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One of the most Corrupt Region in Pakistan is FATA , Federally Administered Area of Tribal Area , which is controlled not by Constitution of Pakistan , which is not implemented here .

FATA is Governed  by just one Article of constitution which is called , Article 247 , which has implemented laws that  are 150 Years old and made by British Empire by Lord Curzun a British Viceroy of East India company called , the  FCR , Frontier crimes Regulation .

Area of  Pakistan as FATA not under Pakistan Constitution:  

FATA consists of the following Areas , as according to Article 247 of constitution , which are not governed by Pakistan constitution and it laws and neither the Parliament National Assembly or the Provincial Assembly Governs it  are as Follows:

A:   7 Tribal  Agencies from North to South Along the Durand Line which are: 

  1. Bajaur Agency
  2. Mommand Agency
  3. Khyber Agency 
  4. Orakzai Agency 
  5. Kurrum Agency
  6. North Waziristan
  7. South Waziristan

B:  6 FR or Frontier Areas from North to South while Being Inside of Pakhtunkhwa Area  : 

  1. Fr Peshawar 
  2. Fr Kohat 
  3. Fr Lakki Marwat 
  4. Fr Bannu 
  5. Fr Tank 
  6. Fr DI Khan  

These are the Enslaved Areas Federal Areas ( Fr Areas )  , although the Fall geographically Inside of boundaries of Pakhtunkhwa Province .

C:  6 PATA AREAS Provincially Administered tribal Areas in Pakhtunkhwa  :

  1. Dir Upper
  2. Dir Lower
  3. Swat (including Kalam)
  4. The Tribal Area in Kohistan District
  5. Malakand District
  6. The Tribal Area adjoining (Batagram, Allai and Black Mountain of Hazara),Mansehra District.
  7. The former state of Amb in Hazara.

D:  6 PATA AREAS Provincially Administered tribal Areas in Pakhutnkhwa Annexed Area now in Baluchistan Previously under state of Kalat  that was Part of Pakhtunkhwa till 1971 :

  1. Zhob District
  2. Loralai District (excluding Duki Tehsil)
  3. Dalbandin Tehsil of Chagai District
  4. Marri Tribal Territory in Sibi District
  5. Bugti Tribal Territory in Sibi District

These are the Enslaved Areas Federal Areas ( Fr Areas )  , although the Fall geographically Inside of boundaries of Baluchistan Province .

They are also tribal Areas but they are not Governed by FATA secretariat but are controlled by the Pakhtunkhwa secretariat  and Baluchistan Secretariat those area which were Previously under FATA secretariat and “”Safron Ministry “”but they also come under ambit of President of Pakistan Direct rule under Article 247 and Lord Curzon Laws of East Indian company meant to Enslave the Pashtuns and not the Parliament of Pakistan or even the Parliament of Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan .

FATA secretariat and their Administration is also confusing as one Member from each District sits in Provincial Assembly of Pakhtunkhwa but he cannot make Rule for his PATA , constituency and has to seek Permission of President of Pakistan .

Furthermore PATA is under 247 of 1973 Constitution that still maintains the Draconian Law of FCR 40 even under PATA and one is denied of Human Rights and Rights Guaranteed under the constitution of Pakistan that is inherent in Basic unchangeable Right Articles that forms the basis of

History of FATA Laws : 

It is one of Big Mysteries of Pakistan is FATA really part of Pakhtunkhwa or not ?? , why Pakistan and Jinnah would keep the British Laws intact Behaving like Dictators and why they want to Impose this on People of FATA  Draconian Laws that separates it from Pakhtunkhwa , While Pakhtunkhwa had Article 247 Like Lord Curzons Laws with FCR 40 Laws just as Currently held in FATA currently .

After the Durand Line was Made starting from Gilgit Baltistan “” FANA ( Federally Administered Northern Areas )

IT was in 1930,s that Massacre of “””Qisa Khawani Peshawar””” , Happened and it was Bacha khan and their Supporters who were Butchered by the British by Firing on unarmed Protesters who were Protesting not allowing Political Party ANP Awami National Party Made by Bacha Khan to raise Voice of Pashtuns Against British these Same Draconian and Against Human right Laws that it had only Implement in this Part of the World and only Against Pashtuns .

It is these Black Laws  that are now Part of Article 247 of Pakistan constitution, and its Democratic right to Govern by the British and they imprisoned Bacha Khan and people of Peshawar and Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa rose to defend him and 1000 People of Peshawar fell in front of Machine Guns that were Manned by Punjab regiment with Sepoy,s from Punjab  from Mardan Center under Gora Officers , after the Nepalese Gorkhas , refused to Fire on un -Armed People famously .

The British Govt under it Elected Democratic PM sent a Team to Investigate and the Team came and held a Judicial Inquiry and it asked Bacha Khan and their followers , the reason and they demanded the removal of these Black Laws and hence it was Agreed to remove the Laws from whole “”NWFP”” , which is currently Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan as one province at that time .

IT is Ironic that FATA was Kept as such as even by the British cantonment would be Attacked by these Tribal and loot and Plunder the cantonment , and Peshawar areas and their Killings . so FATA was kept as Such to Protect themselves from these Tribes of FATA .In order to do that British used a cunning Tactics via their bureaucracy that were run by Grandson of Mir Jaffar “‘ President Skinder Mirza “”‘  from East Pakistan who was Titled “”” Traitor of India “”” and his name is Synomous to Traiotr , he was Later President of Pakistan and some Qadiani Elements in Bureaucracy of Pakistan and Pakhtunkhwa and the Pashtun Politicians like “”Sherpao Family”” and the “”Sahibzadas””,  “Babers and “”Arbabs “”Deobandi Mullahs of Pashtun Area , who had Pledged Allegiance Punjabi Based Deobandis with close Ties to British at that time under Qasim Naintawi and Mehmod ul Hassan and Obaid Ullah Sindhi all Punjabis and Previous Tutors in East Indian company of Arabic and Persian under “”Sir Syed Ahmad Khan “”” an Indian Pashtun who had been translator from the British and Mr Durand and Rooskeepal British Political Agents representing East India company Viceroy “””Lord Curzon”” in Durand Line commission.

One of them Qadiani Sahbzaada Abdul Qayum Khan was Man who drew the Durand line and had represented the British as Tehsildar Khyber Agency . was Astute Qadiani and this is the Line that has Divided the Pashtuns into Afghan and Pashtuns although they are “””Synomous Words””” actually and then Pashtuns were Later divided and Rule into Tribals and Pashtuns of Pakhtunkhwa and then Baluchistan was Annexed from it as “””Baluchistan “”, It should Also be Mentioned that Afghan rulers at time of Durand Line has Entrusted a Qadiani ” Sahibzada Abdul Latif “”” best friend of “”Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan”””  of Swabi who had converted him to Qadianism , and who had named his name on his Brother as ” Sahibzada Abdul Latif ” in token of his deed and his Effort to make “””Durand line””” ,  while he represented the Afghan Government in Durand line commission in 1898 .

These Mullahs were on pay role of British and they formed the Maliks and also the tehsildars and political Administration of KPK and FATA area and they made an Alliance towards not making FATA same as NWFP/KPK and demanded a separate Laws of FCR 40 and Lord Curzon Laws , currently under Article 247 of Pakistan 1973 Constitution.

Not much has changed even when the British Left and they Passed a Law called the Partition Act where all the Previous laws were null and Void and FATA even after Partition was kept the same when there was no Legal basis and First constitution of “”Liaqat ali Khan “””Objective Resolution “” had no Mention of FATA .

These Same traitors and British Chamchas  Bureaucrats of British era become the Presidents and Majority Muslim Leaguers under Jinnah and also the Generals in the Army and usurped power from the Politicians and they wanted to use the FATA for their”” Great Game Strategy””‘ and “””Strategic depth”””” after they formed Alliances with USA and NATO in Baghdad pact and they wanted dearly the Draconian Lord Curzon Laws and wanted to complete what that British had left incomplete because of two World wars and Lack of Army manpower after 1945 when WW2 Ended . They wanted Invasion of Afghanistan and Central Asia Dearly .

Generals Ayub Khan family being Son of a traitor of Soil  “””Mir Dad Khan Subedar””” of in Mardan Based Punjab regiment and Hudson Horse under col Hudson who was Killed by his Own sepoys for these Inhuman Atrocities in 1857 “”, who had had cut the Head of Last Muslim Emperor “””Bahudur Shah Zafar “”” and Hanged his 5 Sons in 1857 , was one Leading this and He implemented the martial law in Pakistan with help of his “”‘Qadiani Friends in Takht I Lahore”””” and hence , from 1958 , this Strategy was started and Nothing changed now the Kala Sahib was In charge after Gora Sahib Left .  The Qadiani Judges like Justice Munir Ahmad and Bureaucrats like Ch Zafar Ullah Khan and in Planning commission ” Grandson of  Qadiani Prophet “””Mirza Ghulam Ahmad”” “””Mian Muzafar Ahmad ( Planner of Kalabagh Dam ) was chief Planning commission head all  contributed in Supporting the Army Generals Ayub Khan and causing a Pause of Pakistan Democracy and Constitution called “” Nazria Zorat “”.

The Bureaucracy of Punjab and the Generals of Punjab wanted FATA for their Misadventures in Afghanistan and Central Asia and Americans were friend not Master rather the Opposite in this Gerat Game and FATA was the Launching Pad and Officer of Army were sent to USA to get Trained from Incompetent Generals who Passed Last on Merit in  “””PMA””” and were not fit for and Below Average officers like “”General Zia( failed his Staff college Quetta ) “”” (  to Hamid Gul to Mushraff and also other contributed who were never fit to be even a col in Pakistan Army on Merit .

FATA , was forcibly Made as what it is today , later some Areas of Pakhtunkhwa like , the following in 1971 , were made Part of FATA who were Never even in FATA under the British as the Kala Sahib were more active then the “”Gora Sahib””,  like “”””Bajaur Agency””” , “””Swat””” , and Malakand Agency and “””Upper Dir “””and””” Lower Dir””” , and “”Shangla””” etc was made into FATA , under Zulfiqar Ali bhutto and the Generals Yayha Khan “” after Protests Against one unit was made by Pashtun Politicians like Wali Khan of ANP and East Pakistani Politicians . The Assemblies of Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan were Dissolved and a Punjabi Rajput “””Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto””‘ son of British Chamcha,  “””Sir Shah Nawaz Khan “”” a Punjabi who was Given Land in Sind for his Service to British was part of this Scheme.

The East Pakistan 60% of Pakistan Broke away in Protest and Pashtun never did any Protest and Became””” Loyal Pakistanis””” serving under the Punjabi establishment Draconian Black Laws and in the forefront were the “””””Tribals  FATA Walas and their Political Agents and “””Maliks””” who were loyal to British found their other Pattern the Punjabis . The Punjabi Assumed the Position of God Like Causalities with FCR 40 and Article 247 , which was put in First even Democratic constitution of Pakistan in 1973.

The Maliks British Stooges and their son got the Position of 8 FATA senators and 12 MNA but no MPA, in Pakhtunkhwa to which they were Part of . This was a Mystery that is not Explainable on Basis of common Sense .


Is FATA Part of Pakhtunkhwa Big Mystery : 

So it is Big Mystery that is FATA being so different from Pakhtunkwa and yet it is not a Province , But it is Governed as a Different as Different Province , according to the constitution of Pakistan and it is Governed by only one Article , Called 247 , which makes the Lord Curzons Black Laws “”” FCR 40″”” as Laws of Tribal Areas be it FATA or PATA and direct Rule of President of Pakistan , some of the Anomalies of this small Strip of Land which is on Durand line facing Afghanistan ,

It Makes one wonder why the “”Kala Sahib “”” , go to Extreme Lengths to make it without  certain Personal  Rights, Democracy and Right to Elect their Leaders  and Human Rights that is Guaranteed to other Pakistani and not Tribal people belonging to only one Ethnicity that is Pashtuns.

Why a Stick Policy is needed for One Race and not other Pakistani , why Punishment and not the Goodies or Carrots are Needed to Govern them . The British Have left but the Kala Sahib is still there and more Loyol as”””” Loyol Puris””” Punjabis  to Gora Sahib that want to maintain thier Union jack over FATA Tribal and Claims this is Wanted by them ???? as Lies Perpetuated by Pakistani Media and agents of Punjabi Establishment.

Role of Mass Media of Pakistan  FATA : 

They say it is their culture and Tradition to confuse the People of Pakistan and claim that ., Tribal are Donkeys “”” who need a Stick on their Back to Function Properly as they are Stupid and un Worthy of Being a Democratic traditions . Although Evidence is Other wise , Pakhtunkhwa by contrast Always Votes the Best as compared to Punjabis who jimps over boad and selects the generals in Uniform and also thier Army Selected Poltiicains as thier favorites Mostly punjabis and Muhajirs offocourse .

No Jurisdiction of Parliament and Pakistan Secretariat in FATA  : 

The Pakistan Constitution and National Assembly has no Jurisdiction in FATA , that is under Direct Federal Rule of Islamabad and is controlled by the President of Pakistan and the FATA secretariat which is not under Pakistan Secretariat that controls Pakistan.

No Jurisdiction of Pakhtunkhwa Parliament and its Secretariat in FATA  : 

The Pakhtunkhwa parliament and Pakhtunkhwa Secretariat does not control FATA and its Laws and it is controlled Directly by the FATA Secretariat under President  of Pakistan .

No Jurisdiction of Supreme court in FATA : 

There is no Jurisdiction of Supreme court and High court of Pakthunkhwa in FATA , as it is termed as FATA Federal Jurisdiction Area under Islamabad by Pakistan constitution under Article 247 and it is not governed by the National and Provincial Assembly and hence , the Governance is controlled b Article 247 , just one Point Agenda of Pakistan Constitution and it says that FCR 40 ,which are 40 Laws that Govern the Justice and Law system of FATA

No Jurisdiction of Peshawar high court in FATA 

 Even when FATA is considered as Part of Pakhtunkhwa or not is a mystery for all Practical Purposes that , Peshawar high court has no Jurisdiction in FATA and recently Passed Changed in Article 247 sub Section ( 6) , only Says now that , FATA people have Right to challenge the Authority of Political Agents of FATA secretariat in Islamabad under the  President of Pakistan under a Tribunal constituted by Retired or Serving Judges or Peshawar High court but will work under the Rules of Article 247 and FCR 40 . common on this is another Joke on people of FATA . what is use of Such Rubbish Amendment in first place when , other 300 to 500 Article of constitution are not implemented in FATA . The Punjabi Establishment  will continue to remain the God like in FATA as matter of current laws are concerned and they will continue to Play the Games .

No Jurisdiction of Islamabad high court in FATA 

Recently when Islamabad High court came into being , which has Jurisdiction in Federal controlled Areas ,  7 FATA Agencies and 6 FR Areas were conveniently left out and this happened, and later when even an Amendment took place that allowed appeal process after Political Agent makes a Decision under the Article 247 and FCR 40 He cannot be challenged in the Islamabad High court although Peshawar high court can theoretically but not according to constitution of Pakistan but in Limited way only it can look into the 40 Laws which are called the FCR 40 and under Article just one Article of Constitution that is called Article 247 . A joke was Played with FATA People and they were Given the Feeler they are Slaves and will be treated like the Slaves in future  as well .

When  No Jurisdiction of NAB in FATA 

It is so Curious that , FATA which is controlled by the Bureaucrats is Home of highest corruption in Pakistan , yet when it comes to Implementation of Nab FATA , exempted because of two simple reason that , NAB is only Used for Political Victimization of Politicians and since the FATA is directly controlled by the Punjabi Establishment via the Corrupt FATA secretariat and its Predominate Punjabi Bureaucracy and Political Agents who are Direct rulers of FATA and with Fascists God Like Authority and as the Powerfull Arms of Punjabi Establishment .

It is strange that , NAB and Ehtesab Bureau has not caught a Single Person from FATA for Corruption and its Rulers who are just Figures heads and Dummies like 8 Senators and 12 MNA of FATA and countless Local People who work for FATA secretariat are never probed by the NAB , National Accountability Bureu and since 1947 , less then 2 % of What was Allocated budgets is actually Applied to the Projects which exists on the record , rest of 98% goes to Pockets of Punjab Federal Secretariat and the President of Pakistan  and also the , Punjabi Secretaries of Islamabad and Also the bureaucracy of Pakhtunkhwa are although not directly involved only the Political Agents and Tehsildars low grade officers Muhrars and also lower grade class 4 employees are all billionaires in rack in corruption which is Highest in Pakistan and world even for the record

No Jurisdiction of Ehtesab Bureau in FATA 

As mentioned Above Ehtesab Bureau is Provincial Department and not a Federal Entity like the NAB , so FATA is not Part of Pakhtunkhwa and it has 8 Senators and also 12 MNA and No MPA that sits in the Pakhtunkhwa Assembly hence it is a Separate Province technically but in the Constitution of Pakistan it is not Given any Legal Status and No laws of Pakhtunkhwa or either of its Department has any Relationship with FATA and so is the Ehtesab Bureau of Pakhtunkhwa .

Safron Ministry or Department of Aliens ( Not Outer Space Aliens ) or Illaqa Ghair 

I though the the whole day and could not figure what the hell this ministry was and although this ministry exists and it controls the area of Pakhtunkhwa which are under direct control of federation the 6 Fr areas in Pakhtunkhwa and others in Baluchistan . As well as 7 Agencies of FATA areas , and it is only Ministry in Pakistan that can be called the Illegal or Rogue Ministry as it is not under the control of Pakistan constitution and it is Governed by only one Article that is Article 247 as it has no relationship with rest of Pakistan and it can be called “”Illaq Ghair “”, “” The Others area / Aliens “”, Ministry and it is although under control of Interior Ministry and yet it is a Ministry in its own right and it no Part of Pakistan constitution applies to it and it a Government within a Government and it control’s the following areas 


2. FR areas

3. FANA ( Gilgat and Baltistan known as Federally administered Northern Areas )

SOURCE  http://alijakhan.blogspot.com/2015/10/understanding-fata-status-and-governance.html


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While in Britain, no one has heard of her, in Afghanstan Malalai (or Malala) is a legend. Smaller facts in the story vary slightly, but although it is Ayub Khan who became known as the Victor of Maiwand, it is said that it was Malalai who actually saved the day.

Da Maiwand Malalai 1880,at 2nd Anglo Afghan War where she Led the Pashtuns

Da Maiwand Malalai 1880,at 2nd Anglo Afghan War where she Led the Pashtuns

She was a native of Khig, a tiny village on the edge of the Maiwand battlefield, and the daughter of a shepard. Both her father and fiancée joined with Ayub’s army in the attack on the British on July 27th 1880 (which some say was also her wedding day), and like many women, Malalai was there to help tend to the wounded and provide water and spare weapons. Eventually there came a point in the battle where the Afghan army, despite their superior numbers, started to lose morale and the tide seemed to be turning in favour of the British. Seeing this, Malalai took off her veil and shouted out:

“Young love! If you do not fall in the battle of Maiwand,
By God, someone is saving you as a symbol of shame!”

This gave many of the Afghan fighters and ghazis a new resolve and they redoubled their efforts. At that moment one of the leading flag-bearers fell from a British bullet, and Malalai went forward and held up the flag (some versions say she made a flag out of her veil), singing a landai:

“With a drop of my sweetheart’s blood,
Shed in defense of the Motherland,
Will I put a beauty spot on my forehead,
Such as would put to shame the rose in the garden,”

But then Malalai was herself struck down and killed. However, her words had spurred on her countrymen and soon the British lines gave way, broke and turned, leading to a disastrous retreat back to Kandahar and the biggest defeat for the Anglo-Indian army in the Second Afghan War. Ayub Khan afterwards gave a special honour to Malalai and she was buried at her village, where her grave can still be found.

Malala of Maiwand War Hero of 2nd Anglo Afghan War 1880,

Malala of Maiwand War Hero of 2nd Anglo Afghan War 1880,

British sources, unsurprisingly, do not mention Malalai. Her actions may not have been noticed by any of the British, or they may not have seemed as consequential as they were to the Afghans. Afghan women are very rarely mentioned at all in the reports and narratives of the war (Hensman mentions that one woman was found among the dead at Ahmed Khel). Interestingly, it is the Afghans who provide some of the evidence for one of the other legends born at the battle of Maiwand, as it is from one of Ayub’s artillery colonels that we learn some of the details of the famous last stand of the 66th, clutching to their company colours, in a Khig garden, where indeed the fallen bodies were later found to be lying.

As well as Malalai, there were many other factors in the Afgan’s favour on that day, including preferential terrain and positioning, superior numbers, skilled use of outnumbering artillery, and perhaps some bad decisions on the British side of things. But certainly her actions were enough to turn her into a national hero where she is still revered today. Schools, hospitals and even a women’s magazine have been named after her. It is also a popular girl’s name, with Malalai Joya a rare female voice in post-Taliban Afghan politics.

Article by Garen Ewing ©2005. Separate from other articles on this website, I grant a creative commons license so this article may be used elsewhere to spread the word about Malalai. Please include this credit line.

source and Courtesy : http://www.garenewing.co.uk/angloafghanwar/biography/malalai.php

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Genetic study sets out to uncover if there is a 2,700-year-old link to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israel is to fund a rare genetic study to determine whether there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel and the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Historical and anecdotal evidence strongly suggests a connection, but definitive scientific proof has never been found. Some leading Israeli anthropologists believe that, of all the many groups in the world who claim a connection to the 10 lost tribes, the Pashtuns, or Pathans, have the most compelling case. Paradoxically it is from the Pashtuns that the ultra-conservative Islamic Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged. Pashtuns themselves sometimes talk of their Israelite connection, but show few signs of sympathy with, or any wish to migrate to, the modern Israeli state.

Now an Indian researcher has collected blood samples from members of the Afridi tribe of Pashtuns who today live in Malihabad, near Lucknow, in northern India. Shahnaz Ali, from the National Institute of Immuno­haematology in Mumbai, is to spend several months studying her findings at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa. A previous genetic study in the same area did not provide proof one way or the other.

The Assyrians conquered the kingdom of Israel some 2,730 years ago, scattering 10 of the 12 tribes into exile, supposedly beyond the mythical Sambation river.

The two remaining tribes, Benjamin and Judah, became the modern-day Jewish people, according to Jewish history, and the search for the lost tribes has continued ever since. Some have claimed to have found traces of them in modern day China, Burma, Nigeria, Central Asia, Ethiopia and even in the West.

But it is believed that the tribes were dispersed in an area around modern-day northern Iraq and Afghanistan, which makes the Pashtun connection the strongest.

“Of all the groups, there is more convincing evidence about the Pathans than anybody else, but the Pathans are the ones who would reject Israel most ferociously. That is the sweet irony,” said Shalva Weil, an anthropologist and senior researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Pashtuns have a proud oral history that talks of descending from the Israelites.

Their tribal groupings have similar names, including Yusufzai, which means sons of Joseph; and Afridi, thought by some to come from Ephraim. Some customs and practices are said to be similar to Jewish traditions: lighting candles on the sabbath, refraining from eating certain foods, using a canopy during a wedding ceremony and some similarities in garments.

Weil cautioned, however, that this is not proof of any genetic connection. DNA might be able to determine which area of the world the Pashtuns originated from, but it is not at all certain that it could identify a specific genetic link to the Jewish people.

So far Shahnaz Ali has been cautious. “The theory has been a matter of curiosity since long ago, and now I hope a scientific analysis will provide us with some answers about the Israelite origin of Afridi Pathans. We still don’t know what the truth is, but efforts will certainly give us a direction,” she told the Times of India last year.

Some are more certain, among them Navras Aafreedi, an academic at Luck­now University, himself a Pashtun from the Afridi tribe. His family trace their roots back to Pathans from the Khyber Agency of what is today north-west Pakistan, but he believes they stretch back further to the tribe of Ephraim.

“Pathans, or Pashtuns, are the only people in the world whose probable descent from the lost tribes of Israel finds mention in a number of texts from the 10th century to the present day, written by Jewish, Christian and Muslim scholars alike, both religious as well as secularists,” Aafreedi said.

The implications of any find are uncertain. Other groups that claim ­Israelite descent, including those known as the Bnei Menashe in India and some in Ethiopia, have migrated to Israel. That is unlikely with the Pashtuns.

But Weil said the work was absorbing, well beyond questions of immigration. “I find a myth that has been so persistent for so long, for 2,000 years, really fascinating,” she said.

SOURCE: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jan/17/israel-lost-tribes-pashtun?CMP=twt_gu

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Click the Underlined words below for explanations

Our Establishment and the Jihadis who came from all over the World, has been fighting the Wars in, NWFP and FATA and Balauchistan against the Super Powers. First when Russian invaded Afghanistan (1979-1989) and later now when we are fighting another one against Taliban (2001-To date) when US has designs to occupy Afghanistan in the form of Military bases as it has in Saudia and other Arab countries.

1. Use of Islam against Russia in Great Game for Quest of Oil:

The fighters in the form of Muslim Madrassah students were brought from Arab countries of Saudia, Egypt, UAE, Morocco, and Algeria and where ever there was Islam. Fighter’s came from Christian countries of Europe and UK, USA and even Atheist countries like China (Xingjian Uighur Muslims) and Russia (Muslims of Chechnya’s).

The Help of CIA, Saudi, and Pakistan Intelligence (ISI) made this Mass migration of the Jihadis possible. The Main concept of Islam and Jihad was Hijacked and made to cater for the Psyche of War against a Communist Super Power that was Atheist and Non-Believers in Allah/ God. CIA had this Policy of using Religion against the Spread of Communism for a Long time and it was using all the other World religions effectively against Communism as it based on Atheism non Belief of God or Allah of Communists as basis of Hate, Although Communism was based on Principle of Socialism which is a major Part of Islam.

US was world leader of Capitalism/ Imperialism ( Interest based) , the system which works on system of Injustice to Poor and granting great power to Wealthy class, totally against the principles of Islam where Interests and other such Social Injustices are not tolerated as it harms the Poor.

This use of Islam for this purpose was approved by US President Jimmy Carter, and later by subsequent President Like Reagan and both senior and Junior Bushes.

This was Chief policy of CIA for Decades to come. The single Basis of Belief in one God was only plus point of US as it shared with Islam. Carter Doctrine, as we know US wanted to Have Military Basses; in all its spheres of Influences especially where there was Oil Fields. , Like Saudia, and other Middle Eastern countries extending upto Russian Controlled CIS states .

A total, of 1000 US bases were planned all over the world. The future was supposed to be Un-Tapped Oil reserves of CIS states Near Russia, At that, Time Russian border extended up to Afghanistan where after Afghan Jihad was pushed back to where it is now near shrunken Russia .

The Great Berlin wall came down and Europe became one as European Union because, as Russian had no War Machine left to protect its Interests. The dream of USA became true what could not be achieved and was unthinkable was achieved by these Jihadis. All of Asia and the Central Asia, CIS countries Predominately Muslim were under Russian Control were now Liberated from Russian without Sacrifice of a Single Western/ American Officer and Soldier and by Finances that was like less then 1 % of America would spend on other wars.

America who could not dare to fight the Mighty, Russian Empire and could choose to fight Cold Wars instead of Fighting Eye to Eye with Russians had effectively outsourced war to Jihadis.

2. Revenge of the Great Game Wars through Jihadis in the Past:

The Great Game which started after Year 1800 many wars were fought here in 1849 as First Afghan War 1849 , where whole British Forces were eliminated Ruthlessly by Afghans and with just one survivors to tell the Tale  as “Doctor William Boyden .

The Second Afghan war of 1876 again, and then the Third afghan War of 1919.

These wars can be called, “The Great Game wars ,“ of British to Grab Resources of Central Asia. The British after losing miserably and being, humiliated, by proud and Nationalist, Enlightened Pushtoons, of Afghanistan.

The sun would never set in British Empire in the world, in contempt called NWFP Area as “The Frontier” were their Empire ended in Shame.

The Denied, Honor to Pushtoons of not naming their Land as Afghania, or Land of Afghans or Pukhtoonkha Province (Official Name at that Time).

So they devised cunning plan to use the Islam and Maulvis for this Purpose, many Religious Movements were created by British Intelligence Isservices (MI6), which were monitored by Governor NWFP Lord Cuningham and Indian Viceroy Himself.

The famous accounts of these can be seen in the Diaries of, Lord Cunningham lying in London Museum now, he writes, I quote “ he would pay only 10 Rupees each to a Maulvi who would portray British as Ahele Kitabs and friends and the Russian as Foes Atheist and Kafir to wage Jihad against”.

Whole Markazes like Deobandi and Barelavi ,were under their control and were financed by Viceroy.

Same is case of  Case of Creation of Ahamdis and jamamat Ahmadi who was Created as By Product of the same Great Game strategy .

The Durrand Line Creation is also attributed to thier handy Work as Ahmadis like Sahibzada Abdul Latif of Afghanistan from Khost Area and that from NWFP region like Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan of Topi Swabi were instrumental in Helping  Mr. Durand foreign secrtary to Afghanistan of East India company representing Viceroy Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowneto Carve out  Durand Line with Amir Abdur Rehaman Khan king of Afghanistan 12 of November 1893.

Afghan Ahmadi Shabzada Abdul lateef of Khost

Durand line can be considered as Greatest tactical Advantage that paved the Way into afghanistan and Durrani Empire lost area of Khurasan  Iran , NWFP , FATA , Baluchistan and Punjab upto Chenab river in one stroke and Made Pashtun as a minority in Afghanistan whihc they ruled for over 10,00o Years .

Interestingly in NWFP Afghans and Pashtun were Made Minority as well after seperation of FATA and some districts to Punjab and Balauchistan. As now they were less in Number then Hazaras.

It may be noted that in the past Capital of Durrani Empire was in Lahore and Multan area of Punjab , whihc was shifted to Kandahar and Later to kabul which was capital during Mughal era of Afghanistan.

British  clipped and made small NWFP , Province can be termed as Brain Child of Viceroy Lord Curzon, who seperated FATA  from NWFP called Pashtunistan at That time. Which  Included some Part of Zhob areas of Balauchistan and Punjab too like Mian wali , DG Khan , Rajan pur Areas from Bannu NWFP.

The purpose was to  supress Pashtun/ Afghan  Nationalism and Promote Islamic Jihadis against Russian Bolshieviks or Kafirs/ Aethiests.

The Hyderabad Deccan Nawab was their one Paid Agent who got 1000 rupees a month. As he had good, Relations with Religious centers of Deoband and was controlling it through his wealth which influence spread to NWFP and FATA too.

Some famous Maulvis who belongs to Maslaqs were reporting to  Viceroy  Lord Curzon and Governor NWFP  Lord Cunnigham Directly.

Monitoring, of Maulvis, was done through Respectable, Families of NWFP, like the, Shabizadas, Nawabs, Arbabs, and Khan Bahadurs (Titles) .

This was writen by Governor NWFP Cuningham, in His Diaries found in British Oriental muesim and Metioned By Khan Abdul Wali Khan Respectable Politians of  Awami National Party  in His Book Facts are sacred , on Page number 76 and chapter 5 .

Aftab Ahmad Sherpao who Helped US establish Bases in AF-Pak Area

Some famous name s are Ghulam Hyder Khan of Sherpao Village in Charsadda who was a Khan Bahudur too , who,s two sons Aftab Ahmad Sherpao and Late Hayat Sherpao are famous Politicains .

Aftab Ahmad Sherpao also served as Interior Minister of  Pakistan Under General President Mushraff Just Like His Father as Great assest for  Great Game Players of Britian and USA , He Provided USA with Air Bases in Balauchistan and also was Instrumental in Lal Masjid Incident and Formation of Swat Terrorists in 1994 called TNSM when he was Chief Minister  of NWFP

Wali of Swat family are famous to as accomplice in Manipulting Mullahs for Viceroy and Governor NWFP.

Bahudur Kuli Khan

In Southern NWF Bahudur Kuli Khan Family who sons are Yusaf Khattak and Aslam Khattak , Lt-Gen Habibullah Khattak and Kulsom Saifullah was his daughter .  The Saifullahs are very Prominant members of Pakistan Muslim League like Saleem Saifullah and Anwar Saifullah .

Most of these people are still present around us today and are in Powerful Positions and Parliaments some with Beards and some without Beards as now they are Industrialists, Rich Tycoons.

Colonel, T. E. Lawrence of Arabia, The Jewish English famous Spy of MI6, who was instrumental in Creating Israel and Dictatorial King ships in Arabia out of Large Pan Arab state of Ottomans Empire, Islamic State created after Shahdat of Hazarat Ali PBUH, from 633 AD – Finished 1920.

He was Transferred and Stationed in Waziristan in Wana (FATA) Airport, 1921 to 1929, just after, finishing his job, in Arabia. He disguised himself as a Mechanic of Royal Air force First and Later as Mullah Salman Shah. He Knew Quran by heart, and would make himself as Imam of a Masjid and as Muslim Aalim.

After enlist help, of these Local mullahs in destabilizing Afghan Government, The Guerrilla warfare of Jihads worked in 1930,s and Ameer-Aman Ullah Khan of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was destabilized and Ameer was Exiled in 1929 to Italy were he died in 1969.

Taliban Like Reign of “Mullah Bacha Saqaa” was established, by British.

Whom Forbid Women’s education and no Education at all just like Taliban does now and as not a new Tactic at all.

The British had learnt this Tactic from Changez Khan and his  son Halkoo Khan who would use Mullahs in His quest over Baghdad and Muslim Cities of Bukhara and Samarkand.

British who could not Defeat Pushtoons now were effectively were toppling Afghan Governments and annexing its areas like NWFP FATA and Balauchistan.

Colonel TE Lawrence in Miranshah Waziristan( FATA) Air Port 1928 Lying on Bed, and in Uniform in Jerusalem Israel 1918, which he helped in Creating along with Saudia Arabia in White Arab Dress . where he used to work with Shareef of Mecca while he crafted Saudia Arabia for them after Dismembering Muslim Ottomans Turkish Sultanate through Guerrilla war with Help from Arab Criminal s.

3. War against Russia using Islam and Jihadi Text Books:

After British left India and Pakistan came into Being, after World War -2, after losing its superiority to US, then it Sold its Regional Interests to USA the new Superpower of the World.

The Fourth  Afghan war, started after Russia Invaded Afghanistan and we had to send, Mujahideen from (1979 -1990) as an Ally of US.

The Fifrth  Afghan War ( 1999- To Date), is the current war on Terror as an Ally again of USA, a Key Player and we have Foes the superpowers Russia , China , Islamic republic of Iran , and Uzbekistan.

In order to use and hijack Islam, Jihadi Literature was invented in the American University of Nebraska, where Professor Thomas Gouttierre of University of Nebraska Afghan Department was Instrumental in developing this Text Book Program, according to Research in Manipulative Psychology.

These Jihadi Text Book as these were called had Violent Images that were to be taught to unsuspecting Children. These were supplied to Madrassahs all over Pakistan these, Madrashahs were about 300-400 in numbers at that time from where these books were supplied to Madrassahs and to refugee camps.

In the late 1980s, and early 1990s, the “Education Center for Afghanistan”, located in Peshawar, Pakistan, and operated by the Afghan mujahidin (holy warriors), published a series of primary education textbooks replete with images of Islamic militancy.

It was a medium for promoting political propaganda and inculcating values of Islamic militancy into a new generation of holy warriors prepared to conduct jihad against the enemies of Islam. Afghan and Pakistani children who read the books were now fit tough Guerilla fighters after this Brain Washing. Consider the following introduction to the Persian alphabet in a first-grade language arts book:

Alif [is for] Allah. Allah is one. Bi [is for] Father (baba). Father goes to the mosque… Pi [is for] Five (panj). Islam has five pillars… Ti [is for] Rifle (tufang). Javad obtains rifles for the Mujahidin… Jim [is for] Jihad. Jihad is an obligation. My mom went to the jihad. Our brother gave water to the Mujahidin… Dal [is for] Religion (din). Our religion is Islam. The Russians are the enemies of the religion of Islam… Zhi [is for] Good news (muzhdih). The Mujahidin missiles rain down like dew on the Russians. My brother gave me good news that the Russians in our country taste defeat… Shin [is for] Shakir. Shakir conducts jihad with the sword. God becomes happy with the defeat of the Russians… Zal [is for] Oppression (zulm). Oppression is forbidden. The Russians are oppressors. We perform jihad against the oppressors… Vav [is for] Nation (vatn). Ironically, this series is still in limited use now.

In May 2000 in some Afghan schools “Estiqlal Lycee”, a small co-educational Afghan elementary school in Islamabad, Pakistan. Half of the 236 students then at the Lycee were girls, many of whom had come from Afghanistan after 1996, when the Taliban seized power and implemented policies that denied girls access to education past grade three.

One of the responsibilities of , ECA, “Education Center for Afghanistan,” was to write, print, and distribute textbooks.

The ECA was funded by the Education Program for Afghanistan at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO), with a $50 million grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) , that ran from September 1986 through June 1994.

Raheem Yaseer, an Afghan educator who worked at the UNO office in Peshawar during the early years of the program and now acts as the campus coordinator for the program in Omaha USA.

After the Soviet forces withdrew, from Afghanistan, the Education Program for Afghanistan, under increasing pressure from Afghan parents and teachers, it was decided in 1991 to remove the militant images from the mujahidin textbook series.

The revision process was completed by 1992. Educators commonly refer to the edited versions as the “Revised UNO textbooks”, which are widely used in Pakistan and Afghanistan today.

However, Few years ago, “Joyce Gachiri”, a project officer on education for the Afghanistan Country Office of UNICEF located in Islamabad, reported seeing many of the unrevised mujahidin books in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan as well as in the Province of Badakhshan, in the hands of the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance.

According to “Ahmad Shah Durrani” , the printing press manager at the “Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief”, (ACBAR) in Peshawar–the organization responsible for printing the revised UNO textbooks–the unedited mujahidin textbooks were not printed by ACBAR after 1992.

But in June 2000 with new copies of the violence-filled unrevised textbooks Appeared. The appearance of these unedited textbooks freshly printed in Peshawar and sold at textbook shops in Kabul some eight years after they were to have been replaced suggests that the Taliban wished to inspire a new generation of militants with the message of jihad and are in use even today.

But the Taliban, who came to power in 1996, may not be entirely to blame. Between 1992 and 1996, militant factions of mujahidin ruled and battled over Kabul.

Thus, it is likely that, these textbooks never fell out of favor with the mujahidin leadership, who were responsible for the militant content in the first place.

The promotion of violence for the sake of Islam is the predominate theme throughout textbook series in mathematics, language and Arts for grades one through six. Madrashahs are now Battle stations for the CIA and America against Russia and enemies of America, result was Exit of Russia from Afghanistan 1989 and Paving way for America in 2001 for its Great Game Plan and Carter Doctrine of Military Basses in Heart land of Russia Territory through Jihadis.

The revenge of Vietnam and of North Korea was, taken effectively from Russia By these Jihadis served purpose of America very well.

4. Taliban Jihadis are following American Agenda of New Great Game too now:

As Taliban created, a Power vacuum suitable for America to fill very easily, as Russian had fallen from Super Power Status and China and Iran had not been in Position to Enter Afghanistan because of Taliban were fighting them and their Supported Groups like Ahmed Shah Masood , General Rasheed Dostum and Rabbani and were called the Northern Alliance.

These Groups were predominately Shia Tajiks and the Taliban were Sunni Pushtoons mostly.

Taliban Effectively Kept the Ground in Ready for America to Land there and Establish its Military Basses without any resistance at all. The Taliban Guerilla could not run Efficient Government, at all, as they had no Knowledge and were just Illiterate Mullahs with no Technical Expertise.

Infact after their Government Afghanistan was Established it was cursed and afflicted with Famine Draught and lack of Cash and it was through Intervention of Pakistan Government of Nawaz Shareef PML-N, Government. Provided them Free Food and Fuel to save them from Starving to Death.

Nawaz Shareef Incidentally was lobbying fro Taliban in United Nations a seat, through Foreign Minister. (1996-99). Taliban were doing atrocities/ Brutalities, and Human rights Violations that have no Place in Holy Quran but Practiced only by the American Protégé and Dictatorial and Brutal Arab Countries, like Saudia Arabia.

All world nations resisted the move. Interestingly the man chosen was Mr Karzai (Current President Afghanistan) as Taliban Envoy to UN. When Taliban were not able to Complete the Great Game Agenda of USA , after it failed to take over Afghanistan Totally 100%, and there was a chance , that Taliban would be overrun by Northern Alliance .

Iran was ready to even Invade Afghanistan with 200,000 strong Islamic Revolutionary Guards ,Army, to safeguard its Interests. America Jumped in quickly after September 2001 after it staged the Drama of 9/11 and war on Terror to Attack Afghanistan itself establish its Bases in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The Basses in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have been snatched back currently by Russians.

Because of this new situation America has to depend on Pakistan as it hold key to supply routes to Afghanistan ( 100 % ) , as Afghanistan is landlocked country in Present.

The Supply routes are Vital to American Economic/ Military Interests as well. As long as Pakistan is the source of Supply routes, it will be in favor as Long as this status quo is maintained, otherwise America will abandon it when other alternate are established.

Which are shifting towards Tajikistan where supply line starting from Georgia and ends at Tajikistan near Swat Chitral and Gilgit Pakistan .

Tajikistan a New supply route is already established after Bridges were built by USA. However, the war in Georgia between CIA and Russia Army has made this Question mark for Now.

The other route of Chubahr port of Iran and Sistan Route to Kandhar and Helemend is Untrustworthy for America as it Involves Iran , which is at Loggerheads with America and it cannot be utilized by America in Foreseeable future.

5. War on Pakistan from these Religious out Fits:

The America role has not been of Friend, a new term has to be coined called Frienemy, that fits our relation well with America. As we are a friend and enemy too , we Receiving Aid and we are target of American Bombs Drones etc .

Famously Pakistan is included by America as part of Axis of Evil. Pakistan is the Sole Muslim Nuclear Armed power and is perceived as a Potential threat by Israel on paper only not in Practice. We are not treated Equals by US and as a partner even when Millions have died to safeguard American Interests.

Our motherland has provided to them Military basses. Our Deaths are more then World wars first and second put together. The Shia and Sunni Divide of Taliban is exploited by US in Pakistan, Violent Sunni Militant groups sprang up in Punjab and Sindh, where Shias are slaughtered every where in Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, DI Khan and Kurram Agency.

Tit for Tat, deaths are happening This kind of Divide was only favorable to Zionists and our Enemies only , are performed by these Fake Religious Parties name of Islam, are killing Pakistanis in their pseudo Hate for America, which provides them with Dollars to further its Agenda.

Madrassahs have sprang up Everywhere and now have increased to about 4000 to 6000 from just few 400 in Afghan Jihad time. Schools are deserted and not funded by Government of Pakistan are used as Bakra Mandies and Punchaytas and Hujras.

These Terrorist out Fits would change their name when Government would put ban on them and appear as different organizations to slip through Bans. Now these Groups are part of Taliban and threaten the Federation of Pakistan as it an Ally on war on Terror.

Some of these Religious Leaders of these groups ran for elections in Punjab against mainstream parties like PPP, and later joined the Mainstream parties PML-N serve as Senators, MNA even today.

Taliban Claims that they are fighting Jihad but, evidence points otherwise, they are threatening Islamic countries which are threat to Israel like the Islamic republic of Iran it is challenging Israel on its Human Rights Record and it raised voiced against it which not a single 57 OIC Muslim Countries in the World for last 50 Years.

Criminal Activities by Taliban by abducting and Killing of Chinese Engineers who are helping Pakistan in its projects , is another Indication Taliban are in Fact American Stooges that want to Further the American causes against China.

Another Damning Evidence is Taliban Tilt towards Inviting trouble for Pakistan Nuclear Weapons and from World Nations, when tried to Capture Pakistani Territory and then establishing a Fake Islamic Emirate in Waziristan and Swat where they started Barbarism not found in Islamic Religion and Quran.

The first Suras of Quran were from Sura – Al Nisa which concern rights of Women are openly flouted by them. Islam asks to spare even our enemies, who do not fight us in Jihad.

Muslim Men women, children, who are not fighting Taliban are not even spared by them and their terror. They Burned Schools, when the first letter of Quran, says to read, and write in the Name of Allah.

Taliban behavior Reminiscent of Chengez khan and other such Savages especially similar to the ones Trained by CIA in South Americas and Africa like Rwanda and Congo etc are another Proof of their Agenda through Terror and Fear all weapons of Devil according to Holy Quran.

The International Outcry has put Pakistan Government, Army the ISI and in fact, the whole Nation at Mercy of These criminals and our survival is at Stake now.

Pakistan is trapped in this Quagmire as it now distanced for Islamic Countries, which consider Pakistan as stooge of America. Our Traditional Friend China and is not happy, Russia is not entirely and Iran too. We are without friends in the world now.

6. Why Jihad here and not in anywhere else?

Kashmir Jihad followed the Afghan Jihad, and these Jihadis went there and fought wars with Indian Forces, was the, only time, Jihad never happen in NWFP, FATA and Balucistan Area . The region of Interest to USA and Great Game for Oil. Kashmir Jihad was completely stopped, when Gen Mushraf wanted it stopped in 2002 after he did Peace Agreements with India as US wanted him to.

These Taliban/ Jihadi , forces relocated to FATA, NWFP, and Balauchistan and Jihad stopped as if a Light bulb is switched off, the Ideas was deleted from these Jihadi Minds , the Jihad in Kashmir Finished like it never existed and if there was no Kashmir Problem at all.

Just like US Af- Pak policy, Taliban are denouncing Jihad in Kashmir too. Taliban of Swat is denouncing Jihad in Kashmir as Sufi Mohammed said in his Interview and so did Mullah Nazir of Waziristan.

Even now, when are still being Muslim Women being Gang raped and Murdered by Indian Forces Jihad is non Existent. These Jihadis never contemplate to Announce the “Real Jihad “ to go to Israel, and Fight shoulder to shoulder with Palestinians Muslims and Hassan Nasurrallah of Lebanon , The Idea is never crossed in their minds that these Oppressed Muslims and for last Half century is where Jihad that is needed the most.

These so-called religious Parties could not even send Single doctor to treat the Muslim women and children, who were burned with Phosphorus bombs banned by UN but openly used by Israel and manufactured by USA.

Even the Arab countries protect Interest of Israel by not allowing other Muslims near Israel.

It is easy to get US visa then that of Jordon. Concept of Pan Islamism is a dead beat now.

We are faced with Separation Movements form Three out of Four Provinces of Pakistan because of this kind of Policies and are pushed us to Depths of Poverty as these wars have played havoc in NWFP, FATA and Balauchistan actively since year 1800, s.

Sadly we don’t have a leader to lead us well, we are reduced to just Sheep and Goats who is prowled by wolves.


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