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One of the most Corrupt Region in Pakistan is FATA , Federally Administered Area of Tribal Area , which is controlled not by Constitution of Pakistan , which is not implemented here .

FATA is Governed  by just one Article of constitution which is called , Article 247 , which has implemented laws that  are 150 Years old and made by British Empire by Lord Curzun a British Viceroy of East India company called , the  FCR , Frontier crimes Regulation .

Area of  Pakistan as FATA not under Pakistan Constitution:  

FATA consists of the following Areas , as according to Article 247 of constitution , which are not governed by Pakistan constitution and it laws and neither the Parliament National Assembly or the Provincial Assembly Governs it  are as Follows:

A:   7 Tribal  Agencies from North to South Along the Durand Line which are: 

  1. Bajaur Agency
  2. Mommand Agency
  3. Khyber Agency 
  4. Orakzai Agency 
  5. Kurrum Agency
  6. North Waziristan
  7. South Waziristan

B:  6 FR or Frontier Areas from North to South while Being Inside of Pakhtunkhwa Area  : 

  1. Fr Peshawar 
  2. Fr Kohat 
  3. Fr Lakki Marwat 
  4. Fr Bannu 
  5. Fr Tank 
  6. Fr DI Khan  

These are the Enslaved Areas Federal Areas ( Fr Areas )  , although the Fall geographically Inside of boundaries of Pakhtunkhwa Province .

C:  6 PATA AREAS Provincially Administered tribal Areas in Pakhtunkhwa  :

  1. Dir Upper
  2. Dir Lower
  3. Swat (including Kalam)
  4. The Tribal Area in Kohistan District
  5. Malakand District
  6. The Tribal Area adjoining (Batagram, Allai and Black Mountain of Hazara),Mansehra District.
  7. The former state of Amb in Hazara.

D:  6 PATA AREAS Provincially Administered tribal Areas in Pakhutnkhwa Annexed Area now in Baluchistan Previously under state of Kalat  that was Part of Pakhtunkhwa till 1971 :

  1. Zhob District
  2. Loralai District (excluding Duki Tehsil)
  3. Dalbandin Tehsil of Chagai District
  4. Marri Tribal Territory in Sibi District
  5. Bugti Tribal Territory in Sibi District

These are the Enslaved Areas Federal Areas ( Fr Areas )  , although the Fall geographically Inside of boundaries of Baluchistan Province .

They are also tribal Areas but they are not Governed by FATA secretariat but are controlled by the Pakhtunkhwa secretariat  and Baluchistan Secretariat those area which were Previously under FATA secretariat and “”Safron Ministry “”but they also come under ambit of President of Pakistan Direct rule under Article 247 and Lord Curzon Laws of East Indian company meant to Enslave the Pashtuns and not the Parliament of Pakistan or even the Parliament of Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan .

FATA secretariat and their Administration is also confusing as one Member from each District sits in Provincial Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa but he cannot make Rule for his PATA , constituency and has to seek Permission of President of Pakistan .

Furthermore PATA is under 247 of 1973 Constitution that still maintains the Draconian Law of FCR 40 even under PATA and one is denied of Human Rights and Rights Guaranteed under the constitution of Pakistan that is inherent in Basic unchangeable Right Articles that forms the basis of

History of FATA Laws : 

It is one of Big Mysteries of Pakistan is FATA really part of Pakhtunkhwa or not ?? , why Pakistan and Jinnah would keep the British Laws intact Behaving like Dictators and why they want to Impose this on People of FATA  Draconian Laws that separates it from Pakhtunkhwa , While Pakhtunkhwa had Article 247 Like Lord Curzons Laws with FCR 40 Laws just as Currently held in FATA currently .

After the Durand Line was Made starting from Gilgit Baltistan “” FANA ( Federally Administered Northern Areas )

IT was in 1930,s that Massacre of “””Qisa Khawani Peshawar””” , Happened and it was Bacha khan and their Supporters who were Butchered by the British by Firing on unarmed Protesters who were Protesting not allowing Political Party ANP Awami National Party Made by Bacha Khan to raise Voice of Pashtuns Against British these Same Draconian and Against Human right Laws that it had only Implement in this Part of the World and only Against Pashtuns .

It is these Black Laws  that are now Part of Article 247 of Pakistan constitution, and its Democratic right to Govern by the British and they imprisoned Bacha Khan and people of Peshawar and Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa rose to defend him and 1000 People of Peshawar fell in front of Machine Guns that were Manned by Punjab regiment with Sepoy,s from Punjab  from Mardan Center under Gora Officers , after the Nepalese Gorkhas , refused to Fire on un -Armed People famously .

The British Govt under it Elected Democratic PM sent a Team to Investigate and the Team came and held a Judicial Inquiry and it asked Bacha Khan and their followers , the reason and they demanded the removal of these Black Laws and hence it was Agreed to remove the Laws from whole “”NWFP”” , which is currently Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan as one province at that time .

IT is Ironic that FATA was Kept as such as even by the British cantonment would be Attacked by these Tribal and loot and Plunder the cantonment , and Peshawar areas and their Killings . so FATA was kept as Such to Protect themselves from these Tribes of FATA .In order to do that British used a cunning Tactics via their bureaucracy that were run by Grandson of Mir Jaffar “‘ President Skinder Mirza “”‘  from East Pakistan who was Titled “”” Traitor of India “”” and his name is Synomous to Traiotr , he was Later President of Pakistan and some Qadiani Elements in Bureaucracy of Pakistan and Pakhtunkhwa and the Pashtun Politicians like “”Sherpao Family”” and the “”Sahibzadas””,  “Babers and “”Arbabs “”Deobandi Mullahs of Pashtun Area , who had Pledged Allegiance Punjabi Based Deobandis with close Ties to British at that time under Qasim Naintawi and Mehmod ul Hassan and Obaid Ullah Sindhi all Punjabis and Previous Tutors in East Indian company of Arabic and Persian under “”Sir Syed Ahmad Khan “”” an Indian Pashtun who had been translator from the British and Mr Durand and Rooskeepal British Political Agents representing East India company Viceroy “””Lord Curzon”” in Durand Line commission.

One of them Qadiani Sahbzaada Abdul Qayum Khan was Man who drew the Durand line and had represented the British as Tehsildar Khyber Agency . was Astute Qadiani and this is the Line that has Divided the Pashtuns into Afghan and Pashtuns although they are “””Synomous Words””” actually and then Pashtuns were Later divided and Rule into Tribals and Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa and then Baluchistan was Annexed from it as “””Baluchistan “”, It should Also be Mentioned that Afghan rulers at time of Durand Line has Entrusted a Qadiani ” Sahibzada Abdul Latif “”” best friend of “”Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan”””  of Swabi who had converted him to Qadianism , and who had named his name on his Brother as ” Sahibzada Abdul Latif ” in token of his deed and his Effort to make “””Durand line””” ,  while he represented the Afghan Government in Durand line commission in 1898 .

These Mullahs were on pay role of British and they formed the Maliks and also the tehsildars and political Administration of KPK and FATA area and they made an Alliance towards not making FATA same as NWFP/KPK and demanded a separate Laws of FCR 40 and Lord Curzon Laws , currently under Article 247 of Pakistan 1973 Constitution.

Not much has changed even when the British Left and they Passed a Law called the Partition Act where all the Previous laws were null and Void and FATA even after Partition was kept the same when there was no Legal basis and First constitution of “”Liaqat ali Khan “””Objective Resolution “” had no Mention of FATA .

These Same traitors and British Chamchas  Bureaucrats of British era become the Presidents and Majority Muslim Leaguers under Jinnah and also the Generals in the Army and usurped power from the Politicians and they wanted to use the FATA for their”” Great Game Strategy””‘ and “””Strategic depth”””” after they formed Alliances with USA and NATO in Baghdad pact and they wanted dearly the Draconian Lord Curzon Laws and wanted to complete what that British had left incomplete because of two World wars and Lack of Army manpower after 1945 when WW2 Ended . They wanted Invasion of Afghanistan and Central Asia Dearly .

Generals Ayub Khan family being Son of a traitor of Soil  “””Mir Dad Khan Subedar””” of in Mardan Based Punjab regiment and Hudson Horse under col Hudson who was Killed by his Own sepoys for these Inhuman Atrocities in 1857 “”, who had had cut the Head of Last Muslim Emperor “””Bahudur Shah Zafar “”” and Hanged his 5 Sons in 1857 , was one Leading this and He implemented the martial law in Pakistan with help of his “”‘Qadiani Friends in Takht I Lahore”””” and hence , from 1958 , this Strategy was started and Nothing changed now the Kala Sahib was In charge after Gora Sahib Left .  The Qadiani Judges like Justice Munir Ahmad and Bureaucrats like Ch Zafar Ullah Khan and in Planning commission ” Grandson of  Qadiani Prophet “””Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”” “””Mian Muzafar Ahmad ( Planner of Kalabagh Dam ) was chief Planning commission head all  contributed in Supporting the Army Generals Ayub Khan and causing a Pause of Pakistan Democracy and Constitution called “” Nazria Zorat “”.

The Bureaucracy of Punjab and the Generals of Punjab wanted FATA for their Misadventures in Afghanistan and Central Asia and Americans were friend not Master rather the Opposite in this Gerat Game and FATA was the Launching Pad and Officer of Army were sent to USA to get Trained from Incompetent Generals who Passed Last on Merit in  “””PMA””” and were not fit for and Below Average officers like “”General Zia( failed his Staff college Quetta ) “”” (  to Hamid Gul to Mushraff and also other contributed who were never fit to be even a col in Pakistan Army on Merit .

FATA , was forcibly Made as what it is today , later some Areas of Pakhtunkhwa like , the following in 1971 , were made Part of FATA who were Never even in FATA under the British as the Kala Sahib were more active then the “”Gora Sahib””,  like “”””Bajaur Agency””” , “””Swat””” , and Malakand Agency and “””Upper Dir “””and””” Lower Dir””” , and “”Shangla””” etc was made into FATA , under Zulfiqar Ali bhutto and the Generals Yayha Khan “” after Protests Against one unit was made by Pashtun Politicians like Wali Khan of ANP and East Pakistani Politicians . The Assemblies of Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan were Dissolved and a Punjabi Rajput “””Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto””‘ son of British Chamcha,  “””Sir Shah Nawaz Khan “”” a Punjabi who was Given Land in Sind for his Service to British was part of this Scheme.

The East Pakistan 60% of Pakistan Broke away in Protest and Pashtun never did any Protest and Became””” Loyal Pakistanis””” serving under the Punjabi establishment Draconian Black Laws and in the forefront were the “””””Tribals  FATA Walas and their Political Agents and “””Maliks””” who were loyal to British found their other Pattern the Punjabis . The Punjabi Assumed the Position of God Like Causalities with FCR 40 and Article 247 , which was put in First even Democratic constitution of Pakistan in 1973.

The Maliks British Stooges and their son got the Position of 8 FATA senators and 12 MNA but no MPA, in Pakhtunkhwa to which they were Part of . This was a Mystery that is not Explainable on Basis of common Sense .


Is FATA Part of Pakhtunkhwa Big Mystery : 

So it is Big Mystery that is FATA being so different from Pakhtunkwa and yet it is not a Province , But it is Governed as a Different as Different Province , according to the constitution of Pakistan and it is Governed by only one Article , Called 247 , which makes the Lord Curzons Black Laws “”” FCR 40″”” as Laws of Tribal Areas be it FATA or PATA and direct Rule of President of Pakistan , some of the Anomalies of this small Strip of Land which is on Durand line facing Afghanistan ,

It Makes one wonder why the “”Kala Sahib “”” , go to Extreme Lengths to make it without  certain Personal  Rights, Democracy and Right to Elect their Leaders  and Human Rights that is Guaranteed to other Pakistani and not Tribal people belonging to only one Ethnicity that is Pashtuns.

Why a Stick Policy is needed for One Race and not other Pakistani , why Punishment and not the Goodies or Carrots are Needed to Govern them . The British Have left but the Kala Sahib is still there and more Loyol as”””” Loyol Puris””” Punjabis  to Gora Sahib that want to maintain thier Union jack over FATA Tribal and Claims this is Wanted by them ???? as Lies Perpetuated by Pakistani Media and agents of Punjabi Establishment.

Role of Mass Media of Pakistan  FATA : 

They say it is their culture and Tradition to confuse the People of Pakistan and claim that ., Tribal are Donkeys “”” who need a Stick on their Back to Function Properly as they are Stupid and un Worthy of Being a Democratic traditions . Although Evidence is Other wise , Pakhtunkhwa by contrast Always Votes the Best as compared to Punjabis who jimps over boad and selects the generals in Uniform and also thier Army Selected Poltiicains as thier favorites Mostly punjabis and Muhajirs offocourse .

No Jurisdiction of Parliament and Pakistan Secretariat in FATA  : 

The Pakistan Constitution and National Assembly has no Jurisdiction in FATA , that is under Direct Federal Rule of Islamabad and is controlled by the President of Pakistan and the FATA secretariat which is not under Pakistan Secretariat that controls Pakistan.

No Jurisdiction of Pakhtunkhwa Parliament and its Secretariat in FATA  : 

The Pakhtunkhwa parliament and Pakhtunkhwa Secretariat does not control FATA and its Laws and it is controlled Directly by the FATA Secretariat under President  of Pakistan .

No Jurisdiction of Supreme court in FATA : 

There is no Jurisdiction of Supreme court and High court of Pakthunkhwa in FATA , as it is termed as FATA Federal Jurisdiction Area under Islamabad by Pakistan constitution under Article 247 and it is not governed by the National and Provincial Assembly and hence , the Governance is controlled b Article 247 , just one Point Agenda of Pakistan Constitution and it says that FCR 40 ,which are 40 Laws that Govern the Justice and Law system of FATA

No Jurisdiction of Peshawar high court in FATA 

 Even when FATA is considered as Part of Pakhtunkhwa or not is a mystery for all Practical Purposes that , Peshawar high court has no Jurisdiction in FATA and recently Passed Changed in Article 247 sub Section ( 6) , only Says now that , FATA people have Right to challenge the Authority of Political Agents of FATA secretariat in Islamabad under the  President of Pakistan under a Tribunal constituted by Retired or Serving Judges or Peshawar High court but will work under the Rules of Article 247 and FCR 40 . common on this is another Joke on people of FATA . what is use of Such Rubbish Amendment in first place when , other 300 to 500 Article of constitution are not implemented in FATA . The Punjabi Establishment  will continue to remain the God like in FATA as matter of current laws are concerned and they will continue to Play the Games .

No Jurisdiction of Islamabad high court in FATA 

Recently when Islamabad High court came into being , which has Jurisdiction in Federal controlled Areas ,  7 FATA Agencies and 6 FR Areas were conveniently left out and this happened, and later when even an Amendment took place that allowed appeal process after Political Agent makes a Decision under the Article 247 and FCR 40 He cannot be challenged in the Islamabad High court although Peshawar high court can theoretically but not according to constitution of Pakistan but in Limited way only it can look into the 40 Laws which are called the FCR 40 and under Article just one Article of Constitution that is called Article 247 . A joke was Played with FATA People and they were Given the Feeler they are Slaves and will be treated like the Slaves in future  as well .

When  No Jurisdiction of NAB in FATA 

It is so Curious that , FATA which is controlled by the Bureaucrats is Home of highest corruption in Pakistan , yet when it comes to Implementation of Nab FATA , exempted because of two simple reason that , NAB is only Used for Political Victimization of Politicians and since the FATA is directly controlled by the Punjabi Establishment via the Corrupt FATA secretariat and its Predominate Punjabi Bureaucracy and Political Agents who are Direct rulers of FATA and with Fascists God Like Authority and as the Powerfull Arms of Punjabi Establishment .

It is strange that , NAB and Ehtesab Bureau has not caught a Single Person from FATA for Corruption and its Rulers who are just Figures heads and Dummies like 8 Senators and 12 MNA of FATA and countless Local People who work for FATA secretariat are never probed by the NAB , National Accountability Bureu and since 1947 , less then 2 % of What was Allocated budgets is actually Applied to the Projects which exists on the record , rest of 98% goes to Pockets of Punjab Federal Secretariat and the President of Pakistan  and also the , Punjabi Secretaries of Islamabad and Also the bureaucracy of Pakhtunkhwa are although not directly involved only the Political Agents and Tehsildars low grade officers Muhrars and also lower grade class 4 employees are all billionaires in rack in corruption which is Highest in Pakistan and world even for the record

No Jurisdiction of Ehtesab Bureau in FATA 

As mentioned Above Ehtesab Bureau is Provincial Department and not a Federal Entity like the NAB , so FATA is not Part of Pakhtunkhwa and it has 8 Senators and also 12 MNA and No MPA that sits in the Pakhtunkhwa Assembly hence it is a Separate Province technically but in the Constitution of Pakistan it is not Given any Legal Status and No laws of Pakhtunkhwa or either of its Department has any Relationship with FATA and so is the Ehtesab Bureau of Pakhtunkhwa .

Safron Ministry or Department of Aliens ( Not Outer Space Aliens ) or Illaqa Ghair 

I though the the whole day and could not figure what the hell this ministry was and although this ministry exists and it controls the area of Pakhtunkhwa which are under direct control of federation the 6 Fr areas in Pakhtunkhwa and others in Baluchistan . As well as 7 Agencies of FATA areas , and it is only Ministry in Pakistan that can be called the Illegal or Rogue Ministry as it is not under the control of Pakistan constitution and it is Governed by only one Article that is Article 247 as it has no relationship with rest of Pakistan and it can be called “”Illaq Ghair “”, “” The Others area / Aliens “”, Ministry and it is although under control of Interior Ministry and yet it is a Ministry in its own right and it no Part of Pakistan constitution applies to it and it a Government within a Government and it control’s the following areas 


2. FR areas

3. FANA ( Gilgat and Baltistan known as Federally administered Northern Areas )

SOURCE  http://alijakhan.blogspot.com/2015/10/understanding-fata-status-and-governance.html


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A: Tribal Areas and Constitution of Pakistan:

Article 246 and Article 247 define the Tribal areas of Pakistan and they are divided into 4 types of Tribal areas which are as Follows

  1. FATA  ( Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Agencies, Bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber, Orazkzai, Kurrum, North Waziristan, South Waziristan,
  2. FR,s ( Frontier Regions ) Fr Peshawar , Fr Kohat, Fr Bannu , Fr Lakki, and Fr Di-khan districts
  3. PATA (provincially Administered Tribal Areas) Swat, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Buner, Shangla and Malakand Districts.
  4. FANA ( Federally Administered Northern Areas ) Gilgit and Baltistan

Although they are part of Pakistan according to Article 1 of Pakistan 1973 constitution that defines Pakistan territories, but are governed very differently and actually Governed as British Viceroy did by force and inhuman and Degrading Laws called FCR the “Frontier Crimes regulation” that are implemented via Article 247 . British Governed Pashtuns and Baluchistan this way since1893 after Durand line formation. These laws allows for inhuman and Degrading Laws called FCR40 , that allows for collective Punishment of whole villages and towns .

These Laws were kept by Pakistan since 1947 although no one wanted them and Tribal’s were never even Asked about it in 1947 when FATA and Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) joined the Federation of Pakistan in a Referendum that Just Asked one Question, Do you want to join Pakistan or India, although Geographically FATA and Pakhtunkhwa was Near Afghanistan and this Question was avoided in referendum Tactfully.

Legitimacy of Durand line was accepted without Pashtuns Consultation, although the partition act of India had made the All the Agreement between the Viceroy / East India Company redundant, Mysteriously Durand Line Agreement was kept Intact when Pakistan was carved out of India by British via Partition act.

West of Durand Line in Afghanistan East of Durand Line nobody was asked anything and East of Durand line, what is now Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, FANA and Baluchistan nobody was asked anything and Elected and Sitting Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa was never consulted in 1947 and Political People were sidelined by British knowingly.

B: Why Pashtuns only Targeted for these Inhuman Laws ?:

British viceroy made some special laws for These Tribal areas , in order to suppress and subjugate the Pashtuns these laws were draconian and inhuman and oppressive and Violated every aspect of human rights that British themselves believed in and Imagine British had a Parliament in Britain 1893 as well in 1947 at that time and they oversaw the East India company and yet they believed in Oppression and brutality as Punishment for Pashtuns resistance to their Designs of Domination of Central Asia .

British wanted Punish and Suppress the Rag tag and poor Pashtuns although who had been ruler of India for last 1000 year’s since Alaptagin and Subtagin  and then Mehmood Ghaznavi and Ghori who came from Afghanistan after 800 AD just when Islam was Rising in Arabia after 700 AD , and it has Reached Samarkand and Bukhara which were Part of Afghanistan at that time and later separated in Panjdeh , wars by Czarist Russians when Pashtuns were becoming Weekend and Unable to Defend India and Afghanistan, because of Infighting and Power struggle between themselves and also the Tajiks Mughals and Hazaras.

Afghans and Pashtuns  Gave culture and Religion to India from , and this was the Main reason for the brutality that the British wanted Suppression of only the Pashtuns whom they thought were the Only ones to challenge them .

The Punjabis had joined the British as Sepoys in British Army and Bengalis had as well after fall of Tipu Sultan, they were providing the back Bone of British army as Bengalis Sappers, and Punjab Piffers.

They were fear full of Pashtuns who were the real challengers of British and they knew Pashtuns have always provided leadership to India and they knew they were their real challengers.

In All of Indian subcontinent.  Which was included current Afghanistan. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, only Pashtuns had always ruled and provided real challenge.

British has been Using  Punjabi Sikhs and Muslim as most loyal , Loyal puris ( Faisalabad ) as they used to call them and Especially their Ruler Ranjeet Singh , which they Created from a Governor of Punjab under Durrani kings Timur shah and his son Zaman shah ,

British  Provided Punjabis with British money , Military  technology , Training and even supplied the Ranjeet Sigh with European Officers and even 12 European Generals to make his Army Trained and Strong to Fight the Wars at North Western Fronts at Lands of Pashtuns with Pashtuns.

The tiny country of Britain had become lucky when they Got Loyal Puris or Punjabis as they called them a Natural mercenary and Militant Nation.

The British Army under East India company were using the Biharis and Bengali for their sepoys and they used to call them Bengal regiments.

Punjabi was now serving them in their Army as soldiers against the Pashtuns with Gora officers in command. This was their luck they would tax the people and take their money and then use the same money to buy the soldier from Punjab and Bengal.

In-fact the British had conquered the whole of India without a proper fight apart of Tipu sultan a man of Pashtun descent who ruled Bihar.

Bahudur Shah Zafar and Mughals were Lame and lazy and they had no kept a proper Army even , and King was only Interested in Poetry and Wine. It was the Pashtuns who considered Mughals as Muslims and helped them keep the crown for last 100 yeaar from 1757-1857, as Ahmad Shah Abdalis help made them as this .

Afghanis always used to have their Army from Pashtun belt of now Pakhtunkhwa + FATA and Baluchistan for their adventures into India and this was ascertained as Fact by British.

So they devised a scheme of suppressing the Pashtuns, by use of FCR and its 40 Rules called FCR40. The Pashtuns and Baluchis were Punished for Resisting British and Punjabis , Bengali Biharis were Rewarded for their Loyalty to British. FCR is known as “Frontier crimes Regulations”, this Law comprises of 40 Laws that calls for Collective Punishment and Destroying homes and Villages in bulk if just one Person commits Crime in Tribal Area.

 C:  Why Pakistan Adopted the Policies of British East India company?:

This Laws enables Jailing and Hanging a Person for any Crime on Earth that he has committed, if the Political Agent (The rep of Viceroy of East India company that Still Exists in FATA even Today under a controversial legal cover of Article 247) wants he can do that, after Pakistan was made carrying this system without any consent was both criminal and speaks volumes of Intention of Pakistan to Treat Pashtuns with same Stick as Viceroy and East India company Treated them.

In fact the tribal Pashtuns are even Slaves even Today and People as Joke call the FATA as “Maqboza Qabilistan “, which mean that Tribal’s are under Siege of British even Today, the Gora Sahib Left but the Kala Shaib of Punjab (Federal Government of Pakistan which is run by Punjabis as they claim they are 70% of Pakistan) still treats them with contempt and Hate and use Similar Tactics as British on Pashtuns.

D: How FCR was removed from Pakhtunkhwa:

The Pakhtunkhwa  /NWFP, Baluchistan and Gilgit Touching Durand Line Just Like FATA was Also  under FCR after 1893 , but when the World war 2 Approached, then British held the Round  table conference and they called reps from allover India.

From Pakhtunkhwa Brother of Bacha khan Dr Khan sahib who was the First FRCS of India as Doctor as well, he was the First CM of Pakhtunkhwa who had defeated the British Protégé and their Civil Servant Sahibzada Abdul Qayum khan (Role in Durand Line Formation as Representative of British in 1893) of Topi Swabi, who was a British Agent with no confidence motion to become the First CM of Pakhtunkhwa.

Dr khan sahib had the full backing of Pashtun democratic forces in form of Bacha khans Awami National Party called National Awami Party called NAP at that time now known as Awami National Party, he demanded Removal of FCR and lord Curzon laws and hence from Pakhtunkhwa the British Reluctantly removed FCR and Tribal status from Pakhtunkhwa but they cunningly kept the FATA, FR, PATA regions under FCR40 laws.

This limited democracy was allowed only because of pressure of Bacha khan and Pashtuns, and because of weakness of British army to contain them in 2nd world war, otherwise there intentions was to keep Pashtuns forever under these draconian laws, Pakistan government follower lord Curzon policies and they till day keep on doing it now on one pretext or another.

So as Baluchistan (Kalat State it Old name before 1971) was also part of Pakhtunkhwa as it was equidistant from Durand Line in 1893 and it touched Durand line, So When FCR was Lifted from Pakhtunkhwa after Round Table conference 1935, it was lifted from Baluchistan as well. But some areas of Baluchistan are still under FCR like Dera bugti area.

 E: Why Pakistan is sticking to Lord Curzon Degrading Laws as Article 246, 247 and FCR 40 ?:

The Pakistanis are using false assumptions the British Created , that Tribal’s don’t want democracy or this system because of Tribal culture , which was a Lie , as Pashtuns had been giving systems of Equality and Government based on Islam , or other religions to India for Generations .

Currently Pakistan is saying the same things while, not teaching the real history in schools and misinforming the public about the Real History of Pashtuns.

They are now making a lame excuse that “It is Tribal culture”, well this is joke of highest order as How can FCR40 allowing degrading and inhuman atrocities that Israel cannot even think to commit, is allowed under a legal law in Tribal areas.

How can FCR40 that allows collective punishments be a culture of Pashtuns, how barbaric it is that whole Tribe is punished for crime for 1 man?

How inhuman and degrading it is that one is allowed to be kicked out of Agency for not obeying a Political agent a civil servant of Government of Pakistan who can be a most corrupt man as most of Political Agent seats are sold , How cruelty is legalized by Pakistan in this civil world .

It is amazing this law was never challenged by supreme court even when it is against Basic Human Rights and all the Fundamental Human Rights Articles and laws of constitution that allows Human Rights violations, supreme court can do that but it avoids this issues as it is run from, behind the scenes by Punjabi establishment who pick and chooses the judges based on their loyalty to Punjabi establishment.

They degradation and insult never stops here the political agent who represent the federal Government also does not make CNIC or other Documents like Passport or even register them for votes if he want to of  Tribal’s who are not in their Good Books .

only Respite for Tribal’s is when they Migrate to Areas like Nearby Pakhtunkhwa or Karachi or Punjab like Rawalpindi or Islamabad where they make new CNIC or Proclaiming that they are not from Tribal areas .

This changes their world now they are free citizens and are able to vote or stand in elections, although they will keep the shinwari, Afridi, mohmand, Bangash, Turi, Wazir in their names as tell tale of their origins as Tribal’s .but their status from “slave” is changed to a free man.

They can now own property, Travel abroad, send their children to school and don’t worry about Political agents a, Tehsildars or FC knocking on their roads and taking them to lock ups or jail without a Trial or Appeal even, or destroying their homes.

They are happy in this new world and rarely would talk about their dark world of Tribal areas oppressed legally by Government under Article 247, 246, that makes them legal slaves under all powerful corrupt civil servant Political agent, they would never dare to say anything in the free world of settled areas as they are afraid of Political agent even in settled area guess why? ,

Just because FCR40 is implemented on them in settled areas / Non Tribal area of Rest of Pakistan Legally makes them slaves of Political Agent and Federal Government even in those Areas where Article 247,246 is not implemented.

Why such slaves or “Maqboza Qabilistan”,  Tribal’s, are being forcibly ruled like Lord Curzon did by Pakistan and wool is woven over eyes of people and why Oppression is a Policy of Pakistan for Pashtuns ? is beyond comprehension and degrading.

F: Confused Rule in 6FR Area and FATA  :

  1. In FATA

There are 7 Agencies (North to South are Bajaur, Mohmand, Khyber, Orakzai, Kurrum, North Waziristan and South Waziristan Agencies), Although FATA is ruled by a Political Agent or the FATA Secretariat found in Islamabad.  , along with 2 APA, s (Assistant Political Agents )  and Each APA has 2 Tehsildars , who reports Directly to President of Pakistan via Governor Pakhtunkhwa Although Governor has no real Powers, he is ceremonial head only. Supreme court Law does not work here and so is Pakistani Laws and it was reason for rise of Taliban here.

  1. In FR Area

There are 6 FR,s (North to South are FR Peshawar , Kohat , Orakzai , Bannu , Lakki and DI Khan  Frontier Regions or FR,s ) Although FATA is ruled by a Political Agent, FR Has completely Different system it has no System at All , or FATA Secretariat to control it . There and no one Rules in it it is dream of No Man land and Paradise for criminals, It is devoid of any Administration. No Political Agent or Tehsildars or Anybody it is Just ruled by order of Adjacent Tehsil DCO , or District coordination officer from Pakhtunkhwa ,  Which is big Anomaly that a Territory under Federal Government is run by a Provincial Government Rep DCO. Although All the 6 FR are found inside of Pakhtunkhwa Border Area un like the FATA which has a border with Pakhtunkhwa. The FR has a own Minister in Federation even called as Minister of Federal Regions , while it is totally devoid of any federal control which is Funny and a Anomaly. Supreme Court Law does not work here and so is Pakistani Laws and it was reason for rise of Taliban here.

3.  In PATA

There are 5 PATA (Swat, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Buner, Shangla and Malakand Districts. ) Although PATA is not ruled,  by a Political Agents, and the FATA Secretariat.  PATA  has almost same system as FATA but there is a twist that a MPA , or member sits in Provincial Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa. So in Total confusion the Article 247 works here and FCR is used by DCO,s under Provincial Government to Punish collectively the whole Villages for crimes of 1 person, no Law passed in Pakhtunkhwa Assembly can work here if not counter signed by President of Pakistan.

  1. In FANA

There are 5 FANA , Federally Administered Northern Areas(Swat, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Buner, Shangla and Malakand Districts. ) Although FANA is not ruled by a Political Agents, and the FATA Secretariat.  FANA has almost same system as FATA but there is a twist that a FANA or Gilgit Baltistan Assembly has been Raised and it now function while being totally powerless.   MPA, or member sits in Provincial Assembly of FANA (Gilgit Baltistan) .  So in Total confusion the Article 247 works here and FCR is used by DCO,s under Provincial Government to Punish collectively the whole Villages for crimes of 1 person, no Law passed in FANA ( Gilgit Baltistan ) can work here if not counter signed by President of Pakistan. Supreme Court Law does not work here. The New Provincial Assembly is a total Joke and it is not ratified by any constitutional Amendment and it can’t be even called a Provincial Assembly. Traditionally it was part of Pakhtunkhwa and under Governor Pakhtunkhwa but now it mess of governance as it is not  a province ( No amendment in constitution and it is Artificially being called part of Kashmir although it was Liberated in 1948 by its own people and they never were Part of Kashmir in Past)

 G: Article 246,247 and FCR40 is keeping Tribal’s Backwards:

This System of legal Oppression is keeping the Tribal’s backward and Non-Progressive Because Bureaucrats Political Agents who Buy the Seats of power so that they can Have Part in thriving smuggling and Other Illegal Activities, Militarism/Talibanisation, that run with Blessing of Pakistani Government and also the Strategic depth and other schemes of “Get Rich soon” , that are done using the tribal’s as Labor .

As this Policy allowed not a Single University in FATA, for Last 70 Years in 7 Agencies of FATA, and 6 FR  areas , which are under federal Government although FR Areas are found inside of Pakhtunkhwa Borders , this Makes a very Interesting spectacle as FR Areas people are very confused because the invisible Border of 6 FR areas clearly demarcates the haves and have not’s .

Tribal’s are confused and Bewildered that while a Neighbor who Happens to be in Settled Areas (Outside of Article 247 in Pakhtunkhwa) , has all the Amenities and Facilities and he while  a few feet away has nothing No Gas in Pipelines , No Electricity for 20 Hours a Day ( As tribal’s don’t pay Electricity Bill by an Unwritten code of conduct between Political Agents and tribal’s ) , No Schools or University for last 70 Years but his neighbors in Pakhtunkhwa has everything .

This creates a friction and Jealousy between a Tribal and Pashtun of Pakhtunkhwa  that is difficult to explain to “Illiterate and Jahil”  Tribal’s who education is Zero and he known nothing of Lord Curzon ,  East India company or Article 247,246 and FCR40, he cares less he wants these things for himself and his elected members also cant do anything for him.

He think he is being ruled by law of Kafirs ( Un Believers)  , as Sufi Muhammad belonging to Tribal Area of PATA in Swat said famously , his son in law Mullah Fazlulaah , said that “ Tribal Laws of FCR40 and Article 247 is law of Non-Muslims and he wowed to wage Jihad struggle for Oppressed against the Pakistan Government .

He was not far from Truth , this is law of Oppression and a Military Action was Started in tribal Areas and PATA , Pakistan Army quelled the Uprising but nothing was done to remove Article 247.

H:  Why Not removal of Article 246,247 and FCR40 Why only Amendment:

Presently there is a bill in National Assembly in Year 2014 , of Pakistan presented by Mr. Farhat Ullah Babar of PPP Pakistan Peoples Party about FATA  that Article 247 should be Amended , but seriously the Part about Abolishment of Article 247 is not Discussed at all , even after Instructions of Supreme court of Pakistan has been Passed to Amend FCR40 Laws that are provided Legal cover under Article 247 of constitution.

In Last government when the 18th Amendment Bills was presented and it was ANP, Awami National party that wanted to Abolish the Article 247 , it was 8 Senators and 12 MNA elected from FATA that caused Obstruction of Abolishment of this law .

It was no Surprise as Most of those so called Senators and MNA all buy out the elections via Money and most of them are Drug Smugglers and Smugglers of Goods from Karachi Port to Durand line in grab of Afghan transit trade and then use these Good meant duty free for Afghanistan to be sold in Pakistan in Bara or Karkhano Markets that are Opened in FATA near border with Pakhtunkhwa.  They fear that their Smuggling will stop when Article 247 will be abolished.

They wanted to keep the tribal’s as Backward and only are interested in their illegal trade and Money making. Most of them are War lords and Drug Lords.

Second biggest Opponents of Article 247 are the Mullahcracy and they have vested interest in FATA , that they want to use FATA as Launching pad for their , Taliban for their Money making Schemes of Invasion of Kashmir,  Afghanistan and Iran .

USA offered Industrial zone with free Access to USA for Good that were either assembled or Made here and tax free status, yet Pakistan Government never was interested in this scheme and they sabotaged it from the Beginning.

Then Pakistani Establishment Put a Spanner in Abolishment of Article 247 and stopped the 18th Amendment was done none other the Army chief who stopped it, All the Right Wing Parties especially the Mullahcracy like Jamaat Islami (Who, s role in Rapes and Murder of East Pakistan is no Secret) , PTI and PMLN all want to play its Part in not Allowing the tribal Status to be changed .

They want the Hand of Punjabi Establishment to be Strong over FATA, and tribal’s and rule them like Lord Curzon and degrade and humiliate them.

I :  Stake of Punjabis in Not removal of Article 246,247 and FCR40:

Punjabi don’t want removal of Article 247 who rule Pakistan Politically as well more strongly Via the Army and Establishment and capture almost 70- 90% of Power seats in there . They don’t previously divided the Pashtuns by separating them into Baluchistan in 1971, after one unit and put them under this Tag although Majority Population of Baluchistan are Pashtuns and not Baluchis .

They chalked the border in such a way that Pashtun would be a Minority even in Pakhtunkhwa and also , they put half of their Population in Baluchistan ( Previously Kalat State ) , and half them in Pakhtunkhwa and FATA , FANA even.

Why so much Division was it Divide and rule of British that was Adopted as a Policy? , yes it was Political Power of Pashtuns was Degraded and that was reason to Maintain the Status quo of FATA , where 15% of Pakistan Population Lives ( No consensus of Population Exists even after 70 year since 1947 ) and Pakhtunkhwa another 15% Pashtun Lives.

In Baluchistan another 10% Pashtuns live  ( No consensus of Population Exists even after 70 years since 1947 ), and if you add all this up it comes to about 40% of Pakistan Population challenging the Majority status of Punjabis if you add the 10% Population of Pakistan as Pashtuns that Lives in Karachi , and another 10% in Sairiki Area of DG Khan , Mianwali and Multan making them 60% of Pakistan.

Punjabi were never majority in Pakistan and by Artificially Adding Sairiki and Pashtuns from Pakhtunkhwa area , the majority of Pashtuns were Diminished by a clever Plan.


There is No way that , Article 247 or FCR40 will be Abolished ever by Pakistan and it will be Kept as long as Pakistan does not stop using the tribal’s Pashtuns as Fodder for Military Incursions and War into Afghanistan , Kashmir and Iran in Future. The Only way to stop is starting with Abolishing Article 247 and FCR40 .







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“We have men and we have gold and treasure and sacred land in plenty, we have everything.”
—Dost Mohammad Khan Durrani Barakzai King of India and Afghanistan  to John Lawrence.

Famous Quotation of Amir Dost Muhmmad Khan of Afghanistan Durrani ( Royals Kings of Kings as Durrani is known ) to  John Lawrence Brother of Irishman Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence KCB (28 June 1806 – 4 July 1857) ( Man who made Law Lawrence College Ghora Galli Muree /Hazara) was a British soldier and statesman in India, who died In 1857 Mutiny defending Lucknow.

Amir Dost Muhammad Khan King of India and Afghanistan Till He lost it to British and his Partner Ranjit Singh .

Amir Dost Muhammad Khan King of India and Afghanistan Till He lost it to British and his Partner Ranjit Singh .

Background and rise to power : 

Dost Mohammad Khan (Pashto: دوست محمد خان, December 23, 1793 – June 9, 1863) was the founder of the Barakzai dynasty of Durrani Abdali Pashtun Kings of Afghanistan and one of the prominent rulers of Afghanistan during the First Anglo-Afghan War.[1] With the decline of the Durrani dynasty, he became Emir of Afghanistan from 1826 to 1839 and then from 1845 to 1863. An ethnic Pashtun, he was the 11th son of Sardar Payendah Khan (chief of the Barakzai tribe) who was killed in 1799 by Zaman Shah Durrani.[2] Dost Mohammad’s grandfather was Hajji Jamal Khan.

The two branches of the Barakzai dynasty (Translation of Barakzai: sons of Barak) ruled Afghanistan from 1826 to 1973 when the Durani Saudizai   monarchy who were rulling the Indian part finally Wanned and was Week under Mohammad Zahir Shah and Ayub Shah . so the Afghan part of Durrani the Barrackzai  came to rescue .

The  Durrani Barakzai dynasty was established by Dost Mohammad Khan after the Durrani dynasty of Ahmad Shah Durrani was removed from power. During this era, Afghanistan saw much of its territory lost to the British in the south and east, Persia in the west, and Russia in the north. There were also many conflicts within Afghanistan, including the three major Anglo-Afghan Wars and the 1929 civil war.

The Durrnai Barakzai dynasty was the line of rulers in Afghanistan in the 19th and 20th centuries. Following the fall of the Durrani Saudozia Empire in 1826, chaos reigned in the domains of Durrani Founder King Ahmed Shah Durrani’s Afghan Empire as various sons of Timur Shah struggled for supremacy.

Because of this Sad state of Inernal Rivalry ,The Afghan Empire ceased to exist as a single nation state, disintegrating for a brief time into a fragmented collection of small units. Dost Mohammad Khan gained preeminence in 1826 and founded the Barakzai dynasty in about 1837.

Thereafter, his descendants ruled in direct succession until 1929, when King Amanullah Khan abdicated and his cousin Mohammed Nadir Shah was elected king. The most prominent & powerful sub-clan of the Barakzai Pashtun tribe is the Mohamedzai clan, of which the 1826-1978 Afghanistan ruling dynasty comes from.[2]

According to Hyat Khan’s history of Afghanistan, from their progenitor Bor Tareen, otherwise known as Abdal, are descended two main divisions: the Zirak and the Panjpai. The term Abdal, however, gradually superseded Bor Tareen and came into special prominence when Ahmad Shah Abdali, commonly known as Durrani, began his career of conquest.

The Achakzi were once a branch of the large Barakzai tribe, but Ahmad Shah Durrani was worried over this large tribe as potential competition for control of Kabul’s throne and split the tribe into two separate components and since then the Achakzi have remained distinct and are a separate tribe today. Their original homeland was Maruf District, Kandahar Province.[3][4] [5]

Bārakzai (Pashto: بارکزی ‎ barakzay, plur. BĀRAKZĪ; Urdu: برکزئی‎) is a common ethnic name among the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan, meaning “son of Barak” in the Pashto language. Barakzai may also be the name of a Baloch tribe in Iran. There are seven distinct Pashtun tribes named Barakzai, with the Zīrak branch of the Abdal Tareen, Bor Tareen, Tareen. The Durrani is being the most important and largest tribe with over 4 million people.[1]

Durrani King Dost Mohammed Khan (1793-1863), a member of the Barakzai dynasty, was Amir of Afghanistan and India with his sphere of Influence extending to Delhi and Lahore Seat of  Power of India till it was lost after Durrani Line and 2 Anglo Afghan war of 1838 and 1878 and the Anglo Sikh Wars which were Initiated by Ranjeet Singh and his 11 European generals and Financed by East India Company .

Durrani Wanning Empire because of Great Game : 

He was Vicitm of Great Game and lost his Vast Empire of India and some Part of Afghanistan because of Moves of British East india company and Russian who Encroached on his Territory from 1826 to 1839.

Interestingly his Royal Durrani had Gained india after Ahmad Shah Abdali had Captured India after Pani Pat Wars and it was then Pashtun who were at time of mughal restricted to Afghanistan again Re-asserted their Claim on Indian after 1757 , when Mughals had lost thier Might and Power and East india Company / Briitsh had taken thier Strong Hold near the Indian Ocean Coastal Areas of Bihar and Bangladesh Areas where Afghan Muslim Tipu Sultan/ Amir Hyder  had his domain that was Shattered because of Mir jaffer Treachery and British Clever and Cunning Politics .

His Area of India including Punjab and later NWFP , Baluchistan and Afghanistan ’s position between the Russian Empire and India meant that the British East India Company was anxious to ensure that a pro-British Amir was on the throne at Kabul. But they could not Succeed

Dost Mohammad Khan was born to an influential family on 23 December 1793 in Kandahar, Afghanistan.[3] His father, Payandah Khan, was chief of the Barakzai tribe and a civil servant in the Durrani dynasty.

They trace their family tree to Abdal (the first and founder of the Abdali tribe), through Hajji Jamal Khan, Yousef, Yaru, Mohammad, Omar Khan, Khisar Khan, Ismail, Nek, Daru, Saifal, and Barak. Abdal had Four sons, Popal, Barak, Achak, and Alako.[4] Dost Mohmmad Khan’s mother is believed to have been a Shia from the Persian Qizilbash group.[2]

His elder brother, the chief of the Barakzai, Fatteh Khan, took an important part in raising Mahmud Shah Durrani to the sovereignty of Afghanistan in 1800 and in restoring him to the throne in 1809. Dost Mohammad accompanied his elder brother and then Prime Minister of Kabul Wazir Fateh Khan to the Battle of Attock against the invading Sikhs. Mahmud Shah repaid Fatteh Khan’s services by having him assassinated in 1818, thus incurring the enmity of his tribe. After a bloody conflict, Mahmud Shah was deprived of all his possessions but Herat, the rest of his dominions being divided among Fatteh Khan’s brothers. Of these, Dost Mohammad received Ghazni, to which in 1826 he added Kabul, the richest of the Afghan provinces.

From the commencement of his reign he found himself involved in disputes with Ranjit Singh, the Sikh ruler of the Punjab region, who used the dethroned Sadozai prince, Shah Shujah Durrani, as his instrument. In 1834 Shah Shujah made a last attempt to recover his kingdom. He was defeated by Dost Mohammad Khan under the walls of Kandahar, but Ranjit Singh seized the opportunity to annex Peshawar. Dost Mohammad sent his son Akbar Khan to defeat the Sikhs at the Battle of Jamrud in 1837.[3] The recovery of the Jamrud Fort became the Afghan amir’s great concern.

European influence in Afghanistan

Rejecting overtures from Russia, he endeavoured to form an alliance with Great Britain, and welcomed Alexander Burnes to Kabul in 1837. Burnes, however, was unable to prevail on the governor-general, Lord Auckland, to respond to the amir’s advances. Dost Mohammad was enjoined to abandon the attempt to recover Peshawar, and to place his foreign policy under British guidance. He replied by renewing his relations with Russia, and in 1838 Lord Auckland set the British troops in motion against him.

Fearful of a Russian invasion of India via Afghanistan, in 1837 the British sent an envoy,Alexander Burnes to Kabul in 1837. to Kabul to gain his support. Dost Mohammad was in favour of an alliance, but when the British refused to help him regain Peshawar, which the Sikhs had seized in 1834, he prepared to talk to the Russians, who sent an envoy to Kabul.

This led Lord Auckland, the Governor-General of India, to conclude that Dost Mohammad was anti-British. The decision was taken to replace him as Amir with a former ruler, Shah Shujah.

In March 1839 the British forces under Willoughby Cotton advanced through the Bolan Pass, and on April 26 it reached Kandahar. On 7 August 1839, Shah Shujah was proclaimed Amir of Afghanistan, while Dost Mohammad sought refuge in the wilds of the Hindu Kush. For some time he sought refuge with an influential local resistance leader, Mir Masjidi Khan. Closely followed by the British, Dost Mohammad was driven to extremities, and on 4 November 1840, surrendered as a prisoner. He remained in captivity during the British occupation, the Massacre of Elphinstone’s army in January 1842 and until the recapture of Kabul in the autumn of 1842.

In March 1839 a British force advanced through the Bolan Pass, and on 26 April reached Kandahar. Shah Shujah a Non Pashtun was proclaimed ruler.

Briitsh entered Kabul on 7 August, while Dost Mohammad sought refuge in the Hindu Kush. The British eventually caught him on 4 November 1840. He remained in captivity during their occupation and the disastrous retreat from Kabul in January 1842.

Following the British Massacre in First Afghan war of 1838-42 recapture of Kabul By Shah Sons and Afghan in the autumn of 1842, Dost Mohamed was restored to the throne, the unpopular Shah Shujah having been murdered by the Brave Afghans

Amir Dost Mohammad Khan of Afghanistan with his son in Court

The British East Indian Company decided that occupying the country would cost too much in men and money and withdrew. Dost Mohamed reigned until his death in 1863. With some exceptions, his relationship with British India was friendly, and from 1855 regulated by treaty.

He was then set at liberty, in consequence of the resolve of the British government to abandon the attempt to intervene in the internal politics of Afghanistan. On his return from British India, Dost Mohammad was received in triumph at Kabul, and set himself to re-establish his authority on a firm basis.From 1846 he renewed his policy of hostility to the British and allied himself with the Punjabi Sikhs.

However, after the defeat of his allies at Gujrat on 21 February 1849, he abandoned his designs and led his troops back into Afghanistan. In 1850 he conquered Balkh, and in 1854 he acquired control over the southern Afghan tribes by the capture of Kandahar.

On 30 March 1855, Dost Mohammad reversed his former policy by concluding an offensive and defensive alliance with the British government, signed by Sir Henry Lawrence, Chief Commissioner of the Punjab, first proposed by Herbert Edwardes.[5]

The Family Tree of Dost Muhammad Khan in Linege of Royal Durrani Empire Indo Afghan Kings 1757-1980.

The Family Tree of Dost Muhammad Khan in Linege of Royal Durrani Empire Indo Afghan Kings 1757-1980.

In 1857 he declared war on Persia in conjunction with the British, and in July a treaty was concluded by which the province of Herat was placed under a Barakzai prince.

During the Indian Mutiny, of 1857 Dost Mohammad refrained from assisting the insurgents. His later years were disturbed by troubles at Herat and in Bukhara.

These he composed for a time, but in 1862 a Persian army, acting in concert with Ahmad Khan, advanced against Herat. The old amir called the British to his aid, and, putting himself at the head of his warriors, drove the enemy from his frontiers.

On 26 May 1863 he re-captured Herat, but on the 9th of June he died suddenly in the midst of victory, Mysteriously  after playing a great role in the history of South and Central Asia for forty years. He named as his successor his son, Amir  Sher Ali Khan.

Amir Dost Muhammad Khan Painting by East India Company Painter

Amir Dost Muhammad Khan Painting by East India Company Painter

Famous Paintings of last King of India and Afghanistan Amir Dost Muhammad Khan

This is lithograph is taken from plate 2 of ‘Afghaunistan’ by Lieutenant James Rattray.

Rattray was in the Bengal Army and took part in the first Afghan War, from 1839 to 1842. This conflict saw Dost Mohammed deposed as Emir of Afghanistan. Rattray was granted an audience with the Emir in Peshawar in January 1841. At this time, Dost Mohammed was a prisoner of state and on his way to exile in Calcutta.

Rattray was struck by the Emir’s deep voice, open manner and intelligent countenance, and by his followers with their finely chiselled features and tall, handsome figures.

The young boy with his head shaven in the manner “peculiar to the rosy-cheeked children of Caubul” was the Emir’s son from his youngest wife. Rattray wrote that since Dost Mohammed had been “a ruler just and merciful and attentive to affairs of state … the population of Peshawur considered him to be most unjustly treated by us.” The decorations of this apartment were a facsimile of the Emir’s former audience hall in the citadel of Ghazni.


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Genetic study sets out to uncover if there is a 2,700-year-old link to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israel is to fund a rare genetic study to determine whether there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Historical and anecdotal evidence strongly suggests a connection, but definitive scientific proof has never been found. Some leading Israeli anthropologists believe that, of all the many groups in the world who claim a connection to the 10 lost tribes, the Pashtuns, or Pathans, have the most compelling case. Paradoxically it is from the Pashtuns that the ultra-conservative Islamic Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged. Pashtuns themselves sometimes talk of their Israelite connection, but show few signs of sympathy with, or any wish to migrate to, the modern Israeli state.

Now an Indian researcher has collected blood samples from members of the Afridi tribe of Pashtuns who today live in Malihabad, near Lucknow, in northern India. Shahnaz Ali, from the National Institute of Immuno­haematology in Mumbai, is to spend several months studying her findings at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa. A previous genetic study in the same area did not provide proof one way or the other.

The Assyrians conquered the kingdom of Israel some 2,730 years ago, scattering 10 of the 12 tribes into exile, supposedly beyond the mythical Sambation river.

The two remaining tribes, Benjamin and Judah, became the modern-day Jewish people, according to Jewish history, and the search for the lost tribes has continued ever since. Some have claimed to have found traces of them in modern day China, Burma, Nigeria, Central Asia, Ethiopia and even in the West.

But it is believed that the tribes were dispersed in an area around modern-day northern Iraq and Afghanistan, which makes the Pashtun connection the strongest.

“Of all the groups, there is more convincing evidence about the Pathans than anybody else, but the Pathans are the ones who would reject Israel most ferociously. That is the sweet irony,” said Shalva Weil, an anthropologist and senior researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Pashtuns have a proud oral history that talks of descending from the Israelites.

Their tribal groupings have similar names, including Yusufzai, which means sons of Joseph; and Afridi, thought by some to come from Ephraim. Some customs and practices are said to be similar to Jewish traditions: lighting candles on the sabbath, refraining from eating certain foods, using a canopy during a wedding ceremony and some similarities in garments.

Weil cautioned, however, that this is not proof of any genetic connection. DNA might be able to determine which area of the world the Pashtuns originated from, but it is not at all certain that it could identify a specific genetic link to the Jewish people.

So far Shahnaz Ali has been cautious. “The theory has been a matter of curiosity since long ago, and now I hope a scientific analysis will provide us with some answers about the Israelite origin of Afridi Pathans. We still don’t know what the truth is, but efforts will certainly give us a direction,” she told the Times of India last year.

Some are more certain, among them Navras Aafreedi, an academic at Luck­now University, himself a Pashtun from the Afridi tribe. His family trace their roots back to Pathans from the Khyber Agency of what is today north-west Pakistan, but he believes they stretch back further to the tribe of Ephraim.

“Pathans, or Pashtuns, are the only people in the world whose probable descent from the lost tribes of Israel finds mention in a number of texts from the 10th century to the present day, written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars alike, both religious as well as secularists,” Aafreedi said.

The implications of any find are uncertain. Other groups that claim ­Israelite descent, including those known as the Bnei Menashe in India and some in Ethiopia, have migrated to Israel. That is unlikely with the Pashtuns.

But Weil said the work was absorbing, well beyond questions of immigration. “I find a myth that has been so persistent for so long, for 2,000 years, really fascinating,” she said.

SOURCE: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jan/17/israel-lost-tribes-pashtun?CMP=twt_gu

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Durand line is the Border that forms the International Boundary that separates the FATA, Baluchistan and NWFP and the Pakistan Area from the Afghanistan.

It extends from Wahkhan to Iranian border. This was created in November 12, 1893, after the British were severely defeated, in the Two Afghan Wars that British Empire Fought with Afghanistan and FATA and NWFP.

A series of conflicts known as the Anglo-Afghan wars during the imperialist Great Game between the British and Russia, led to the eventual dismemberment of Afghanistan.

Durand Line form the series of Divide and Rule Phenomena that British had recipe for their Enemies and to control Power of Muslims especially Pashtun who Brought Islam to Sub-continent from Afghanistan to India and Bangladesh Including Pakistan area

The annexation to India of the NWFP and FATA regions led to the demarcation of the Durand Line ,as part of British South Asia.. The Durand Line is named after Sir Mortimer Durand , Foreign Political Secretary of the British Indian government in Kabul (1884 to 1894), and the treaty also granted the Amir of Afghanistan (Abdur Rahman Khan) an annual salary from Britain along with shipments of weaponry.

One of the two representatives of the Government of Afghanistan was the Ahmadi / Qadiani  Sahibzada Abdul Latif of Khost, he had been appointed as a member of the Royal Commission, set up to negotiate terms with the British, and the two parties camped near the Khost border with  Parachinar ( Kurram/ Khyber  Agency which was one at that time  ) in 1893 .

Royal Mullah Shahibzada Abdul Lateef Ahmadi / Qadiani

Latter on the Sahibzada was Killed, by the Amir Himself on July 14 1903, as he Openly declared himself an Ahmadi and forbade his followers to Fight British. He had Joined the Ahmadiyya movement by offering Bay’ah ( Promises and allegiance to Mirza Ghulam Ahmadi ( Founder of Ahamadi/ Qadiani  Movement and claiming to be Prophet ) and Advocating an Idea of not Fighting the British as he and his Jammat thought , Jihad against British was not Required .

The Noted Person to Attend the Durand Line commission from British side was Ahmadi Shabizada Abdul Qayum  the Noted civil Servant of NWFP ( Pukhtunkwa ) , who was the First CM of NWFP Later in 1937.

Sahibzada Abdul Qayum of Topi Swabi British Representative to Boundary Commission Later called Durand Line

Sahibzada Qayum Khan was at that time Political Agent of Khyber Agency and he was First Non British one , at that time promoted from Tehsildar after he accomplished the Durand line Agreement as a reward , and He was given Prominent Position Later including being the First CM of NWFP/ Pakhtunkwa and was only Replaced after 8 month after he was Kicked out by Bacha Khan  in First Assembly of Pakhtunkwa .

Sahibzada was very close of Roos Keepel the First Commissioner to Pakhtunkhwa and FATA region and was Right Hand man of British Viceroy and Governor NWFP.

While the Afghan side greatly resented the border and viewed it as a temporary development, the British viewed it as being a permanent settlement.

This was what was point of Deception offered to Amir by the Ahmadi envoy . Resulting in   Amir Killing Many Ahmadis in Afghanistan  and Making them Persona Non-Grata and Their Forced Expulsions .

The Amir / King was Clearly deceived by his envoy the Ahmadi Sahibzada Abdul Latif The border was drawn intentionally to cut through the Pakhtun tribes.

Most of Times the line crossed their Homes and Villages so that they had to cross the border several times of day for routine matters. The British, who had captured most of rest of South Asia without significant problems, faced a number of defeats  here.

This was their Ploy to defuse the Pashtun resistance through ” Divide and Rule ” and Use of Religion and it dismemberment through Firqahs ( Sectarians ) .

This Policy is at Work even now .

The First Afghan war(1838-1842), with the Pashtuns resulted in a devastating defeat, with just one a Doctor (Dr William Brydon) and  a person as a Witness coming back alive (Out of a total of 14,800-16,000 people).

First Afghan war 1840, with Total Annihilation of British Army

Dr William Brydon of Irish Origin in British Army a Surgeon

Many were Taken as Prisoners including a Thomas Souther , the Souther Camp made by USA in Jalalabad is testament to History  is name after that man recently when Brits and Americans have Invaded Afghanistan after 9/11.

A grim reminder the Great Game is still on .

The Second Afghan War 1843-1881, was basically the efforts of Amir of Afghanistan to Regain control of NWFP and its capital which had fallen to British, which culminated in treaty of Peshawar (1855) pacified the Relationship a little with both sides respecting Border.

The Third Afghan War ,was also lost by British and this taught the super power a lesson which was taught to many super powers before including Alexander the Great and Chenghez Khan all loosing to Pashtuns .

Unable to enforce their writ in the region, the British changed tactics and played a game of divide and rule, installing Puppet Pashtun rulers and dividing the Pashtuns through artificially created regions and ruling indirectly so as to reduce the chance of confrontation.

In 1901 , The Pashtun were divided into NWFP Baluchistan and Afghanistan when NWFP was carved out of Afghanistan .

Then FATA was further Carved out  from it and created as separate entity which was left to FCR-40 Anti -human Right and Draconian Laws .

Then Southern Punjab another area was seperated from NWFP and Joined with Punjab .

Very careful Planning was made the Pashtun should not be United .

Although up to 1937 Pashtun offered great resistance in Waziristan and in Swat and Malakand in 1937 .

By 1937 after resistance was overcome in Malakand and in Waziristan ( from Fiqit of IPI , the NWFP had its first Governor and Chief Minister ( Off course the Loyal to British Sahibzada Qayum of Topi Swabi who was instrumental in Forming Durand Line from British Side  )

The First Governor of NWFP was British Sir Lord Cunningham ( Famous Author of Diaries )

The first provincial elections were held in 1937 and an  independent Loyal to British  candidate and noted Loyal British Civil Servant Ahmadi , Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan was elected as the provinces first Chief Minister.

In the Great Game ,Religious parties were used  Like Deobandi “Jamiat Ulema Hind”, Played a a major role .

So did the Jammat Ahmadia which was specially used for this purposes . Maulavi,s were used to Convince people that enemies of Islam were actually Russians not British as the former were Ahle-Kitab.

These Ulema and their Sahibzada ( Title Holders of British )  Khan Bahdur Agents ,used Islam for declaring jihad against Russia ,but it failed to Convince some Ulema like Faqir  of Api ( Waziristan of Dawar Area ), who made lot of trouble for British.

Faqir of Ipi of Waziristan ( Mirza Ali Khan ) , freedom Fighter Who recognized the Treachery of Deobandis as British Agents .

Each Maulvi would get 10 Rupees Per month to offer speeches in Sermons. The performance was Monitored by Commissioners reporting to First NWFP ( Pukhtunkwa ) Governor Lord Cunningham.

The Liaison was established by Khan Bahadurs and the Commissioners, Noted among them was Deputy Commissioner Sikindar Mirza ( Grand Son of Mir Jaffer the traitor  ) who served in NWFP ( Later to become President of Pakistan in 1950,s serving American well ) ,

Khan Bahadur Kuli Khan of DI Khan ( who was Political Agent Waziristan too and served British in many intrigues to Destabilize Afghan Emirs Government ) and Ghulam Hyder Khan of Village Sherpao Charsada ( Grand father of Aftab Ahmed Sherpoa The ex- Interior Minister of  Pakistan during Mushraff  Reign 1999-2007 and Previous CM of  NWFP )

Khan Bahudur Kuli Khan Political Agent Waziristan British Loyalist

Even Prime Minister of Swat are mentioned in the, “Diaries of NWFP Governor, Sir George Cunningham”, and are well preserved in the Indian Office Library in London, among his personal papers.

Original idea of Durand line was by Lord Lytton (1876-80) ,an idea of a scientific frontier based on Defense/Economic Interests of British Empire towards Russian Expanding Empire.

Military experts came to be divided into two groups – the forward and the backward.

1.  The backward group advocated that Indus should be the frontier line because the tribesmen were troublesome and would not tolerate interference; it was difficult and Expensive to fight in the mountains; and it was very expensive to have British Cantonments in the tribal territory.

2. The forward group advocated that the frontier should be from Kabul through Ghazni to Kandhar because unless the tribal country was occupied tribesmen would continue to give trouble; river Indus the  frontier was not a frontier at all; tribal area could pay the expenses of military occupation if its mineral resources were developed; and even if the policy was expensive it must be adopted for the sake of British Interests.

3. Ultimately a compromise was reached by mixing both Ideas.


In the beginning the British had adopted an attitude of conciliation. Tax free and free trade Zones were established in FATA , medical facilities were provided and tribesmen were recruited in the army and the police.

Since this policy could not remove the basic cause of the trouble—the economic needs of the area–it failed.

Inheriting such policy after Independence, and even now when USA is offering Economic Zones which sounds too familiar to what British Offered.

But worse as Economic free Zones are not Planned inside the FATA areas. All of them are Planned in settled areas exposing Incompetence of our Civil Servants.

No direct Economic benefit will be derived to People living there. The Great Game ( 1800-1998 ) Players have changed and new term is Coined “ The New Great Game “ (1998- Ongoing ), involving Economic Interest of USA , Russia , China and India , Documented by Authors like

  1. Kleveman, Lutz. The New Great Game
  2. Blood and Oil in Central Asia, by Dr. Makni,
  3. The New Great Game: Oil and Gas Politics in Central Eurasia by Rashid, Ahmed Author of Taliban
  4. Islam, Oil and the New Great Game in Central Asia, I. B. Tauris.

Durand line in Danger of being Violated by all Players for their Interest even USA which claims to be an Ally.

The TAPI ( Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan Iran ), pipe line will be crossing the Durand line and reaching Gawadar.

IPI ( Iran Pakistan India ) would be too. Which is opposed by USA as it will compete with TAPI and also it benefit Iran instead of USA.

Energy Security is a fancy term defining its Geopolitical interest which requires USA to maintaining Military Bases in Afghanistan , Pakistan , Turkmenistan , CIS states and maybe Iran.

It wants to safeguard the Trade Routes and the Pipe lines for Indefinite period.

The Taliban were ousted from Afghanistan because they had Awarded the Oil Pipe line deal to Argentinian company “ Bridas “ , as opposed to UNICAL( USA Company )  , on whose board of directors sits Dick Cheney and Bush family.

Hamid Karzai ( Current President of Afghanistan ) was an Employee of this Company before he was installed President of Afghanistan by the US.


What lies in future is in Hands of Decision makers Pakistan, if we are to survive the Dance of Elephants and not get Trampled. Best Option seems to be, Solid agreements which based upon Interests of Pakistan . Changing our dependence on USA which has changed from Friend to Enemy or Frienemy.

Opening up more to China and Russia , India and Iran . Joining the “ Shanghai Corporation Organization “ to balance the Power . Rethinking/ Abandoning, the Kashmir Issue is the need of Hour as we have to concentrate more on Durand line than before.

Other wise consequences will be disastrous as War on Terrorism is ploy to Grab the Oil Resources and Establishment of Permanent US Militry Cantonments in Afghanistan.

Now when China , India is also fighting for same space in Afghanistan and Pakistan, seems to be left alone and uptill now is Alone to consequences by every body Even the friends of Pakistan have been Reluctant up till now to Donate money.

This situation , calls for us to Change our Short Sighted and Myopic Foreign policy aligned with that of USA , is failed policy . Instead of taking advantage of the Trade which is swelled to 1 Billion US Dollars and Undocumented can be thrice of this amount , We have to Sit up and wake up to Realities.

Our Government and Establishment is stuck in ATTA and Money crises . it  should wake up and realize that we don’t have to beg from Doners but Impose our National Interest and Profit from the Trade.

The Taxes on Fuel and Petrol to Afghanistan was reduced to zero from 6.60 Rupees on each liter is also not good action. We should levy tariffs on the Trans –trade , which is reaching up to Afghanistan and even Russia .

As the land locked countries can benefit from the Trades. We should open up a Trade zones and Free ports in Tribal Areas, this will enable the poor people to Benefit from Economic Progress. The Tribal Areas , should be given the same status as NWFP and its Representatives allowed to sit in NWFP assemblies.

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1. The Great Game:

The British had Interest in Afghanistan since 1800, s. to grab the Oil and Mineral resources of Central Asia.

In 1850,s and up to 1901, the British Fought wars with Afghanistan to grab its resources and to gain entry into Afghanistan and gain control of the Oil and Mineral resources that was vital to British Empire.  That is known by political Science student as “The Great Game “, which is now replaced by “The New Great Game ( After First Gulf War of Bush Senior 1991 when Plans were made to Invade Iraq and Afghanistan by USA the new player which replaced British )  “.

The other Competing Interest group is Russia, now joined by China, with the formation of SCO. (Shangai, Corporation Organization).  The small partners of Russia are Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Iran mostly importantly.

2. India and its Strategic Shift from Non –Aligned to US Aligned in Great Game.

India has recently aligned itself with USA after a Civilian Nuclear deal ( C A F ) was signed with USA in 2007 and Implemented in  2008 . This cemented USA and India relationship to new strategic partner ship and especially after India presence in Afghanistan is Magnified.

It has spent 2 Billion US Dollars worth in Infrastructure, like roads and training to its Burecracy and training to Afghan Officer corps.

As a result India and Pakistan are on same side of Great Game unlike in past when India was aligned with Russia.  Although India was a Non –aligned since its Birth in 1947 , and it maintained its such under direction of Nehru Leadership , who was one of its founder .

Pakistan after it attacked India in Kargil , in 1998 was Instrumental in Changing the India mind as India faced a Lot of Jihadis causing havoc in Occupied Kashmir that consumed half a  Million of its troops almost 50% of Indian Army bogged down in occupied Kashmir.

The Recent Change by another Sardar Jee called Manmohan Singh, has put India in very strange Position which now Depends on American Success in Afghanistan.

This has upset the Pakistani Establishment too which is finding  it difficult to digest this situation after it trumped up Anti –Indian Propaganda on Kashmir form last 62 Years .

3. Pakistan and Afghanistan has Special Role in the Great Game.

This SCO (Shangai Corporation )Group is looking towards Pakistan and Afghanistan for its Strength and especially Pakistan which is Pivot of this game and situated at the entrance to the Area which forms the Great game theater and without this country everything will be lost .

Pakistan is aligned with USA, EU, Israel   , in this Great Game. Although it maintains good Military and strategic Relationship with China too. But Pakistan is Greatly tilted towards America because of Dictatorial rules of Military generals for 75 % of Time.

In the remaining Time Pro-Establishment parties Like PML-N and Q , MQM , MMA , were ruling Pakistan . In cahoots with GHQ.  They rule of GHQ Dominated 2/3rds of Pakistan Existence.

Only in time of Leftist parties Like PPP and ANP. Pakistan was Able to Establish Relationship with China, which Profited Pakistan in form of Nuclear, Military and Missile deals with China .They gave us the Existing constitution of Pakistan.

Even when these parties when are ruling they are harassed by GHQ and its Intelligence Networks so that Pro-American Status cannot be challenged at all , and they could not complete their 5 year tenure ever in 62 Years history of Pakistan .

As this country is Most Vital to Great Game and anybody who rules here either Washington or SCO Group will have the reward of whole World and 75% of Global Oil called ” Black Gold“.

As Peter the great , Czar of Russian and one Key Player of Great Game , had said 100 Years ago Anybody who has control of Afghanistan and Turkey will have the control of whole world resources. As these countries lies on Link between east and west the biggest Land mass on Earth Asia and European continent, and also route of Old ” Silk Route

This is reason war have been fought over this region in a record number and greater since 1800 when Great Game started .

Pakistan is odd man in this game as it has Strategic Relationship with superpowers that are at both sides of Great Game as the Enemies.

Pakistan is an Important Ally of USA, helping with Logistical and Military Support by the Protecting the Logistic Supply lines to Afghanistan through Karachi Port to Khyber Pass ( 75 % of Total Supply to Afghanistan )  and through Balauchistan Chaman to Kandhar ( 25 % ).  The USA almost 100% supply is dependant on Pakistan. This is happened by Secret Mysterious Agreements, by President Gen Musharaf, which, are hidden from Pakistani people to this day.

In Present day too Pakistani is helping USA and its Interests

Provinces, of Balauchistan, NWFP with FATA included is fighting with USA for its Interests by

While the Resistance Fighter called Taliban or Pashtun Freedom Fighters of Pakistan and Afghanistan are Fighting Guerilla warfare by disrupting, burning, and looting the Supply lines, while remaining two Provinces Sindh and Punjab is protecting the Interests of USA fully and Posing as Biggest Allies of USA as Military officers in GHQ , and as well Government of Nawaz Sharif of PML-N and PPP of President Zardari which has roots in Punjab and Sindh mainly.

Pakistan has become one of the Important Ally in US war on terror / Great Game among the 45 allies USA has in its Global Domination. Without Pakistan US is nothing.

By providing Logistic as well support Basses for its Aircrafts and Pak Army fighting to quash the resistance of its own people who can be called the “Taliban,” or the Pashtuns are challenging the writ of USA in Af-Pak region.

USa Air Bases in Af-Pak Area after 9/11 .

In return, US –Aid and Weapons have been promised to Pakistan Government in form of Kerry Lugar Bills, which promises 1.5 Billion dollars every year, for next five years  which will continue only if Pakistan will obey the dictates of USA.

Although one can say that both NWFP and Balauchistan, the Provincial Governments are with central Governments fully, but the people of these provinces are Definitely Fighting USA in the form of Open Insurgency towards Pakistan State who they consider as an Ally of US and British ( As they have forgotten them )

These Pashtun and the Taliban has developed a state of insurgency towards State of Pakistan as a Federation is challenged who are Prostate In front of American and its policies which are hated by 80% of Pakistani People according to recent Gallup Poll.

4. The Original Creator of Strategic Depth Theory Sher (Lion of Punjab) Maharajah Ranjeet Singh 1801-1839:

This Situation is similar and Analogous to Ranjeet Singh’s Era in the Past, ( 1801-1839 ), when the ruler of Punjab who was Governor of Pashtun Kings Timur Shah son of Ahmad shah Abdali the Father of Modern Afghanistan . When Timur Shah went to Kandahar. Ranjeet Singh his own governor rebelled against Timur Shah to become Maharajah of Punjab.

One Eyed Ranjit Singh 1801-1839

Ranjeet Singh, made agreements after taking money and weapons from British to allow their Logistic supply pass through Punjab and Sindh from Bombay and Karachi Ports, towards Peshawar. The Court of Ranjeet Singh Had a Famous British Spy Sir Alexander ( Sikinder ) Burnes a Scottish as Court Notable but a Capitan officer of British Army who guided Ranjeet Singh and Burnes used to take Direction from British East India Company which would be delivered to Ranjeet Singh.

Sir Captain William Hay Macnaghten 1841

Another Notable was Henry Mc Naughton who a Spy too , and he would Guide Ranjeet Singh to fight Great game, both Mc Naughton and Alexander Burnes were Killed in Afghanistan just after First Afghan War by Pashtuns.

Britsh Spy Captain Sir Alexander Burnes

This kind of Arrangement is found now when Punjab dominated GHQ is facilitating the Logistic Supply of Military Engine of US .

The importance of Logistics was Highlighted by US General Mc Arthur who won World War-2 , who said ” An Army Walks on it Stomach ” , as without continuous Logistic any strong Army can loose easily .

Through an Agreement, the British Rewarded Ranjeet Singh by Letting Punjab as a sovereign state under the British East India Company , which allowed the British to  Fight the Pashtuns and people of NWFP, which remained part of Afghanistan until 1901. The Punjabi’s were spared as they were Loyal Allies of British.

Ranjeet Singh Even Give his Punjabi troops that were borrowed by British to be taken to Kabul to Fight in Sherpur Cantonment of Kabul Afghanistan under the a General and a son of East India Company Director named as General Elphinstone.

General William Elphinstone Son Hero of Water Loo but Looser of Afghanistan

A war hero the General Elphinstone who served in Battle of Napoleon in Europe too in the First Afghan war as part of First Ever Great game war and was killed in this campaign, resulting in British Loosing their Honor.

That is reason these wars are called as battle of Honor , as a Super Power lost it here in Afghanistan to Pashtuns, who defeated the Biggest Western Superpower not once but thrice in First Afghan War ( 1849 ) , Second Afghan War( 1878 ) and then Third Afghan Wars ( 1917 ) .

Almost 22, 000 Punjabi’s Perished serving Along Side 17,000 British in First Afghan War Fought from Kabul to its Retreat to Peshawar when all of them were killed in First Afghan War (1838) and Many Injured soldiers were left behind in FATA who sons are now found as Punjabi Sikhs in Orakzai and Khyber Agency Bordering Peshawar and in around Peshawar .

Ranjeet Singh who was an ally of British in this Great Game Even went to Peshawar to fight the Pushtoons Himself under Hari Singh Nalwa and take over Kabul for Himself under British patronage.

He along with His General Hari Singh Nalawa was Aided by 6 Gora , foreigner Generals 4 British and 2 French mercenary Generals Trained his Army and Commanded it .

A famous and a Cruel French General Avi-Table who was instrumental in Killing the Pashtuns and Hanging them in their Own Mosque Masjid Mahabat Khan in Peshawar .

Because of His Cruelty he was known as General Abu Tabah in Local Lingo.

He sent His best General Hari Singh Nalawa , ( Haripur City in NWFP Gets its name )  from Him  but was killed in Jamrud Fort near Peshawar and  his Ashes rest in Jamrud fort to this day and he could not go beyond Peshawar an Inch as he was Killed by His own soldier .

He captured Kashmir when Hazara and Haripur fell to Ranjeet Singh, He annexed these Areas of Afghanistan to Himself and they remained under Doogar Singh, till Creation of Pakistan and India .

The Annexed Areas of Kashmir and Northern Areas of Gilgit and Baltistan were under Ranjeet Singh and his cousin Doogar Singh too from 1830-1947.

After Ranjeet Singh annexed, it from Afghanistan. Doogar Singh, who opted to join with Indian State, at time of Partition instead of Pakistan resulting in a Kashmir Dispute, which is unresolved up to Today and is reason India and Pakistan, is at war all the time.

Ranjeet Singh wanted on Advice of British masters to conquer Kabul, as they fooled him into thinking that by taking over Afghanistan and annexing it, the Punjab will be safer from advances from the North by the Mighty Afghans. This could be termed as the Ranjeet Singh’s, Strategic Depth, theory.

As he, though that it was good Idea, to safeguard, himself, from Afghan Invaders he would rule over India peacefully. Nevertheless, he was wrong as Invader always came in from the North from Afghanistan and he was no match for Superpowers.

Ultimately, British Ruled over Punjab after his death when they took his son Maharaja Daleep Singh , and Putting him under Queen of England . He was ultimately Made Christian and is Buried in a Church in Suffolk England. Most of off-springs of his were poisoned by British as Maharaja Daleep Singh wanted to come back to Pakistan.

A Daughter survived him only who is buried in his shrine in Lahore after creation of Pakistan during President Skinder Mirza,s  time in Early 1950,s .

Afghans Ruled Indian Sub-Continent, in the form of Dynasties like Parthians, Scythians that ruled Greater Indian Subcontinent, along with Afghanistan and the CIS states, for last 2000 or so years.

The Yusafzai, Ghuris, Ghaznavis, and Later the Mughal were the Invaders from North who ruled strongly over whole subcontinent and Afghanistan.  The Taj Mahal, Qutub-Uddeen Aibak Minars, Sher Shah Soris( Maker of GT Road Fame) and Living Khans of India ,who even now rules the hearts and minds of Indians in form of Living Kings of Cinema as Shah Rukh Khans, Feroze Khans, and Salman Khans are evidences of past glory.

Great world Conquerors like Alexander had tasted the same fate when, he said that Lion Like people fought him in Afghanistan , as he wrote letter to his mother that he wished he had a brother to help him in Fighting,  he tried to Bypass Afghanistan and went to other places . Similarly, Changez Khan also avoided to Fight Pushtoon and Afghanis, he wanted to preserve his strengths and went to China.

In fact, by creation of Pakistan in 1947, the Hindus were, provided an opportunity to form Indian Government, when they could not be when Afghanistan would invade them countless times and ruler would always be a Muslim and that from the North.

After creation roughly, 50% of Muslims were separated, from India in the Form of East and West Pakistan. Democracy provided Indians with the Numerical superiority over Muslims now in India.

This was not possible before the Partition, as Muslims, was a one homogenous group without any creed or Cast, as compared to other Indians, who were divided on Lines, of casts systems, Creeds, and tribes.

The Birth of Pakistan can be termed as a Result and a by Product of this Great Game Fought between the super Powers. As this Crafted a Great Buffer State and protection to India from the Northern Afghan Invaders and Great game of super-powers (Russia and China), who fought over Afghanistan.

5. The New Great Game Strategy and Strategic Depth by Pakistan 1990- Present:

After, the Fourth Afghan War, when Pakistan Army and Mujahideen Defeated the Russian Invaders in Afghanistan from 1979-1990.  After the Soviet Exit.

The Whole Afghanistan was a Vacuum and was not allowed to be filled by Mujahideen like Ahmad shah Masood, General Rasheed Dostum, and Professor Rabbani ( The Al-Qaeda’s own Professor ) . The Taliban were created This Paved the way for the Next one , when Taliban were sent as “ New Pakistani Strategic depth Theory” .

Now this “War on Terror” can be termed as the “Fifth Afghan war” being fought in context of New Great game.  This war was recently lost in 2008, when America without any Publicity Dropped the term “War on terror” from its white house Vocabulary and official memos. Now it called AF-Pak policy.

USA Af-Pak war Theatre and Great Game Strategy of Oil Pipelines and Oil Wells.

Although USA, failed, in Iraq and Afghanistan miserably, with such a Policy, but we are still sticking to the same Bush Era policies, under Obama and Under Duress. Our Government is partner to these same policies, which caused the US Capitalist Giant to Collapse economically.

Afghanistan is sticking to Tradition of being the Graveyard of Superpowers, as Alexander the great Conquers told about Pushtoons as Lion Like people who fought with Great Ferocity.

Iran who boasts of a long and thousand years of Dynasty of Kings like the Darius and Sirus the Great would never would interfere in Afghanistan for many centuries for the same reason at the time of Parthians and Scythians in BC era.

This is Morale of the story, we should have followed China did the same and continues to do the same maybe they Know history more than us.

6. Strategic Depth of Pakistan and the Taliban:

Just like British Used the Mullahs and installed a Puppet religious Pashtun Ruler Bacha Saqaa ,  or Habib Ullah Ghazi a Tajik , the son of Water Carrier and from a British Paid and enforced fake Islamic Madrassha in Peshawar   in 1930, after removal of legitimate king Amir Amman Ullah Khan , King of Afghanistan by British Intelligence MI-6 .

He was clearly the Mold or Model on which Taliban were made later in 1993.

Bacha Saqaa was forbidding Education to Pashtun Girls of Afghanistan, and forbidding them from Dressing in western dresses and skirts, which women of Afghanistan wore in 1930 just as Queen Suriya Tarzai a Oxford UK graduate used to wear. He destroyed schools and only allowed Madrassh Fundamental and Fanatical Islam to be studied.

This kind of Islam was favored to British and now American too , as they wanted to go into submission just like the Saudis are too.

Bacha Saqaa were stranger to Modern Pashtuns and Modern Islam of Afghanistan and their Brand of Islam, which had spread to whole India , Bangladesh, and Pakistan area.

Therefore, Amir Nadir Shah Next King of Afghanistan removed him from Power in 1930 after just 8 months of Rule.

Bacha Saqaa , was clearly the role model on whom Taliban were created by ISI and CIA together along with Guidance of Al-Qaeda  who were gifts from Uncle Sam of USA  and by British before.

Taliban were definitely sent by Pakistan in 1993 onwards to Fight in Afghanistan and take over Kabul and Pakistan wanted to Afghanistan to be its Fifth Province literally.

It used them for its wars in Kashmir as well. Pakistani Establishment wanted to turn wheel of history in opposite direction as Ranjeet Singh had mistakenly done so in 1800,s.

The Thought was by our Establishment to create, “Pakistan’s Strategic Depth,” which was similar to idea of Ranjeet Singh and is his Brainchild was liked by someone who was in Love with Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and his crazy Ideas tantamount to colonizing an Islamic country and fellow Muslims.

A sickening idea it was and is now too and People fail to see the Logic of it too.

That is reason Sikh is target of jokes,  that accuse them of doing thing in reverse. Ranjeet Singh committed the same mistake.

Someone in Establishment loved that Idea, maybe it was Gen Hameed Gul and Gen Aslam beg , Not realizing that Tide of Time had not favored Ranjeet Singh, it would not Favor, the Pakistan Strategic Depth Theory of Pakistan as well. As history, Always repeats itself.

Same is before when there was Pressure from British now there was pressure from USA, who has replaced British as leader in  New Great Game our ally from 1950 – To date, to prepare the ground for their landing In Afghanistan and pursue the Strategic Depth on their insistence but GHQ never accepts this as true. They have continuously lied on this aspect.

Taliban ensured that Russia China and Iran were kept off the Great Game in Afghanistan. Russia (The Islamic Movements in Chechnya) , Uzbekistan ( Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan from FATA )  Iran ( Jandolla group from FATA) and China ( Uighur Separatist From FATA )  gave a tough time to these countries and to tow the USA line and Interest in the region while sacrificing the Pakistani ones .

Taliban on other hand were kind to USA and had Even Negotiated with George Bush Governor Texas, when he was not even President of America for same oil Pipeline in 1997-1998. They had been given red Carpet welcome in Texas.

The Appalling human Right record of Taliban was not the only reason to remove them from Power, as in 1997-98, International Human Rights Organization Report on Afghanistan Blamed them rightly, as they burned schools, banned women and administered Public lashing and Public Be-headings in Afghanistan (Sandia Style).

Barbarism of this standard was not acceptable even to USA. Furthermore Taliban had failed to take over 100% of Afghanistan and US impatience was running out and there was chances Iran  Supported Groups could outmaneuver and win over the Taliban.

Evidence of Leaked information of US embassy in Pakistan suggests that 200,000 Strong Revolutionary Guards of Iran were ready to Invade Afghanistan in 1998 to Crush Taliban who’s Finances had run dry and after Famine caused by their Incompetence in Afghanistan. They were mainly relying on Nawaz Shariff Help and Free Food from Punjab and Oil from Sandia ( Which is again a US Pawn )

As Strategic Depth of Taliban, coincides pretty well with the, New Great Game Strategy (1991-To date).  The USA wanted to grab the Resources of CIS states and build its Pipeline the TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India). China and Iran were its next targets.

The Taliban whom were sent by us had the same enemies as USA and Israel , which has as demonstrated by their targeting of Shia in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Chinese Engineers who are working in projects in Pakistan and Iranians as well. Even the Pakistani Citizens who were Shia were not spared in NWFP / Pukhtunkwa and FATA ( Kurrum Agency )  as well  (Presumed Pro –Iranian ) .

Curiously, Taliban have same strategic Initiative and Enemies as America and Project of new American Century Zionists . Maybe we had some double agents in our Establishment and ISI . who towed the Israeli , Mossad and USA and CIA line.

This was the reason that Northern Alliance of Ahmed shah Massod, Rabbani, Dustom and Sayaf was supported by Iran, China, and Russia during our Strategic Depth Initiative drive ( 1994-2001) while we were stuck with US and Russian was vacated out from Afghanistan in 1990. That was Reason Taliban were raised by ISI and USA to Help Objective and Targets of US and Israel by ISI Head General Javaid Ashraff Qazi ( Who is a senator with PML-N , Nawaz Shareef and man who registered FIR against Lal Masjid Mullah too)

Our Allies, Afghan Mujahideen who grew up in Pakistan Refugee Camps in Peshawar, trained and supplied by weapons by us ,are now our Enemies because of same pro Taliban policies we have alienated the Afghanis who consider Pakistan as their Obstacle to their progress.

Even Idiotic Taliban are killing our own soldiers and officers who were supplied by Oil and food when Famine was raging in Afghanistan in 1996-1998 By Nawaz Shareef Government to tune of 600 Million US dollars. Curiously, who is mum on Anti-Taliban Stance even now ?.

We lost our Traditional Allies, Mujahideen Commanders to Iran, Russia and India most importantly, as our establishment cries from time to time. What we did turned Tables on us because of Stupidity of Pakistan Policies and Blindly Following American Dictates ,that landed us in this trouble ? Is it our, support to Taliban, to conquer Kabul for Strategic Depth Maybe at behest of US yes it is ?

Not only that India is wise enough which has spent up to 1.5 Billion US dollars from its own money to make roads, train their Afghan Civil Servants to help Win hearts and minds of the People Afghanis and to Participate in Great Game without a fight, while we are being used and Kicked in the Butt at the same time .

China kept away from Conflict and got a Pipeline deal from Turkmenistan to China, which is already in Service since 2007 and a lot of Economic progress is occurring in china .

Russia is back Again on its Feet through Putin a great leader.   What we got? .Didn’t we Create Monsters for Destabilizing Pakistan ourselves by our Punjabi Dominated Establishment?

As Ranjeet Singh and his sons were killed by British and He lost his kingdom and his Son Daleep Singh as Servant to Queen of Britain and to British.

Are we Getting the same fate in form of Insults and degradation to Punjabi dominated Army and Establishment of Pakistan , yes we are . We being imploded, from within by our own people.

The Jihadis / Punjabi Taliban in Southern Punjab especially and rest of Pakistan, who never took part in Afghan Jihad or never killed a single American have killed Thousands of Pakistanis and Pashtuns  in the name of Islam, and jihad in NWFP and FATA.

Our Nuclear Weapons are not protecting us anymore! We are killed by our own Muslims Brothers in name of Islam we are Killed in a Style that Israelis were Killed by Palestinians . Now which has stopped after wall of Israel was built . But was Transfered to Pakistan in form of this Hell by None other then our own .

The failure of launch of TAPI, Pipeline, and Inability of USA to control the Taliban in Pushtoon Areas is Evident clearly of US Failed policies and ours as well. Which is integral  and very Important to Great Game strategy .

The mere boost of 17,000 troops(Less than Traffic Cops in Karachi) is Evidence that USA is double minded to stay or to go. Otherwise, it dearly wishes to stay, as it has spent Trillions to Fight this New Great Game strategy and fate of US economy depend upon it.

As US dollars is loosing it Value as Global currency and is being devalued every month regularly. It wants to retain its grip on Asian oil fields that can be more than 75% of Global supply in future.

Maybe Afghani Pushtoon are fighting war of Independence rather then fighting Jihad now and when the War is over, they are going to detest and hate us. Like it happened before.

7. Predicting the Outcomes as new state as Greater Afghanistan and Blacking the Access to Chinese:

Project-for-the-New-American-Century-PNAC-for -Pakistan

The Outcome of all this can be, Predicted based upon the History and the current situation. Because of War like conditions, in NWFP and Balauchistan, we have occurred losses 35 Billion Dollars overall. Losses, to NWFP Infrastructure are worth 25 Billion Dollars, almost 71 % of that occurring to NWFP Infrastructure alone. The recent Influx of 3-4 million IDP, s is staggering; it is equal to Iraq war and is Bigger then Darfur in Sudan. In fact, it is biggest Displacement of people in the world in last 25 years.

The operation has been termed Successful but Wars are never Won they are always lost. Human cost is immense and is never recovered, in short time but it takes a long time.

However, what about people, of NWFP and Balauchistan as Pushtoon, live in both these Provinces of Pakistan, as well as on other sides of Afghanistan .They are same people and share same language. All the Powers in Pakistan and  USA and we have completely betrayed them. They will have a Feeling of Step Brotherly Treatment, very soon, which can manifest itself in same ill feelings and want of separate homeland.

As the recent operation has destroyed houses and Households of 4 million people, Loss of Livelihoods will be for next 1 year at least, the poverty Indexes are worst in Pakistan in the NWFP, FATA, and Balauchistan.

Furthermore, the recent Natural Calamities in Jihadi/ Taliban areas like, Ziarat, Chaman area with an Earth Quake 2008, the Kashmir Manshera, and Swat Earth Quake 2006.  The Most rural and Backward areas and civil war in FATA and PATA (Swat, Malakand, Dir) sustained loses of Billion of Dollars and more Poverty.

The operation costs and collateral damage in FATA and in NWFP now worth Billion of dollars is again escalating new Losses. This has pushed NWFP to one estimate 50 years backward.  The total loses are to some estimates 86 Billion to 1 Trillion Dollars. 60 % of schools are destroyed and Bridges and roads are in Shambles.

While IDPS are displaced not a single dollar of International Donors pledged, has been channeled to NWFP government. A Salute to  Pushtoons of NWFP, who have kept 95% of IDPS in their homes without asking for any Government Aid,. Only 5% of People are in Camps who are being looked after rather not very well.

All this will manifest itself into Hatred later at some point.

The Role of MQM and PML-N and Nationalist Sindhi Parties has been Appalling. However, PML-N is to blame the Most as it the biggest party of Biggest Province. Nawaz Shareef who ran, a shameful campaign of, “Jaag Punjabi Jaag, against smaller provinces is the least popular, in both NWFP and Balauchistan is opposing naming of NWFP on its Inhabitants name as “ Pashtunistan “ and gradually resulting in rise of ill feeling

With this kind Ugly, situation and Federal Government is not giving enough Money to these Provinces sufficiently as Distribution of Money to Provinces depends upon, the Population count, recent NFC (National Finance Award) ,  was a Disappointment too.

Balauchistan Biggest Area wise and least Population Wise, FATA is same with sparse population (Hilly Areas) and week Agricultural base. No Concrete steps have been Taken to stop feeling of Ill feeling with Baluchis or there is talk of , Provincial Autonomy or some relief for them.

NWFP too is without strong Agriculture base ,  it is in Doldrums because of lack of water in South (Bannu, DI Khan Areas, and Karak).

Closed Industries zones, in all of NWFP because of load shedding and Poor law and order situation is another Factor resulting in Joblessness.

Lakhs of people are out of work in NWFP and Balauchistan. Inflation is at Highest in decades, much of Inflation is because of lack of Governance as prices of same commodities are available in High prices.

Businesspersons have been hit Hard with rising, abductions,. They are harassed regularly, by letters from Taliban to force them to shut down their businesses.

NWFP People are suffering, and will not tolerate things for long leading to Rise of Pashtun Nationalism.

All this can result in one possible outcome that is Creation of another state from within the Borders of NWFP and Afghanistan.

All Prominent Players are All Pushtoons like Mulvi Omar, Baitullah Masood, Fazullah, Ahmed karzai, Zalmay Kharazad, Mualana Fazulur Rahman, Qazi Hussain, and Religious party Leaders are all Pushtoons.

The People in Our Establishment are confusing Islamic Jihad and Taliban as one Force, which is clearly not it has Pashtun Nationalist Element to it too . which can suddenly combine into a single force if there is a will soon.

As Previously the last Pashtun Nationalist, was destroyed by Taliban, Probably they were fearful of Afghans taking over Pakistan when Dr Najeeb, President of Afghanistan dead body was hanged from a post after fall of Kabul for one week because he had killed father of Taliban Deputy Leader Mullah Borjan.

Revenge phenomena associated with Pushtoons code of Honor then Islamic teaching. Osama was not handed over to US because of same Pushtoon code of Honor called “Pushtoon Wali

The wheel of History, which is now turning in Right Direction as it was turning for last 3000 Years.

The Pushtoons are on the rise and they will definitely want a homeland for themselves where all can live as one, and rule themselves and not scattered in Balauchistan, NWFP, FATA PATA, FR, FANA, Punjab, and Afghanistan and not benefit from their resources, which is Human right of every individual.

Denying them even their Name Identity to their lands, as if they didn’t exist in Great Game Playing fields. This ploy was used because of Extreme Hatred of Pushtoons because of British failures and loss of Honor in the Afghan Wars.

Pushtoon are not able to benefit from the natural resource of their Lands, which are wanted by all the Powers in the World and even the Federation of Pakistan itself too without for themselves without their Participation.

8. Creation of Greater Pashtun State / Afghanistan as Objectives of USA too according Col Ralph Peters :

Colonel Ralph Peters Map

By Creation of New state Pashtunistan / Greater Afghanistan by USA, a buffer state between Pakistan and Afghanistan could most importantly, can block the access of china towards Gawader and Strait of Harmoze. That is where 70% of World oil flows and then reaches Suez Canal to go to Europe.

The Future IPC Pipe line (Iran Pakistan and China), which will connect China to Iran Gas, would be in jeopardy, choking the Industrial Development of China. Furthermore, my choking Fuel to Euro Zone development can be choked as well as Euro is challenge to Dollar as Global Currency.

Incidentally, CIA supports Pirates of Somalia who are blocking that access to Suez Canal so that Pipe Lines can be utilized pump Oil to Haifa port of Israel where it can fill ship bound for Europe. The ship lines are being choked as well.

All this can be made possible as America and Pashtuns Interest is becoming one and same suddenly, Resulting in  Creation of Greater Pashtunistan/ Afghanistan . As taught in American Military school as Ralph Peter Maps shown above .

This maybe a Moment in History that Superpower both USA , and other great game players will want to protect their Interest and to do this they will certainly want the pashtun on their side .

And to do this they will have to Create a single state for them to keep them away from Pakistan and Chinese Influence .

As the Pakistani Establishment has kept most of its eggs in one Basket that is Punjab , with most of developments and Cantonment s occurring there and not in Great Game most wanted area of Balauchistan , NWFP and FATA.

Pakistan Army Military Operations in Bangladesh, Balauchistan in 70,s and 2006 should not have been repeated at this time, as all Ended in Failures and this time it might too.

The Pakistani Establishment committed mistakes of using Policies/ tactics Like Israel for counter Insurgency Operations, on its own citizens With a Military Solutions for everything.

A recipe for Causing Bloody revolution this way in our own country. As Pakistan really suffers from Danger of Balkanization planned for it by Jewish Lobbies,

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