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FATA is kept Backward and also in Status Quo because of certain Power Players who want to keep it Backward and also Keep the People of FATA without Education and Without Democratic Rights and they want to Keep the tribal as slaves , Even After the British left in 1947 and Pakistan was Made an independent country FATA , was left as a status Quo till now 2015 .

Lord Curzon and the British Empire and East India company is still Alive it seems for these poor Tribals of FATA , and its Power is still maintained by the Loyal Followers of Lord Curzon in this Day of 21,st Century , the Black Sahib is still Alive and in command when the Gora Sahib left and left their affairs to the Kala sahibs of Pakistan.

Kala Sahibs  Bureaucracy in Service of Lord Curzon  : 

British had while Governing since 1857 , to 1947 had been doing Government with certain class of People from Sub continent which they hand Picked and choose from , Poor and Slum Dogs with no Noble backgrounds and  rewarded them with Money and properties to Serve their Purposes , now they are Powerful families and they are found every where in Pakhtunkhwa and FATA  and Now are Power full Political families .

These People were mainly  Mullahs , Maliks and  Military People , British recognized  that they cannot win the Pashtuns and in order to win they need to use Islam and Prominent families to control the Pashtuns and especially FATA into Subjugation. In Order to influence the Pashtun they readily Bought the Mullahs and Religious People and Heavily used Islam to control the Pashtuns , they also used them  to Deceive the Pashtun in many Ways .

The Creation of pakistan and Muslim League Creation was also done via the same Loyal Servants, as two Nation theory did not work here as there were no Non-Muslims here and same Families Paved the Way for British and also making of FATA as Direct Rule Entity via these Same Maliks and Servants Loyal to british . Malik’s would be Awarded , Monthly Money and awards known as ”’Spinah Jamah”’/ White Clothes or ””’Lungi / Turban  ”””or honor etc . which basically meant Money Dished out to maliks and Mullahs .

Apart from Mullahs they also used local People and Servants of East Indian company who were Awarded by Titles , Like ”””’Sir”””””’ ( Highest  Loyalist to Queen of England )  , ””””’ Sahibzada,s””””” ( Reported to Governor and Lords ) and Khan Bahudur,s ( Reported to Governors and Sirs etc  )  , ”””Arbabs””’ ( Lower Degree Tax Collectors Patwaris and Munshi,s of Land Revenue Department reporting to commissioners etc )  ,

These People were rewarded with Money and Lands and rewarded.They Got high Profile Power full Jobs in Royal Bureaucracy of British under Lord Curzon although they were sons and children of Mullahs. The Current Situation is not much Different now under Punjabi establishment .

Examples of British Loyalists are :

1. Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan family from Topi Swabi , he was the one to Make the Durand Line and also Dividing the Pashtuns into Afghans on the West of Durand Line and Also Pashtuns in East of Durand Line .  Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan was also the chief Negotiator of the Lord Curzon British in Durand line commission in on 11 Nov 1883.  His family and he was rewarded with Jobs and big Positions and No wonder that the Pakhtunkhwa Bureaucracy is situated and the Secretariat housing the Bureaucratic offices  is situated on road Named after him in Peshawar called the Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan Road. His Kith and Kin Enjoys top Positions in  currently in Bureaucracy and also the FATA secretariat. This explains a lot what the Current Bureaucracy which controls FATA and Pakhtunkhwa thinks like as it is controlled by the People who,s Fathers and Grandfathers were very Loyal to the East Indian company which the Pashtun always fought and resisted some People from the Pashtuns were serving them Loyally and they were instrumental in dividing the Pashtuns . This family also found the highest title with British as Loyalists but they never worked for Pashtuns or FATA rather they wanted it to remain Backwards .

2. Khan Bahadur Ghulam Haider khan Sherpao , who was Grandfather of Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao the Politicians who was CM of Pakhtunkhwa for three Times and he did nothing for FATA and he maintained the Status Quo of FATA , and did not make it Settled area , in fact the 1973 Constitution under his Brother Hayat Khan Sherpao was also instrumental in Keeping the Status Quo when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Promulgated the 1973 First Pakistani Constitution, Hayat Sherpao Did not do a single Iota for the Tribals and he remained true to his family spirit of Keeping the Pashtuns Divided and Week as FATA , Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan separate  , as did Khan Bahudur Ghulam Haider Khan Sherpao, who was British Ally and Agent who  would use his Influence with the Mullahs and Distribute Money among them for Serving the British and also change their enemies from British occupiers to Bolshevik Russian who were no Where on Soil of Indian and Afghanistan . The Sherpao were Anti – Pashtun Nationalists and it is so Weird that they have formed as party claiming to be Pashtun Nationalists , they are Geared for Deceiving the Pashtuns a Bit more in their Third Generation .  This is reason that they were in Favor with British and currently they are in Favor with Punjabi Establishment who rewarded Mr Sherpao with the Interior Ministry under Military Dictator General Musharraf who got under him all the Military Bases Lended to USA and also Kill Two Time PM Benazir Bhutto and CM and Governor Baluchistan Bugti ,  a thorn in designs of their Masters . The Khan bahadur title was awarded to this family by the British for their loyalties to British . Muslim league was found as place of these British loyalists although later Aftab ahmad sherpao was offered place in PPP Pakistan people’s party and was CM Pakhtunkhwa 3 times and he never ever looked at plight of Pashtuns or FATA with any kindness .

3, The Khan Bahudur Ali Qulis of Bannu and Karak who were Agents of British from the start as they made alliances with British and was one of the first ones to be loyal to col Mackeson First  commissioner of Peshawar living in 1 The Mall Peshawar Cantonment of where they used to live in servant Quarter and they started their love affair with British and were rewarded with This Bungalow house after the British left in 1947 for this outstanding service to British and being Traitors to Pashtuns cause , they Got prominent position in Muslim league with Their sons and daughters always loyal to British establishment and later to Punjabi establishment, the cause of Pashtuns or offering democracy to Pashtuns were not their priority at All , and FATA to remain as backward was their mission and Ali Quli Khan remained as One of political agents of Waziristan and also his loyalty was legendary to British . His sons and daughter are famous Begum Kalsoom and also Saifullahs of fame of Muslim league and PPP , Pakistan people’s party and they being CM or governors Pakhtunkhwa never ever looked into cause of FATA never ever . And their role of making Pashtun backward under FCR by their fathers The political agent Ali Quli Khan who sons also reminded as Generals as Habib ullah khattak and also later General Quli Khan who was about to replace General Musharraf as Army chief .  The Ali Qulis were awarded Khan bahadur title by the British for third Loyalties and they also found their place in Jinnah’s Muslim league as well .

4,  The Jhagra Khan Bahadur’s of Peshawar , were also Loyal to British and their Fathers served as Loyal captains and Lt in British Army and their son , who also happened to get power in Muslim League under Jinnah and also the Sahibzadas and Khan Bahadur’s were all Amalgamated in Muslim League by the British and they ensured starting from Jinnah and later in Many government with or without the Army generals Support till today , who also followed the Policy of subjugation and dividing and Ruling the Pashtuns , Muslim leaguers were the original sinners and they were under Jinnah maintained the slave nature of FATA and made Tribals backwards by denying them Education and also democracy and right of self determination which they promised to Pakistan after they were promising freeform and Independence . What they were Promising for the rest of Pakistan they were not offering to FATA and PATA and also FR areas where the Pashtuns were living and Baluchistan where the Pashtun live was also part of this as It still has not been at par with  rest of Pakistan and most of Pashtun areas are still under FCR even today . The Baluchistan where majority Pashtun live was Separated from Pakhtunkhwa and also. Named as Baluchistan in 1971 before that it was Kalat state and merged in Pakhtunkhwa under Punjabi establishment after one unit dissolution . In this scam Muslim leaguers were partners of Military establishment and had given their full support and currently their leaders are the. Biggest Hurdle of Reforms of FATA after it is being headed by Punjabi chauvinist Mr Nawaz Sharif of Amritsar jati umra a land of Sikhs and Golden temple and he has named his home in Lahore donated by Military establishment in Raiwind . His governor a Punjabi Sardar Jee Mehtab Abbasi is a Non Pashtun and non Resident of FATA and extremely prejudiced man against the Pashtuns . How can one expect any Good from these people for the resident of FATA. Who’s interest is to Keep FATA and Pashtuns backward . Khan bahadur title was awarded to these khans for their localities to British and they also found place in jinnah Muslim league as well .

5. Fazlu Rahman father was Mufti Mehmood and they were part of JUI , a Deobandi organization that helped the British in Subjugating the Pashtuns on Basis of Islam and religion , although they claim counter wise , Grandfather of Fazlur Rehman was a Subedar in British Army and he was a Loyalist of british .  true to the Same opportunism they Exhibited with the British and they were the ones to get money from British for Paying the mullah under their control in JUI ( Jamaat ulema India ) , money they used to tell the Mullah that British are ””’Ahle Kitab ”””’, people of the book and the germans and russian are kafir ( which was not true as russian Are orthodox christians and so are the germans and italians Axis in world war 1 and 2  for , being more Christian then the Protestant British ) . it is curious these Same JUI and JI collectively known as MMA ( Mullah Militry Alliances ) are still being used like the british by the Punjabis now for keeping the Status Quo of FATA . they were also used in East Pakistan as ””’Al-Shamas ”” and ””’Al-Badar ””” to control the Majority Pakistani known as Bengalis and Impose the power of Punjabistan as Pakistani Establishment is called .  which Back Fired and caused the Separation of East Pakistan into Bangladesh , Yet the Punjabi Establishment Wants to use them still in Baluchistan , FATA and Even FANA to control the local Population who are Increasingly wanting to ask for their Rights .  The behaviour of JUI and JI ( Jamaat Islami ) , another sister  deobandi organisation is also  Punjabi Establishment Secret Arm and will try its Best to keep FATA Backward and would overtly say otherwise as It has been Saying , FATA as a Separate Province yet it does not want it to join it with Pakhtunkhwa and make it part of it , basically MMA types want the Pashtun to be divided and also it wants the FATA Status Quo and week under Direct rule of Political Agents so that it can used for ””’Jihadi Activities”” and terrorism against Afghanistan India , Iran and even China . Basically Money Making Schemes for Punjab via War on Neighbours.

6. Imran Khan is also a New Establishment Created Power house as PTI from the Mullahs of JI and JUI who are part of PTI as members although most of leader are not Distinguishable from their Past which is MMA Party , and yet it Professes to be a Modern party by Making fool of People with its Socialist Themed flags and Dances on stage and Music parities  it is nothing but ””’MMA  in Jeans”” , and that is best Description for it and it wants to do what is true for MMA , it does the same and is involved in paying Government and official tax payer money to terrorists Mullahs and madrissahs openly and also it was Status Quo for FATA , and it serves the Punjabi Establishment and FATA is launching Pad for Wars on Neighbour countries . PTI  is very Clear it wants partnership with MMA mullahs and terrorists and not with Real Political Powers like PPP and even ANP but it wants to Serve the Punjabi Establishment which will in Turn reward it with Seats in Pakhtunkhwa and maybe baluchistan and Sind , but the Punjabi establishment is clear in not giving it base in Punjab ( the Same Policy it did with MMA ) .

These People should be Recognised and they would continue to make Slaves of  Pashtuns and would continue to implement FCR ( Frontier Crimes Regulations ) to the their last Breath and they and their grandsons are like Snakes in  the grass and would never give ””Azadi”” , Democracy and Freedom to the FATA tribals and would never allow them to Join””’ Pakhtunkhwa ”” ,as the only way forward as Pakhtunkhwa has the Human resource and people to Take FATA forward and share common language , culture and also common History with FATA tribals and they can help them the Most. The Common interests of FATA and Pakhtunkhwa and Increases votes would make the FATA strong and also make more representation in National Assembly and also have more say in  Developmental projects and have more power vis -vis Punjabis and this is not Acceptable to Punjabi establishment .


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One of the most Corrupt Region in Pakistan is FATA , Federally Administered Area of Tribal Area , which is controlled not by Constitution of Pakistan , which is not implemented here .

FATA is Governed  by just one Article of constitution which is called , Article 247 , which has implemented laws that  are 150 Years old and made by British Empire by Lord Curzun a British Viceroy of East India company called , the  FCR , Frontier crimes Regulation .

Area of  Pakistan as FATA not under Pakistan Constitution:  

FATA consists of the following Areas , as according to Article 247 of constitution , which are not governed by Pakistan constitution and it laws and neither the Parliament National Assembly or the Provincial Assembly Governs it  are as Follows:

A:   7 Tribal  Agencies from North to South Along the Durand Line which are: 

  1. Bajaur Agency
  2. Mommand Agency
  3. Khyber Agency 
  4. Orakzai Agency 
  5. Kurrum Agency
  6. North Waziristan
  7. South Waziristan

B:  6 FR or Frontier Areas from North to South while Being Inside of Pakhtunkhwa Area  : 

  1. Fr Peshawar 
  2. Fr Kohat 
  3. Fr Lakki Marwat 
  4. Fr Bannu 
  5. Fr Tank 
  6. Fr DI Khan  

These are the Enslaved Areas Federal Areas ( Fr Areas )  , although the Fall geographically Inside of boundaries of Pakhtunkhwa Province .

C:  6 PATA AREAS Provincially Administered tribal Areas in Pakhtunkhwa  :

  1. Dir Upper
  2. Dir Lower
  3. Swat (including Kalam)
  4. The Tribal Area in Kohistan District
  5. Malakand District
  6. The Tribal Area adjoining (Batagram, Allai and Black Mountain of Hazara),Mansehra District.
  7. The former state of Amb in Hazara.

D:  6 PATA AREAS Provincially Administered tribal Areas in Pakhutnkhwa Annexed Area now in Baluchistan Previously under state of Kalat  that was Part of Pakhtunkhwa till 1971 :

  1. Zhob District
  2. Loralai District (excluding Duki Tehsil)
  3. Dalbandin Tehsil of Chagai District
  4. Marri Tribal Territory in Sibi District
  5. Bugti Tribal Territory in Sibi District

These are the Enslaved Areas Federal Areas ( Fr Areas )  , although the Fall geographically Inside of boundaries of Baluchistan Province .

They are also tribal Areas but they are not Governed by FATA secretariat but are controlled by the Pakhtunkhwa secretariat  and Baluchistan Secretariat those area which were Previously under FATA secretariat and “”Safron Ministry “”but they also come under ambit of President of Pakistan Direct rule under Article 247 and Lord Curzon Laws of East Indian company meant to Enslave the Pashtuns and not the Parliament of Pakistan or even the Parliament of Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan .

FATA secretariat and their Administration is also confusing as one Member from each District sits in Provincial Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa but he cannot make Rule for his PATA , constituency and has to seek Permission of President of Pakistan .

Furthermore PATA is under 247 of 1973 Constitution that still maintains the Draconian Law of FCR 40 even under PATA and one is denied of Human Rights and Rights Guaranteed under the constitution of Pakistan that is inherent in Basic unchangeable Right Articles that forms the basis of

History of FATA Laws : 

It is one of Big Mysteries of Pakistan is FATA really part of Pakhtunkhwa or not ?? , why Pakistan and Jinnah would keep the British Laws intact Behaving like Dictators and why they want to Impose this on People of FATA  Draconian Laws that separates it from Pakhtunkhwa , While Pakhtunkhwa had Article 247 Like Lord Curzons Laws with FCR 40 Laws just as Currently held in FATA currently .

After the Durand Line was Made starting from Gilgit Baltistan “” FANA ( Federally Administered Northern Areas )

IT was in 1930,s that Massacre of “””Qisa Khawani Peshawar””” , Happened and it was Bacha khan and their Supporters who were Butchered by the British by Firing on unarmed Protesters who were Protesting not allowing Political Party ANP Awami National Party Made by Bacha Khan to raise Voice of Pashtuns Against British these Same Draconian and Against Human right Laws that it had only Implement in this Part of the World and only Against Pashtuns .

It is these Black Laws  that are now Part of Article 247 of Pakistan constitution, and its Democratic right to Govern by the British and they imprisoned Bacha Khan and people of Peshawar and Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa rose to defend him and 1000 People of Peshawar fell in front of Machine Guns that were Manned by Punjab regiment with Sepoy,s from Punjab  from Mardan Center under Gora Officers , after the Nepalese Gorkhas , refused to Fire on un -Armed People famously .

The British Govt under it Elected Democratic PM sent a Team to Investigate and the Team came and held a Judicial Inquiry and it asked Bacha Khan and their followers , the reason and they demanded the removal of these Black Laws and hence it was Agreed to remove the Laws from whole “”NWFP”” , which is currently Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan as one province at that time .

IT is Ironic that FATA was Kept as such as even by the British cantonment would be Attacked by these Tribal and loot and Plunder the cantonment , and Peshawar areas and their Killings . so FATA was kept as Such to Protect themselves from these Tribes of FATA .In order to do that British used a cunning Tactics via their bureaucracy that were run by Grandson of Mir Jaffar “‘ President Skinder Mirza “”‘  from East Pakistan who was Titled “”” Traitor of India “”” and his name is Synomous to Traiotr , he was Later President of Pakistan and some Qadiani Elements in Bureaucracy of Pakistan and Pakhtunkhwa and the Pashtun Politicians like “”Sherpao Family”” and the “”Sahibzadas””,  “Babers and “”Arbabs “”Deobandi Mullahs of Pashtun Area , who had Pledged Allegiance Punjabi Based Deobandis with close Ties to British at that time under Qasim Naintawi and Mehmod ul Hassan and Obaid Ullah Sindhi all Punjabis and Previous Tutors in East Indian company of Arabic and Persian under “”Sir Syed Ahmad Khan “”” an Indian Pashtun who had been translator from the British and Mr Durand and Rooskeepal British Political Agents representing East India company Viceroy “””Lord Curzon”” in Durand Line commission.

One of them Qadiani Sahbzaada Abdul Qayum Khan was Man who drew the Durand line and had represented the British as Tehsildar Khyber Agency . was Astute Qadiani and this is the Line that has Divided the Pashtuns into Afghan and Pashtuns although they are “””Synomous Words””” actually and then Pashtuns were Later divided and Rule into Tribals and Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa and then Baluchistan was Annexed from it as “””Baluchistan “”, It should Also be Mentioned that Afghan rulers at time of Durand Line has Entrusted a Qadiani ” Sahibzada Abdul Latif “”” best friend of “”Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan”””  of Swabi who had converted him to Qadianism , and who had named his name on his Brother as ” Sahibzada Abdul Latif ” in token of his deed and his Effort to make “””Durand line””” ,  while he represented the Afghan Government in Durand line commission in 1898 .

These Mullahs were on pay role of British and they formed the Maliks and also the tehsildars and political Administration of KPK and FATA area and they made an Alliance towards not making FATA same as NWFP/KPK and demanded a separate Laws of FCR 40 and Lord Curzon Laws , currently under Article 247 of Pakistan 1973 Constitution.

Not much has changed even when the British Left and they Passed a Law called the Partition Act where all the Previous laws were null and Void and FATA even after Partition was kept the same when there was no Legal basis and First constitution of “”Liaqat ali Khan “””Objective Resolution “” had no Mention of FATA .

These Same traitors and British Chamchas  Bureaucrats of British era become the Presidents and Majority Muslim Leaguers under Jinnah and also the Generals in the Army and usurped power from the Politicians and they wanted to use the FATA for their”” Great Game Strategy””‘ and “””Strategic depth”””” after they formed Alliances with USA and NATO in Baghdad pact and they wanted dearly the Draconian Lord Curzon Laws and wanted to complete what that British had left incomplete because of two World wars and Lack of Army manpower after 1945 when WW2 Ended . They wanted Invasion of Afghanistan and Central Asia Dearly .

Generals Ayub Khan family being Son of a traitor of Soil  “””Mir Dad Khan Subedar””” of in Mardan Based Punjab regiment and Hudson Horse under col Hudson who was Killed by his Own sepoys for these Inhuman Atrocities in 1857 “”, who had had cut the Head of Last Muslim Emperor “””Bahudur Shah Zafar “”” and Hanged his 5 Sons in 1857 , was one Leading this and He implemented the martial law in Pakistan with help of his “”‘Qadiani Friends in Takht I Lahore”””” and hence , from 1958 , this Strategy was started and Nothing changed now the Kala Sahib was In charge after Gora Sahib Left .  The Qadiani Judges like Justice Munir Ahmad and Bureaucrats like Ch Zafar Ullah Khan and in Planning commission ” Grandson of  Qadiani Prophet “””Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”” “””Mian Muzafar Ahmad ( Planner of Kalabagh Dam ) was chief Planning commission head all  contributed in Supporting the Army Generals Ayub Khan and causing a Pause of Pakistan Democracy and Constitution called “” Nazria Zorat “”.

The Bureaucracy of Punjab and the Generals of Punjab wanted FATA for their Misadventures in Afghanistan and Central Asia and Americans were friend not Master rather the Opposite in this Gerat Game and FATA was the Launching Pad and Officer of Army were sent to USA to get Trained from Incompetent Generals who Passed Last on Merit in  “””PMA””” and were not fit for and Below Average officers like “”General Zia( failed his Staff college Quetta ) “”” (  to Hamid Gul to Mushraff and also other contributed who were never fit to be even a col in Pakistan Army on Merit .

FATA , was forcibly Made as what it is today , later some Areas of Pakhtunkhwa like , the following in 1971 , were made Part of FATA who were Never even in FATA under the British as the Kala Sahib were more active then the “”Gora Sahib””,  like “”””Bajaur Agency””” , “””Swat””” , and Malakand Agency and “””Upper Dir “””and””” Lower Dir””” , and “”Shangla””” etc was made into FATA , under Zulfiqar Ali bhutto and the Generals Yayha Khan “” after Protests Against one unit was made by Pashtun Politicians like Wali Khan of ANP and East Pakistani Politicians . The Assemblies of Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan were Dissolved and a Punjabi Rajput “””Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto””‘ son of British Chamcha,  “””Sir Shah Nawaz Khan “”” a Punjabi who was Given Land in Sind for his Service to British was part of this Scheme.

The East Pakistan 60% of Pakistan Broke away in Protest and Pashtun never did any Protest and Became””” Loyal Pakistanis””” serving under the Punjabi establishment Draconian Black Laws and in the forefront were the “””””Tribals  FATA Walas and their Political Agents and “””Maliks””” who were loyal to British found their other Pattern the Punjabis . The Punjabi Assumed the Position of God Like Causalities with FCR 40 and Article 247 , which was put in First even Democratic constitution of Pakistan in 1973.

The Maliks British Stooges and their son got the Position of 8 FATA senators and 12 MNA but no MPA, in Pakhtunkhwa to which they were Part of . This was a Mystery that is not Explainable on Basis of common Sense .


Is FATA Part of Pakhtunkhwa Big Mystery : 

So it is Big Mystery that is FATA being so different from Pakhtunkwa and yet it is not a Province , But it is Governed as a Different as Different Province , according to the constitution of Pakistan and it is Governed by only one Article , Called 247 , which makes the Lord Curzons Black Laws “”” FCR 40″”” as Laws of Tribal Areas be it FATA or PATA and direct Rule of President of Pakistan , some of the Anomalies of this small Strip of Land which is on Durand line facing Afghanistan ,

It Makes one wonder why the “”Kala Sahib “”” , go to Extreme Lengths to make it without  certain Personal  Rights, Democracy and Right to Elect their Leaders  and Human Rights that is Guaranteed to other Pakistani and not Tribal people belonging to only one Ethnicity that is Pashtuns.

Why a Stick Policy is needed for One Race and not other Pakistani , why Punishment and not the Goodies or Carrots are Needed to Govern them . The British Have left but the Kala Sahib is still there and more Loyol as”””” Loyol Puris””” Punjabis  to Gora Sahib that want to maintain thier Union jack over FATA Tribal and Claims this is Wanted by them ???? as Lies Perpetuated by Pakistani Media and agents of Punjabi Establishment.

Role of Mass Media of Pakistan  FATA : 

They say it is their culture and Tradition to confuse the People of Pakistan and claim that ., Tribal are Donkeys “”” who need a Stick on their Back to Function Properly as they are Stupid and un Worthy of Being a Democratic traditions . Although Evidence is Other wise , Pakhtunkhwa by contrast Always Votes the Best as compared to Punjabis who jimps over boad and selects the generals in Uniform and also thier Army Selected Poltiicains as thier favorites Mostly punjabis and Muhajirs offocourse .

No Jurisdiction of Parliament and Pakistan Secretariat in FATA  : 

The Pakistan Constitution and National Assembly has no Jurisdiction in FATA , that is under Direct Federal Rule of Islamabad and is controlled by the President of Pakistan and the FATA secretariat which is not under Pakistan Secretariat that controls Pakistan.

No Jurisdiction of Pakhtunkhwa Parliament and its Secretariat in FATA  : 

The Pakhtunkhwa parliament and Pakhtunkhwa Secretariat does not control FATA and its Laws and it is controlled Directly by the FATA Secretariat under President  of Pakistan .

No Jurisdiction of Supreme court in FATA : 

There is no Jurisdiction of Supreme court and High court of Pakthunkhwa in FATA , as it is termed as FATA Federal Jurisdiction Area under Islamabad by Pakistan constitution under Article 247 and it is not governed by the National and Provincial Assembly and hence , the Governance is controlled b Article 247 , just one Point Agenda of Pakistan Constitution and it says that FCR 40 ,which are 40 Laws that Govern the Justice and Law system of FATA

No Jurisdiction of Peshawar high court in FATA 

 Even when FATA is considered as Part of Pakhtunkhwa or not is a mystery for all Practical Purposes that , Peshawar high court has no Jurisdiction in FATA and recently Passed Changed in Article 247 sub Section ( 6) , only Says now that , FATA people have Right to challenge the Authority of Political Agents of FATA secretariat in Islamabad under the  President of Pakistan under a Tribunal constituted by Retired or Serving Judges or Peshawar High court but will work under the Rules of Article 247 and FCR 40 . common on this is another Joke on people of FATA . what is use of Such Rubbish Amendment in first place when , other 300 to 500 Article of constitution are not implemented in FATA . The Punjabi Establishment  will continue to remain the God like in FATA as matter of current laws are concerned and they will continue to Play the Games .

No Jurisdiction of Islamabad high court in FATA 

Recently when Islamabad High court came into being , which has Jurisdiction in Federal controlled Areas ,  7 FATA Agencies and 6 FR Areas were conveniently left out and this happened, and later when even an Amendment took place that allowed appeal process after Political Agent makes a Decision under the Article 247 and FCR 40 He cannot be challenged in the Islamabad High court although Peshawar high court can theoretically but not according to constitution of Pakistan but in Limited way only it can look into the 40 Laws which are called the FCR 40 and under Article just one Article of Constitution that is called Article 247 . A joke was Played with FATA People and they were Given the Feeler they are Slaves and will be treated like the Slaves in future  as well .

When  No Jurisdiction of NAB in FATA 

It is so Curious that , FATA which is controlled by the Bureaucrats is Home of highest corruption in Pakistan , yet when it comes to Implementation of Nab FATA , exempted because of two simple reason that , NAB is only Used for Political Victimization of Politicians and since the FATA is directly controlled by the Punjabi Establishment via the Corrupt FATA secretariat and its Predominate Punjabi Bureaucracy and Political Agents who are Direct rulers of FATA and with Fascists God Like Authority and as the Powerfull Arms of Punjabi Establishment .

It is strange that , NAB and Ehtesab Bureau has not caught a Single Person from FATA for Corruption and its Rulers who are just Figures heads and Dummies like 8 Senators and 12 MNA of FATA and countless Local People who work for FATA secretariat are never probed by the NAB , National Accountability Bureu and since 1947 , less then 2 % of What was Allocated budgets is actually Applied to the Projects which exists on the record , rest of 98% goes to Pockets of Punjab Federal Secretariat and the President of Pakistan  and also the , Punjabi Secretaries of Islamabad and Also the bureaucracy of Pakhtunkhwa are although not directly involved only the Political Agents and Tehsildars low grade officers Muhrars and also lower grade class 4 employees are all billionaires in rack in corruption which is Highest in Pakistan and world even for the record

No Jurisdiction of Ehtesab Bureau in FATA 

As mentioned Above Ehtesab Bureau is Provincial Department and not a Federal Entity like the NAB , so FATA is not Part of Pakhtunkhwa and it has 8 Senators and also 12 MNA and No MPA that sits in the Pakhtunkhwa Assembly hence it is a Separate Province technically but in the Constitution of Pakistan it is not Given any Legal Status and No laws of Pakhtunkhwa or either of its Department has any Relationship with FATA and so is the Ehtesab Bureau of Pakhtunkhwa .

Safron Ministry or Department of Aliens ( Not Outer Space Aliens ) or Illaqa Ghair 

I though the the whole day and could not figure what the hell this ministry was and although this ministry exists and it controls the area of Pakhtunkhwa which are under direct control of federation the 6 Fr areas in Pakhtunkhwa and others in Baluchistan . As well as 7 Agencies of FATA areas , and it is only Ministry in Pakistan that can be called the Illegal or Rogue Ministry as it is not under the control of Pakistan constitution and it is Governed by only one Article that is Article 247 as it has no relationship with rest of Pakistan and it can be called “”Illaq Ghair “”, “” The Others area / Aliens “”, Ministry and it is although under control of Interior Ministry and yet it is a Ministry in its own right and it no Part of Pakistan constitution applies to it and it a Government within a Government and it control’s the following areas 


2. FR areas

3. FANA ( Gilgat and Baltistan known as Federally administered Northern Areas )

SOURCE  http://alijakhan.blogspot.com/2015/10/understanding-fata-status-and-governance.html

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British Titled and most loyal to them , Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum (1863 – 3 December 1937)‚ hailing from Topi‚ Swabi District‚  the home of Qadianis of Pakhtunkhwa , was a distinguished Bureaucrat and Civil Servant in good Books of British and having Access to British Raj Governor of NWFP directly and Had Special friendship with Sir George Roosekeeple Fist Commissioner and Political Agent to FATA .

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan who started as Tehsildar and then a Political Agent of Khyber Agency and Also Torghur Tribal Area in Hazara District and Amb District ( Now made Settled Area in 2012 ) .


He is perhaps best known for Negotiating the Durand Line Agreement representing the British Viceroy in 1893 at a Durand Line Border Committee Meeting with Representative from Afghanistan The Qadiani Sahibzada Abdul Latif  also Known as Raes I Kabul and , who was representation King of Afghanistan Amir Abdul Rehman Khan as Court Prominent Ulema representing him.

In the year 1893 during rule of King Amir Abdur Rahman Khan of Afghanistan a Royal Commission for setting up of Boundary the Durand line between Afghanistan and the British governed India was set up to negotiate terms with the British and the two parties camped at Parachinar. It was Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan of Topi Swabi a famous Qadiani Who Put the Stone that Divided the Pashtun Nation into now Afghans and Pakistani Pashtuns .

This Laying of Stone was in Exact Middle of Pashtun Belt and was Basis of Weakening of Pashtun Majority in Both Afghanistan and Pakistan , Pashtuns are now Relegated to a Minority in Current Status on both sides of Durrand line.

This Border committee Meeting took Place on 12 Nov 1893 at Parachinar Khyber Agency as Parachinar was part of Khyber Agency at that time and Kurrum and Khyber Agency Along with Orakzai Agency was one Entity at that time.

This Durand line was Demarcated by these Two Qadiani / Ahmadi Sahibzada,s one representing the British was him as  Loyal Subject Sir Sahibzada Qayyum Khan of Topi Swabi  Serving as Tehsildar of Khyber Agency ( Later Poltical Agent) and a Qadiani and other Qadiani Sahibzada as Mullah or Alim ( Learned Man ) of Royal Afghan  court from Afghanistan was Sahibzada Abdul Latif  Hailing from Said Gai Village of Khost  and Also Known  as Raes I Kabul as his Wealth Acquired from Un- known sources .

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi Swabi (1863 - 3 December 1937)

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi Swabi (1863 – 3 December 1937)

Both Sahibzada were very close friends as Sahibzada Abdul Latif and Sahibzda Abdul Qayum Friendship went before the Durrand line , and in fact younger Brother of Sahibzada Abdul Qayum had the same name as Sahibzada Abdul Latif.

Although the Sahibzada Abdul Latif from Afghanistan has his Head chopped off for Being a Qadiani and his role in Dividing the Pashtuns and for His Treachery,  was Assassinated by the same Afghan King Amir Abdul Rehman Khan when he found that his Representative to Durand line was a Qadiani and Follower of Qadiani Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1902.  Many Qadianis/ Ahmadi,s  were Persecuted by Afghan King after that and Many Flee Afghanistan to FATA and Bunnu and DI Khan  Area of Pakistan after that .

AF-PAK map Before Durrand line 1893.

AF-PAK map Before Durrand line 1893.

This line was demarcated in right in the Middle of Pashtun Areas , Dividing them into such Arrangement that they became a Minority in both sides of Durand line and they lost their Majority Status  in Both in Afghanistan and Indian areas , now in Pakistan Pashtuns are further subdivided so that officially they are only counted as 10% of Pakistan although they are according to some Un-official Estimates more then 50% of Pakistan .

Royal Mullah Shahibzada  Abdul Lateef  Ahmadi / Qadiani

Royal Mullah Shahibzada Abdul Lateef Ahmadi / Qadiani Original Picture 1898.

This ceremony of Stone placing was done by these Two Sahibzada and it was done in 1893, and this status quo was kept until 1902, as it was verbal Arrangement  and it was agreed upon by the Durrani Kings and British Viceroy as well . Initially Proposed as Spheres of Influence and not a boundary it was forcefully enforced as a Border by British and now Pakistan State .

The Incredulity of this Agreement is this that Actual Agreement was Written by Political secretary Mr. Durand in 1902, which is the official Date of  Durand line .

Mortimer Durand

Mortimer Durand

But Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum khan ,the representative from British was Well rewarded and promoted and had many Lucrative Posts with British Raj and East India Company and even when he died before Creation of Pakistan , many roads are named after him in Pakistan each and Every major city like Peshawar , Lahore , Islamabad and Karachi etc .


Qadianis also known as Ahmadis and Lahori  Jamaat in Pakistan Celebrate the Durand line as a big Success and they have given special Status to Sahibzada Abdul Latif a Ahmadi / Qadiani of Afghanistan and Chief Architect of Durrand line and Best Friend of Sahabizada Abdul Qayyum Khan who Together Places the Stone that was First Indicator of Durrand line which Divides the Pashtun race and has Awarded the Two Separate Identities to Pashtuns as Afghans and Pashtuns .

Ahmadis / Qadiani /Lahori Jamaat Hail this as their Best known Service to Queen of England and Feel Particularly Proud about this and Mentioned in many of their Publications , Their Leader  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who claimed he was Messiah and Last Prophet ( Impostor )  and his follower whom he Termed as First Martyr of Afghan Ahmadi, s / Qadiani,s , as Sahibzada Abdul Latif ( Who Represented the King of Afghanistan and Cheated him on Boundaries as it was not recognized as Boundary but as Sphere of Influence but King was Deceived in Maters comparable to “Lost in Translation” , as King never knew to Read and Write English so he had to depend on Sahibzada Abdul Latif for English Translation ) .

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Pioneer and Head of Qadiani / Ahmadi Jamaat wrote two Book in Honor of Sahibzada Abdul Latif as well as Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan is Widely Celebrated for this huge success and Durand line still exist as a Border and a Disputed line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan  also is Great Hero for Qadianis/Ahmadi,s for his contribution to Ahmadi /Qadiani Sects and His Friendship he Developed with Sahabzada Abdul Latif when he was serving as Tehsildar Assistant to Political Agent of Khyber Agency Major Rooskeeple later General and Governor of Pakhtunkwa ( Name of Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum is still on Boards of Khyber Agency as First Tehsildar  which was United at that time as one Agency comprising of Khyber and Kurrum Agency )

Sir George Roos-Keppel First Political Agent to FATA Later Governor Pakhtunkhwa

Sir George Roos-Keppel First Political Agent to FATA Later Governor Pakhtunkhwa

Sahabizada Abdul Qayyum  is well known for his Persoanl Friend Ship with Governor and General Roos Keeple ( Some claim it was more then Friendship)  , who was First Representative Political Agent to FATA along with Tehsildar Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as one of First Tehsildar,s with him where he performed the Role as Agent of British Raj in Famous ” Durrand commission ” , Held in Kurrum Agency on 12 Nov 1893 at Khyber Agency at Parachinar


Rooskeeple was Later Made Governor of Pakhtunkhwa, and this was Beginning of his role in Implementing Many Objectives of British that is Universities and Schools in Pakhtunkhwa/ NWFP  area like the Islamia College Peshawar , as the British wanted to Influence the education and Islam of Pashtuns . Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum khan had many Personal Relationships with Lord Cunningham the first Governor of NWFP/Pakhtunkwa and with later ones like Rooskeple.

This was what Lord Maculay  Wanted and he wanted it through his representative in NWFP/ Pakhtunkwa that  were Governor Rooskeeple and Previous Governors that is Lord Cunningham and thier Big Boss Lord Curzon.

British Raj Head of East India Company , Lord Maculy Address Outlining his Plan to enslave Pashtuns and Indians as Strategy to British Parliament in 1835.

British Raj Head of East India Company , Lord Maculy Address Outlining his Plan to enslave Pashtuns and Indians as Strategy to British Parliament in 1835.

His Second Well known Deed is as educationists while being a Best friend and Pal of British Governor Rooskeeple  of NWFP , with his Partner the man from Charsada Near Peshawar Khan Bahudur  Ghulam Haider  ( Grand Father of Aftab Ahmad Sherpao ) in establishing Islamia College‚ Peshawar‚ the first education institution in Peshawar Pakistan‚ on the mold of Lord Macaulay Policies and that of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s of educating Pashtun on British Pattern away from their Culture and Tradition of Ancient Bukhara and Samarkand  Madrisa,s  and this was Strategy of British Primarily who Wanted to change the Old system of Afghan Education Madrisas  System of India as they had Ruled India for Last 5,000 years .

Consequently, on April 12, 1911, Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum  arranged a meeting of like minded people in Peshawar at the residence of Abdul Karim, contractor at Peshawar city,

Which was attended by Arbab Khan Bahudur (British title) Ghulam Haider Khan ( Grandfather of Aftab Sherpao Ex Interior Minister Pakistan ) of Tehkal, Habibullah Khan, Khushal Khan, Karim Bakhsh Sethi , Khan Bahadur ( British Title ) Mian Rahim Shah Kaka Khel and Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Qadiani of Topi Swabi ( Ex Tehsildar and Political Agent Khyber Agency , Maker of Durrand Line with Sahibzada Abdul Latif ) and others.

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Qadiani of Topi Swabi moved the motion for collection of contributions, which was instantly responded to by cash donations by all present and Khan Bahadur ( British Title ) Mian Rahim Shah Kaka Khel of Nowshera, donated heavily at the meeting and promised to make a hostel for the students apart from the donation,which he did and still it stands in the campus as “Rahim Shah Ward”.

In addition to his instant cash donations, the Nawab of Dir promised further cash besides four hundred trees. The Nawab of Amb Hazara Mr.Nawab Muhammad Khan Zaman Khan  ( Swabi-Hazara Area Near Bella Village Now Under Turbella Dam Water Reservior ) of Amb also made huge cash contributions of Rs. 10,000,000 on request of Syed Abdul Jabbar Shah.

Subscriptions were also given by the Afridi Chiefs and leading religious elders. An example was set by Bibigul, widow of Khairullah Khans of Prang ( Sherpao Political family Belongs of Parang family), who gave her ornaments on Jun 6, 1911 as her subscription towards the college fund.

Subsequently, a large plot of land was purchased for the college building from the Khalils Mommands (Arbabs) of Tehkal. Rs. 1,50,000/- from Nizam of Hyderabad was sent by Syed Abdul Jabbar Shah to Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as donation for the college.

1917 Darband AMB Rt to Lt Nawab Khan Zaman Khan,Rooskeeple, last Sahibzada Qayum Khan

1917 Darband AMB Rt to Lt Nawab Khan Zaman Khan 2ndLT,Rooskeeple Middle , and 1st Rt Sir Sahibzada Qayum Khan sitting Middle

Hence Islamia College Peshawar was made , Islamia College (Urdu: اسلامیہ کالج ‎) is a renowned educational institution located in the city of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province ofPakistan. It was founded in October 1913 by regional leader Nawab Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum and then Chief Commissioner of the province Sir George Roos-Keppel,  Presently it is a Islamia College a Full Fledged University in Peshawar, since 2008.


In World War -2 The British lost the naval Power and they had not Enough resources to contain Frontier region under their control and they were suffering losses here.

The Mardan Punjab Regimental center and bombings from Raisalpur Air force base was also not enough to contain Pashtuns , They were short of finances and Money to contain the war effort in Indian subcontinent and especially in their Frontier region of Pakhtunkhwa / NWFP .

As whole Province was under FCR ( Frontier Crime Regulations which he and Rooskeeple had implemented after Durrand line demarcation ) , Draconian Laws that meant cruel and Inhuman laws that could crush any Resistance from Pashtuns and example of such Inhuman laws is not found anywhere in the world except Pashtuns areas of Pakhtunkwa , FATA and Baluchistan ( These Laws still Exits in Pakistan under a legal cover of Article 247 of Pakistan 1973 Constitution in FATA, FR Areas , Baluchistan and PATA)  and still resisted to change under Punjabi Establishment.

Such Laws meant Burning and Destroying House of any one who was threat Power of  British Raj , Not Granting that person any legal right to Documents of Identity , or Land or Property or Civic and Basic Human Rights that is supposed to be Entitled to any Human Being .  Sahibzada had Helped formulate these laws on FATA and Pakhtunkwa and Baluchistan ( Which was Part of Pakthunkhwa till 1971) .

Wars were constantly being Fought in Dir , Swat , Mardan and Charsada Areas as well as Tirah Khyber Agency , Waziristan North and South under resistance from Freedom Fighters and it was difficult to contain Pashtuns but there was Healthy Democratic movement which was Khudai Khidmatgar Movement a resistance Force of Bacha Khan of ANP against British .

So they decided to Give some Democratic Freedom to Pakhtunkwha in Round Table conference of 1935 Just before the world War Started and British Became Weak because of War with Hitler.

Although it has Big Holes in form of FR Areas , and PATA still under FCR which exists to date were left in Pakhtunkhwa as Tribal Areas where FCR still Exists .

Round Table Conference of 1935 in London with representatives from India .

Round Table Conference of 1935 in London with representatives from India .

Sahibzada Abdul Qayum,s  loyalty was greatly appreciated by British and was rewarded Well in full by them .


Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan  started his career as a civil servant under the British , but he eventually he is Remembered as  educationalists and His role as civil servant and under the British, and his Being a Loyal Title Holder as Sir and Sahibzada ( British Title of People Honored to have direct Access to British Governor of NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa  and his Blue eyed Protégé as a Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as a Title Holder ( Rewarded with Lands and Money ) and His Most Loyal to him and also to the Queen of England as Title holder as a Sir  ,is brushed under the carpet as he was Entrusted to Make Muslim League to Divide Pakistan later and his Help to Quaid I Azam

In 1887‚ Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum was appointed Naib Tehsildar and subsequently held several administrative portfolios i.e. Tehsildar‚ Chief Political Agent of Hazara‚ Revenue Assistant and Treasury Officer‚ Extra Assistant Commissioner‚ Superintendent of the Commissioner’s Vernacular Office‚ Assistant Political Agent Khyber‚ ‘Assistant Political Agent’ of Chitral‚ and then of Khyber Agency and then promoted to Assistant Political Agent of Khyber‚ FATA‚ during the period from 1891 to 1919.

Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum became the first Chief Minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in 1937. He was made Chief Minister of First Assembly of NWFP / Pakhtunkhwa , after  British lost their Power and they could not Handle the Pashtuns Militarily  and their campaigns in Swat and Malakand Yield no results against the Mighty Yousafzai,s , their Performance in Hazara and strong hold of Yousafzai,s  of Torghar and Manshera was also failing and they could not Keep the Pashtuns contained and they were suffering Losses Immensely in 1935,s After start of World War-2 .

Round Table Conference in 1935 in London with Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum British Loyal Bureaucrat from NWFP

Round Table Conference in 1935 in London with Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum British Loyal Bureaucrat from NWFP

They had no Option but to Give Political power to Pashtuns via Democracy and in 1937,s the First Provincial  Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa was established in Peshawar , but instead of Transferring the Power to Real Elected People , they came with Idea to place their Loyal Civil Servants and Ex -Tehsil dar and Political agent of Khyber Agency Mr Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan .

Quaid I Azam and Mulsim league had zero Representation in NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa , hence the Task was Given to Sir Sahibzada Loyal Servant of East India company to Make Muslim league in NWFP where there were no Hindus and Pakistan Two Nation Theory has no Standing because of Absence of Hindus in Pashtun belt of NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan .

So Loyal Servant of Queens of England in form of Sahibzada Sir Abdul Qayum Khan of Topi Swabi Loyalist to British , was used who had blessing of British Viceroy  and Title to Match  and Monthly Pay from Queen of Britain own  Sir and Sahibzada , with personal Intimate Friendship to Sir George Rooskeeple and Sir Cunningham Governor of NWFP. Under close instruction of him Sir Sahibzada became Agent of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and All Indian  Muslim league. 

After  Muslim league was established and Sir Sahibzada Qayyum khan was made its First CM of NWFP in 1937 without winning any Seats from Pakhtunkhwa /NWFP, representing a Minority Government While the Majority was with Bacha Khan and his Khudai Khidmatgars or ANP  and Dr Khan Sahib as Elected Member who was brother of Bacha Khan .

Strong representation of ANP in Form of Bacha Khan and Dr Khan Sahib , and thier Army of Supporters in form of Khudai Khidmatgars , Dr Khan Sahib Known as Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan replaced him in Just mere 6 Month as First CM through his Brother Dr Khan Sahib in form of Elected Power of Pashtuns as Second CM of NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa . 

Khudai Khidmatgar Army and Awami National Party Volunteer had Majority rule in Pakhtunkhwa and in Provincial Assembly .

Khudai Khidmatgar Army and Awami National Party Volunteer had Majority rule in Pakhtunkhwa and in Provincial Assembly .

It may be noted when British  established the First Political provincial Assembly in Frontier and NWFP in 1937 , region now called the Pakhtunkhwa they also Changed the FCR frontier Crimes Regulations and NWFP/Pakhtunkhwa in 1935-7 Year after Round table conference in London which was Attended by Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum and Dr Khan Sahib .

Dr Khan Sahib was Succesful in changing the FCR laws in NWFP / Pakhtunkhwa areas while FATA was not able to changed from FCR and this Stutus continues to this day in form of Pakistan Constitution .

Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan had no roots in People of Pakhtunkhwa .

British had to change Status of Pakhtunkhwa changed to Settled Area from Draconian and In-human Laws Defying Human rights as Pashtuns called the  FCR ( Frontier crimes Regulations ) or  Collective Punishment , that mean Destroying the Houses and Property of Rebels to British Government . This status of Pakhtunkhwa remains to this day and it has not changed for last 100 or so year for FATA , the Tribal Areas where Pashtuns lives and they do not enjoy any Educational Institutions or Medical facilities for which they have to depend on Pakhtunkhwa .

Second CM as Dr Khan Sahib after Deposing Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as First CM of Pakhtunkhwa / NWFP

Second CM as Dr Khan Sahib after Deposing Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum as First CM of Pakhtunkhwa / NWFP

After Dr Khan Sahib Won and Through No Confidence Motion , dislodged Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan loyal Servant to british he was installed as Second CM of NWFP / Pakhtunkhwa and hence ending the Legacy of Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum of Topi Swabi , Finished after he died shortly after in  1938 a Year later.

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Durand line is the Border that forms the International Boundary that separates the FATA, Baluchistan and NWFP and the Pakistan Area from the Afghanistan.

It extends from Wahkhan to Iranian border. This was created in November 12, 1893, after the British were severely defeated, in the Two Afghan Wars that British Empire Fought with Afghanistan and FATA and NWFP.

A series of conflicts known as the Anglo-Afghan wars during the imperialist Great Game between the British and Russia, led to the eventual dismemberment of Afghanistan.

Durand Line form the series of Divide and Rule Phenomena that British had recipe for their Enemies and to control Power of Muslims especially Pashtun who Brought Islam to Sub-continent from Afghanistan to India and Bangladesh Including Pakistan area

The annexation to India of the NWFP and FATA regions led to the demarcation of the Durand Line ,as part of British South Asia.. The Durand Line is named after Sir Mortimer Durand , Foreign Political Secretary of the British Indian government in Kabul (1884 to 1894), and the treaty also granted the Amir of Afghanistan (Abdur Rahman Khan) an annual salary from Britain along with shipments of weaponry.

One of the two representatives of the Government of Afghanistan was the Ahmadi / Qadiani  Sahibzada Abdul Latif of Khost, he had been appointed as a member of the Royal Commission, set up to negotiate terms with the British, and the two parties camped near the Khost border with  Parachinar ( Kurram/ Khyber  Agency which was one at that time  ) in 1893 .

Royal Mullah Shahibzada Abdul Lateef Ahmadi / Qadiani

Latter on the Sahibzada was Killed, by the Amir Himself on July 14 1903, as he Openly declared himself an Ahmadi and forbade his followers to Fight British. He had Joined the Ahmadiyya movement by offering Bay’ah ( Promises and allegiance to Mirza Ghulam Ahmadi ( Founder of Ahamadi/ Qadiani  Movement and claiming to be Prophet ) and Advocating an Idea of not Fighting the British as he and his Jammat thought , Jihad against British was not Required .

The Noted Person to Attend the Durand Line commission from British side was Ahmadi Shabizada Abdul Qayum  the Noted civil Servant of NWFP ( Pukhtunkwa ) , who was the First CM of NWFP Later in 1937.

Sahibzada Abdul Qayum of Topi Swabi British Representative to Boundary Commission Later called Durand Line

Sahibzada Qayum Khan was at that time Political Agent of Khyber Agency and he was First Non British one , at that time promoted from Tehsildar after he accomplished the Durand line Agreement as a reward , and He was given Prominent Position Later including being the First CM of NWFP/ Pakhtunkwa and was only Replaced after 8 month after he was Kicked out by Bacha Khan  in First Assembly of Pakhtunkwa .

Sahibzada was very close of Roos Keepel the First Commissioner to Pakhtunkhwa and FATA region and was Right Hand man of British Viceroy and Governor NWFP.

While the Afghan side greatly resented the border and viewed it as a temporary development, the British viewed it as being a permanent settlement.

This was what was point of Deception offered to Amir by the Ahmadi envoy . Resulting in   Amir Killing Many Ahmadis in Afghanistan  and Making them Persona Non-Grata and Their Forced Expulsions .

The Amir / King was Clearly deceived by his envoy the Ahmadi Sahibzada Abdul Latif The border was drawn intentionally to cut through the Pakhtun tribes.

Most of Times the line crossed their Homes and Villages so that they had to cross the border several times of day for routine matters. The British, who had captured most of rest of South Asia without significant problems, faced a number of defeats  here.

This was their Ploy to defuse the Pashtun resistance through ” Divide and Rule ” and Use of Religion and it dismemberment through Firqahs ( Sectarians ) .

This Policy is at Work even now .

The First Afghan war(1838-1842), with the Pashtuns resulted in a devastating defeat, with just one a Doctor (Dr William Brydon) and  a person as a Witness coming back alive (Out of a total of 14,800-16,000 people).

First Afghan war 1840, with Total Annihilation of British Army

Dr William Brydon of Irish Origin in British Army a Surgeon

Many were Taken as Prisoners including a Thomas Souther , the Souther Camp made by USA in Jalalabad is testament to History  is name after that man recently when Brits and Americans have Invaded Afghanistan after 9/11.

A grim reminder the Great Game is still on .

The Second Afghan War 1843-1881, was basically the efforts of Amir of Afghanistan to Regain control of NWFP and its capital which had fallen to British, which culminated in treaty of Peshawar (1855) pacified the Relationship a little with both sides respecting Border.

The Third Afghan War ,was also lost by British and this taught the super power a lesson which was taught to many super powers before including Alexander the Great and Chenghez Khan all loosing to Pashtuns .

Unable to enforce their writ in the region, the British changed tactics and played a game of divide and rule, installing Puppet Pashtun rulers and dividing the Pashtuns through artificially created regions and ruling indirectly so as to reduce the chance of confrontation.

In 1901 , The Pashtun were divided into NWFP Baluchistan and Afghanistan when NWFP was carved out of Afghanistan .

Then FATA was further Carved out  from it and created as separate entity which was left to FCR-40 Anti -human Right and Draconian Laws .

Then Southern Punjab another area was seperated from NWFP and Joined with Punjab .

Very careful Planning was made the Pashtun should not be United .

Although up to 1937 Pashtun offered great resistance in Waziristan and in Swat and Malakand in 1937 .

By 1937 after resistance was overcome in Malakand and in Waziristan ( from Fiqit of IPI , the NWFP had its first Governor and Chief Minister ( Off course the Loyal to British Sahibzada Qayum of Topi Swabi who was instrumental in Forming Durand Line from British Side  )

The First Governor of NWFP was British Sir Lord Cunningham ( Famous Author of Diaries )

The first provincial elections were held in 1937 and an  independent Loyal to British  candidate and noted Loyal British Civil Servant Ahmadi , Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan was elected as the provinces first Chief Minister.

In the Great Game ,Religious parties were used  Like Deobandi “Jamiat Ulema Hind”, Played a a major role .

So did the Jammat Ahmadia which was specially used for this purposes . Maulavi,s were used to Convince people that enemies of Islam were actually Russians not British as the former were Ahle-Kitab.

These Ulema and their Sahibzada ( Title Holders of British )  Khan Bahdur Agents ,used Islam for declaring jihad against Russia ,but it failed to Convince some Ulema like Faqir  of Api ( Waziristan of Dawar Area ), who made lot of trouble for British.

Faqir of Ipi of Waziristan ( Mirza Ali Khan ) , freedom Fighter Who recognized the Treachery of Deobandis as British Agents .

Each Maulvi would get 10 Rupees Per month to offer speeches in Sermons. The performance was Monitored by Commissioners reporting to First NWFP ( Pukhtunkwa ) Governor Lord Cunningham.

The Liaison was established by Khan Bahadurs and the Commissioners, Noted among them was Deputy Commissioner Sikindar Mirza ( Grand Son of Mir Jaffer the traitor  ) who served in NWFP ( Later to become President of Pakistan in 1950,s serving American well ) ,

Khan Bahadur Kuli Khan of DI Khan ( who was Political Agent Waziristan too and served British in many intrigues to Destabilize Afghan Emirs Government ) and Ghulam Hyder Khan of Village Sherpao Charsada ( Grand father of Aftab Ahmed Sherpoa The ex- Interior Minister of  Pakistan during Mushraff  Reign 1999-2007 and Previous CM of  NWFP )

Khan Bahudur Kuli Khan Political Agent Waziristan British Loyalist

Even Prime Minister of Swat are mentioned in the, “Diaries of NWFP Governor, Sir George Cunningham”, and are well preserved in the Indian Office Library in London, among his personal papers.

Original idea of Durand line was by Lord Lytton (1876-80) ,an idea of a scientific frontier based on Defense/Economic Interests of British Empire towards Russian Expanding Empire.

Military experts came to be divided into two groups – the forward and the backward.

1.  The backward group advocated that Indus should be the frontier line because the tribesmen were troublesome and would not tolerate interference; it was difficult and Expensive to fight in the mountains; and it was very expensive to have British Cantonments in the tribal territory.

2. The forward group advocated that the frontier should be from Kabul through Ghazni to Kandhar because unless the tribal country was occupied tribesmen would continue to give trouble; river Indus the  frontier was not a frontier at all; tribal area could pay the expenses of military occupation if its mineral resources were developed; and even if the policy was expensive it must be adopted for the sake of British Interests.

3. Ultimately a compromise was reached by mixing both Ideas.


In the beginning the British had adopted an attitude of conciliation. Tax free and free trade Zones were established in FATA , medical facilities were provided and tribesmen were recruited in the army and the police.

Since this policy could not remove the basic cause of the trouble—the economic needs of the area–it failed.

Inheriting such policy after Independence, and even now when USA is offering Economic Zones which sounds too familiar to what British Offered.

But worse as Economic free Zones are not Planned inside the FATA areas. All of them are Planned in settled areas exposing Incompetence of our Civil Servants.

No direct Economic benefit will be derived to People living there. The Great Game ( 1800-1998 ) Players have changed and new term is Coined “ The New Great Game “ (1998- Ongoing ), involving Economic Interest of USA , Russia , China and India , Documented by Authors like

  1. Kleveman, Lutz. The New Great Game
  2. Blood and Oil in Central Asia, by Dr. Makni,
  3. The New Great Game: Oil and Gas Politics in Central Eurasia by Rashid, Ahmed Author of Taliban
  4. Islam, Oil and the New Great Game in Central Asia, I. B. Tauris.

Durand line in Danger of being Violated by all Players for their Interest even USA which claims to be an Ally.

The TAPI ( Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan Iran ), pipe line will be crossing the Durand line and reaching Gawadar.

IPI ( Iran Pakistan India ) would be too. Which is opposed by USA as it will compete with TAPI and also it benefit Iran instead of USA.

Energy Security is a fancy term defining its Geopolitical interest which requires USA to maintaining Military Bases in Afghanistan , Pakistan , Turkmenistan , CIS states and maybe Iran.

It wants to safeguard the Trade Routes and the Pipe lines for Indefinite period.

The Taliban were ousted from Afghanistan because they had Awarded the Oil Pipe line deal to Argentinian company “ Bridas “ , as opposed to UNICAL( USA Company )  , on whose board of directors sits Dick Cheney and Bush family.

Hamid Karzai ( Current President of Afghanistan ) was an Employee of this Company before he was installed President of Afghanistan by the US.


What lies in future is in Hands of Decision makers Pakistan, if we are to survive the Dance of Elephants and not get Trampled. Best Option seems to be, Solid agreements which based upon Interests of Pakistan . Changing our dependence on USA which has changed from Friend to Enemy or Frienemy.

Opening up more to China and Russia , India and Iran . Joining the “ Shanghai Corporation Organization “ to balance the Power . Rethinking/ Abandoning, the Kashmir Issue is the need of Hour as we have to concentrate more on Durand line than before.

Other wise consequences will be disastrous as War on Terrorism is ploy to Grab the Oil Resources and Establishment of Permanent US Militry Cantonments in Afghanistan.

Now when China , India is also fighting for same space in Afghanistan and Pakistan, seems to be left alone and uptill now is Alone to consequences by every body Even the friends of Pakistan have been Reluctant up till now to Donate money.

This situation , calls for us to Change our Short Sighted and Myopic Foreign policy aligned with that of USA , is failed policy . Instead of taking advantage of the Trade which is swelled to 1 Billion US Dollars and Undocumented can be thrice of this amount , We have to Sit up and wake up to Realities.

Our Government and Establishment is stuck in ATTA and Money crises . it  should wake up and realize that we don’t have to beg from Doners but Impose our National Interest and Profit from the Trade.

The Taxes on Fuel and Petrol to Afghanistan was reduced to zero from 6.60 Rupees on each liter is also not good action. We should levy tariffs on the Trans –trade , which is reaching up to Afghanistan and even Russia .

As the land locked countries can benefit from the Trades. We should open up a Trade zones and Free ports in Tribal Areas, this will enable the poor people to Benefit from Economic Progress. The Tribal Areas , should be given the same status as NWFP and its Representatives allowed to sit in NWFP assemblies.

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