pakistan later and his Help to Quaid I Azam

In 1887‚ Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum was appointed Naib Tehsildar and subsequently held several administrative portfolios i.e. Tehsildar‚ Chief Political Agent of Hazara‚ Revenue Assistant and Treasury Officer‚ Extra Assistant Commissioner‚ Superintendent of the Commissioner’s Vernacular Office‚ Assistant Political Agent Khyber‚ ‘Assistant Political Agent’ of Chitral‚ and then of Khyber Agency and then promoted to Assistant Political Agent of Khyber‚ FATA‚ during the period from 1891 to 1919.

Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum became the first Chief Minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in 1937. He was made Chief Minister of First Assembly of NWFP / Pakhtunkhwa , after  British lost their Power and they could not Handle the Pashtuns Militarily  and their campaigns in Swat and Malakand Yield no results against the Mighty Yousafzai,s , their Performance in Hazara and strong hold of Yousafzai,s  of Torghar and Manshera was also failing and they could not Keep the Pashtuns contained and they were suffering Losses Immensely in 1935,s After start of World War-2 .

Round Table Conference in 1935 in London with Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum British Loyal Bureaucrat from NWFP

Round Table Conference in 1935 in London with Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum British Loyal Bureaucrat from NWFP

They had no Option but to Give Political power to Pashtuns via Democracy and in 1937,s the First Provincial  Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa was established in Peshawar , but instead of Transferring the Power to Real Elected People , they came with Idea to place their Loyal Civil Servants and Ex -Tehsil dar and Political agent of Khyber Agency Mr Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan .

Quaid I Azam and Mulsim league had zero Representation in NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa , hence the Task was Given to Sir Sahibzada Loyal Servant of East India company to Make Muslim league in NWFP where there were no Hindus and Pakistan Two Nation Theory has no Standing because of Absence of Hindus in Pashtun belt of NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan .

So Loyal Servant of Queens of England in form of Sahibzada Sir Abdul Qayum Khan of Topi Swabi Loyalist to British , was used who had blessing of British Viceroy  and Title to Match  and Monthly Pay from Queen of Britain own  Sir and Sahibzada , with personal Intimate Friendship to Sir George Rooskeeple and Sir Cunningham Governor of NWFP. Under close instruction of him Sir Sahibzada became Agent of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and All Indian  Muslim league. 

After  Muslim league was established and Sir Sahibzada Qayyum khan was made its First CM of NWFP in 1937 without winning any Seats from Pakhtunkhwa /NWFP, representing a Minority Government While the Majority was with Bacha Khan and his Khudai Khidmatgars or ANP  and Dr Khan Sahib as Elected Member who was brother of Bacha Khan .

Strong representation of ANP in Form of Bacha Khan and Dr Khan Sahib , and thier Army of Supporters in form of Khudai Khidmatgars , Dr Khan Sahib Known as Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan replaced him in Just mere 6 Month as First CM through his Brother Dr Khan Sahib in form of Elected Power of Pashtuns as Second CM of NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa . 

Khudai Khidmatgar Army and Awami National Party Volunteer had Majority rule in Pakhtunkhwa and in Provincial Assembly .

Khudai Khidmatgar Army and Awami National Party Volunteer had Majority rule in Pakhtunkhwa and in Provincial Assembly .

It may be noted when British  established the First Political provincial Assembly in Frontier and NWFP in 1937 , region now called the Pakhtunkhwa they also Changed the FCR frontier Crimes Regulations and NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa in 1935-7 Year after Round table conference in London which was Attended by Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum and Dr Khan Sahib .

Dr Khan Sahib was Succesful in changing the FCR laws in NWFP / Pakhtunkhwa areas while FATA was not able to changed from FCR and this Stutus continues to this day in form of Pakistan Constitution .

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan had no roots in People of Pakhtunkhwa .

British had to change Status of Pakhtunkhwa changed to Settled Area from Draconian and In-human Laws Defying Human rights as Pashtuns called the  FCR ( Frontier crimes Regulations ) or  Collective Punishment , that mean Destroying the Houses and Property of Rebels to British Government . This status of Pakhtunkhwa remains to this day and it has not changed for last 100 or so year for FATA , the Tribal Areas where Pashtuns lives and they do not enjoy any Educational Institutions or Medical facilities for which they have to depend on Pakhtunkhwa .

Second CM as Dr Khan Sahib after Deposing Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as First CM of Pakhtunkhwa / NWFP

Second CM as Dr Khan Sahib after Deposing Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as First CM of Pakhtunkhwa / NWFP

After Dr Khan Sahib Won and Through No Confidence Motion , dislodged Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan loyal Servant to british he was installed as Second CM of NWFP / Pakhtunkhwa and hence ending the Legacy of Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi Swabi , Finished after he died shortly after in  1938 a Year later.

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Mohan-Lal Kashmiri Spy and companion of Spy Captian Alxender Burnes / Skinder Burnes

It was in 1845, when Queen Victoria invited Agha Hassan Jan Kashmiri alias Mirza Quli Kashmiri to a royal ball in London that he declared that his birth name is Pandit Mohan Lal Kashmiri. This declaration makes this Kashmiri, a fascinating personality. In the words of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, this Kashmiri icon was a politician and a scholar with something of the poet and artist in him. Researches conducted into the life and works of Pandit Mohan Lal Kashmiri connect him to the Zutshi Pandits of Kashmir.

His ancestor, Pandit Lachdii Ram Zutshi migrated from Kashmir to live at Delhi during the reign of Emperor Shahjahan (1627-1658). His great grand-father, Pandit Mani Ram, alias Pandit Shiv Nath held a high rank at the Mughal Court during the reign of Shah Alam (1759-1806). The Emperor bestowed upon him the title of Raja, together with a Jagir worth Rupees twenty lakh.

The pedigree of the Zutshis reconstructed by B. N. Sharga is as under:
Pandit Shiv Nath Zutshi
Pandit Shamboo Nath Zutshi
Pandit Brahm Nath Zutshi
Pandit Brahm Nath Zutshi

He was affectionately called as Budh Singh by his Sikh mother. As he was having a good knowledge of Persian language, he succeeded in getting a job as interpreter to Sir. M. Elphinston, who later on, became the Governor of Bombay province.

During services under the British, he had to work in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and Afghanistan among the Muslims. Having abandoned orthodoxy, he lived a lavish life, eating flesh and enjoying drinks.

From his Pandit wife, who belonged to the Kouls of Gawaliar, he had two sons

1. Pandit Mohan Lal and

2. Pandit Kedar Nath,

both born at Delhi in the years 1812 and 1814. Both of them were brought up in a cosmopolitan atmosphere and free thinking.
Pandit Mohan Lal was taught Urdu and Persian by local Muslim Molvis. Besides studying the Boostan and the Gulistan of Saadi Shirazi, he learnt poetic compositions of Rumi and Omar Khayam. The Molvis also taught him elementary Arabic and some verses of the Holy Quran.

He joined the English class in 1829 at the Persian College at Delhi that was founded in 1792 during Mughal rule. This college had acquired a large accession of income by the munificent gift of Rs. 1, 70,000 from Nawab ‘Itimad-ud-Daula, formerly minister at Lucknow, who is buried in the premises of the Anglo-Arabic College, Delhi. The English class, later developed into the Delhi English College.

Pandit Mohan Lal studied here for three years. He was perhaps the first Kashmiri Pandit to have studied English and standing first in his class.
In 1831, The British East India Company, which has established its authority in the North East of India appointed Sir Alexander Burnes as its chief spy to gather information in the countries lying between India and the Caspian. He was directed to appear as a private individual with a small retinue, maintaining a character of poverty.

His deputation was a part of great design of the British to penetrate into Afghanistan, Central Asian Sultanates and Tibet with the dual purpose of “introducing its costly products of looms as well as the diffusion of the Gospel of Christ among the dense population”.

The final aim was to subjugate these Muslims countries under the British Raj. It was the British Secret Service which selected through Charles Travelyan, a very brilliant and ambition student, Pandit Mohan Lal Kashmiri to accompany Sir Alexander Burnes.

Having joined the British Secret Service in 1831 at the age of 19, he assumed the name of Mirza Quli Kashmiri as the Persian interpreter to Sir Alexander Burnes on a salary of Rs 1,000 per annum.

The earliest classmate of Pandit Mohan Lal was Shahamat Ali, later the author of An Historical Account of the Sikhs and Afghans, who was Persian Secretary with the mission of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Claud M. Wade, to Peshawar in 1839.

Shahamat Ali accompanied Sir Claud in the military expedition on whish he was sent to conduct Shahzada Timur, the eldest son of Shah Shuja-ul-Mulk, with the Sikh auxiliary force, by the Khaibar Pass to Kabul.
The British had succeeded in installing, their stooge, Shah Shuja on the throne of Kabul. This action of the British was resented by the other war-lords in Afghanistan, who were busy in engineering assaults on the British interests.

The first task of Pandit Mohan Lal, who now was known as Mirza Quli Kashmiri, to recruit his agents to bring about defections among the Afghan resistance movement. He accomplished this difficult task with tact and intelligence.

Posing himself belonging to a noble Kashmiri Muslim family, he married a girl from the royal house. Now he was free from all dangers by entering into intrigues with the people among, whom he was going to spy, with an assumed name of Mirza Quli Kashmiri.
Both Sir Alexander Burnes and Pandit Mohan Lal explored Central Asia in 1832-4 for procuring political and military intelligence. During his travels, Pandit Mohan Lal, who now had assumed the pseudo name of Mirza Quli Kashmiri, would first seek a wife from the influential family of the region so that his matrimonial alliance would provide him with ample protection from the orthodox Muslims.

Taking advantage of the new adopted creed, he led a life of pleasure with several wives. After his return from Central Asia Pandit Mohan Lal published a journal of his tour in 1834.

Twelve years later, this work was re-published with the addition of his travels in Europe. At this same time, he had published a work on the life of Doost Mohammad Khan, the Amir of Kabul, in two volumes.
After his Central Asian tour Pandit Mohan Lal Kashmiri alias, Mirza Quli Kashmiri was promoted as the Commercial Agent for the British on the Indus and Political Assistant to Sir Burnes in Kabul. Unlike Burnes, he survived the massacres of 1841 and continued to keep Calcutta informed of events in the Afghan capital from the house of a merchant where he had taken refuge. His reports contained many strong and cogent criticisms of the behavior of British officers in Kabul.
During the first Anglo-Afghan War, he was instrumental in setting up and expanding the British intelligence network in Afghanistan.

He found out and handed over to the British secret letters written by the rulers of Kandahar to Merab Khan, the ruler of Baluchistan, exhorting him not to allow passage to the invading British army.

He managed to obtain the services of very important functionaries for spying like Mohammad Tahir, Haji Khan Kakari, Abdul Majeed Khan, Akhundzada Ghulam and Mullah Nasooh in Kandahar and Sardar Abdul Rashid Khan, a nephew of the Emir Sardar Doost Mohammad Khan in Ghazni.

He played a major role in securing the release of British prisoners held hostage in Bamiyan. In the meanwhile, he married several ladies among the elite families of Baluchistan and Afghanistan. On the second of November 1841 the residence of Sir Alexander Burnes in Kabul was stormed by a mob and both he and his brother Charles were killed.

But Pandit Mohan Lal jumped out of a window and escaped but was apprehended soon thereafter. He saved his life by reciting the Kalimah as Mirza Quli Kashmiri.

He was awarded the Order of the Empire and made a Knight of the Persian Lion.
During his interaction with the Shia Muslims of Iran, he felt highly impressed with Persian history and culture. He now embraced Islam in a true way at the hands of a Mujtahid, who gave him a new name, Agha Hassan Jan Kashmiri.

As he, undertook long journeys to Arabian countries in connection with his job much against the wishes of the highly orthodox Pandit community, he was excommunicated from the Shiva cult in 1834.

It was a normal routine with him to manage a new wife from different clans. Now, he took a maiden from the royal family of Iran, as his wife. Nawab Mirza ‘Ala-ud-Din Khan (1833-1884), the ruler of the Loharu State near Delhi, whose pen-name was Alai calls Mohan Lal, in a Persian poem, as Agha Hassan Jan.
In 1843, Pandit Mohan Lal Kashmiri, alias Mirza Quli Kashmiri alias, Agha Hassan Jan Kashmiri retired on a pension of Rs.1,000 per annum. Now, he embarked on a long journey to Egypt, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and Germany. Shah Kamran of Heart was delighted with his Persian. Mirza Abbas of Iran created him, a Knight of the Persian Order of the Lion.

Shah Shuja-ul-Mulk, The king of Afghanistan, granted him an Order of the Durrani Empire. Maharaja Ranjit Singh presented him with Rs. 500 and a robe of honor.

The Mughal Emperor Mohammad Akbar Shah conferred upon him a Khilat with some jewels on a turban which His Majesty tied with his own hands.

Agha Hasan Jan Kashmiri was well received in England and other countries in Europe. Queen Victoria invited him to a royal ball. Fredrick William IV of Prussia entertained him at a dinner in 1845. It was during his conversation with Queen Victoria that he disclosed his birth name as Pandit Mohan Lal Kashmiri.
After his European tour in 1846, Agha Hasan Jan Kashmiri published a revised work of his travels in Central Asian countries and Europe.

During the turmoil in 1857 he manipulated and obtained his seventeenth wife, Haidri Begam, from the highly aristocratic and cultural family of Nawab Mirza Sher Mohammad Khan of Delhi. His favorite Wife, Haidri Begum was a Shia Muslim and a scholar. During the turmoil in 1857, she maintained a day book recording vividly the happenings and events in Delhi describing the atrocities committed by the British on the last Mughal Emperor.

Her diary was later seized and confiscated by the British Government in India. At Ludhiana Agha Hasan Jan Kashmiri, built for the Shias what is known as Agha Hasan Jan’s Imambara. Close by it there runs a road bearing his name.
Agha Hassan Jan Kashmiri’s later years were spent in obscurity and financial troubles. But inspite of his high status and fame he became a highly frustrated and isolated person because of his total boycott by his own community members. Even his close Pandit blood relations disowned him. He felt so much depressed and dejected.
Agha Hasan Jan Kashmiri died in 1877 at the age of 65, and was buried in Delhi in his garden called the Lal Bagh, near Azadpur on the Delhi-Panipat road. There is no tomb, but only a platform, said to contain the bodies of Agha Hassan Jan Kashmiri and his favorite wife Haidri Begam. The platform is in a dilapidated condition. The garden no longer belongs to his family.
At the time of his death he left behind five widows, four married daughters and three sons. He kept a diary of his life 1831 to his death in 1877.

This diary has disappeared.

Dr. Hari Ram Gupta says that a grandson of Pandit Mohan Lal is Agha Hyder Hasan of Hydarabad.


Mohan Lal. Journal of a tour through the Punjab, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Khorasan and part of Persia. Calcutta, 1834.

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SOURCE : http://fidahassnain.myasa.net/2010/12/pandit-mohan-lal-agha-hasan-jan-kashmiri/

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